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Okay. But, I think what you think is that probably the grades should stay at these levels which we have or what are you expecting? Because if the rates stay at these levels, and this means production will grow. But if the grades go lower and this is the reason for the expansion, then we will have the same production or what’s the reason for this expansion?

Lombardo Paredes Arenas The reason for this expansion is we are developing Sandra K for example. Sandra K is mine which is still in review. We are also drilling deep El Silencio in which we will find new material. And we are drilling some another areas which will add material. So, in relation to the lower grade -- the lower grade, well, it will be depend on how much material from the mining contractor will be incorporated into the process. Because we do not expect reduction in grades in El Silencio or in Sandra K. On Providencia, we will continue the same production this year and 2020. In other words, the new material will come from exploration.

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Hier wird eigentlich recht klat gesagt, dass sie keinen Rückgang der Produktion erwarten. Die zusätzliche Kapazität der Verarbeitungsanlage wird nicht genutzt um niedrigere Grade aufzufangen, sondern weil durch sandra k und el silencio neues Matrial dazukommt.
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