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The Company has been able to achieve these speeds during around-the-clock testing at its Perth research and development facility, focusing on optimisation of the printing process.
The Company’s priorities are to explore numerous pre-sale opportunities with current industry partners and potential new customers, whilst working to optimise both print speed and quality,
This result shows the RMP1’s speed and quality capabilities will allow printedmetal parts to be manufactured at a price that is cost competitive with traditional manufacturing.
Aurora Labs expects this achievement to trigger increased engagement with the Company around its disruptive and unique technology. Mr. David Budge, Managing Director, commented:
“This is an outstanding result for Aurora Labs and one that underlines the potential of our metal 3D printing capability.
Our RMP1 machine has the ability to produce high quality parts, in a timeframe of hours – as opposed to traditional parts manufacturing than can have lead times of months.
“When you consider that we recorded print speeds of 15.8kg per day on the Alpha Printer last September, this equates to a greater than 2000% speed improvement in 12 months.“
The technical development of our Rapid Manufacturing Technology is occurring in parallel with some exciting progress in our market development activities.”Mr. Budge said Aurora was continuing to make progress with Gränges AB to convert the Company’s MOU1 to a formal agreement.

“We have held successful meetings with Gränges in both Stockholm and Perth to map out the relationship and we are now conducting further discussions around research projects and a pre-order for an RMP1 Printer,” Mr. Budge said.
Aurora is also fielding interest from a number of other potential users of the Company’s technology, including a US medical group, two major global industrial groups, a US aerospace company, a
major global steel manufacturer and global international car manufacturers, among others.“There is no doubt the global resources, industrial and manufacturing sectors are aware of the potential of Aurora’s 3D metal printing
to reduce costs and free up capital that is currently locked away in spare parts inventories, and today’s news will add to that interest,"
Mr. Budge said."We are excited about the progress we are making, both technically, and commercially with potential partners who want access to our world-leading 3D metal manufacturing capability.”

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