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[posting]61529282[/posting]Na, Du Wort- und Halsverdreher, dann solltest Du gefälligst auch mal alles posten und nicht Sätze aus dem Zusammenhang rausreißen, um sie für Deine schäbigen absichten zu missbrauchen:

Weiter heißt es nämlich:

...We were shocked, but we decided that the blockchain technology itself is too good to be ignored and thus, we decided to create our ‘own’ cryptocurrency. From the beginning, you can read it in the first webinar recaps about this topic; we focused on creating a real currency, independent and with only one purpose – to pay for goods and services.

A few months later we realized that being on a public blockchain means a loss of privacy for our members, a loss of control about what anonymous people do with our currency, and a by far, the too high risk of losing valuable money to cheaters, fraudsters, scammers, and hackers.

Thus, we decided to create our own blockchain, which launched about 2 months ago under the name TwnklChain. Our blockchain is very special, because it is private, not public, and it is centralized, not decentralized.

Quelle: https://rainbowcurrency.com/recaps/recap.php?id=519

und dann die letzten 3 Absätze von Dan lesen \ud83d\ude09
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