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Und hier noch der Push-Brief:

Dear Reader,
I’ll keep this message brief.

1. Consider locking in profits on any digital gold, ETFs, or stored gold that can be sold by the click of a mouse. Gold has just made a huge move higher and is overdue for a pullback.There’s always tax consequences when you sell an asset, so make sure you speak to your financial people, CPA, and advisor before making any changes in your portfolio.

I’m a long-term gold bull, but if you just bought gold for less than $1,285 last month, it’s made a 13% gain in just the past 30 days.

In the near-term, I plan to lock in some gold profits to purchase more gold mining shares and digital silver.

3. Consider BUYING First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG). It’s the best mining play I’ve ever profiled by far, and it never fails to prove me right.

Silver has barely budged in the last month, yet AG is up 40% since May 31st.

The gold-to-silver ratio is nearing an all-time high and a threshold where it historically leads to a massive silver rally.

For me personally, AG is the first mining play to own and a must for any precious metal portfolio.

3. Sell palladium (up 172%) and buy physical silver or use the profits to acquire high-quality mining shares.

For all of my physical metal purchases, I HIGHLY recommend MilesFranklin.com. You can have it safely delivered to your home or stored away in the U.S. or Canada if you prefer.

4. Consider taking a position in Marifil Mines (TSXV: MFM & US: MFMLF) today.
***I plan to make it one of my single largest investments in the gold space.***

Within 45 days (could be a lot sooner), they should have their 43-101 report published on their core gold project that is joint ventured with NovaGold.

Richard Walters, a top executive of Marifil, is the guy who started Yamana, one of the most successful gold mining operations in the world.

$29 million has been invested in it, it has a 55% insider ownership level, and the entire market cap is about $6 million today.

Today, we can buy shares on the U.S. exchange (MFMLF) for about 12 cents. On the Canadian exchange, shares are about CAD$0.15.

It has a third-party price target of CAD$0.31, but the upside could be much greater depending on the 43-101 news expected in early August.


Gold is back! The new bull market will last for years, and silver should soon follow.

For the short-term, I’m selling some gold, but only to reposition in silver and high-quality mining shares.

As for my long-term physical gold ownership, I bought it as insurance and will continue to hold.

Now is a great time to be invested in the right gold stocks and own the physical precious metals.

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