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Hatte heute endlich Antwort von Adelong im Briefkasten auf die anfrage unserer Investorgroup Anfang Feb. 2000.

Dear Shareholder

Thank you for your email.

Please find attached an announcement made by Adelong to the Australian Stock
Exchange yesterday.

Meanwhile, should you require further information or clarification, please
feel free to contact our Adelong office on 61 8 9321 3664.

Best regards


Dazu gab es ein Worddokument zum downloaden in dem die Meldung von gestern stand, das man seine Anteile nicht einfach verschrbeln sollte.

Adelong Capital Limited
ACN 073-099-171

Level 5 MLC House
1100 Hay Street
West Perth WA 6005
Phone: (08) 9321 3664 Fax: (08) 9322 6887

28 March 2000

The Manager
Company Announcements Office
Australian Stock Exchange
Exchange Plaza, 2 The Esplanade
PERTH WA 6000 Fax No: 1300 300 021

Dear Sir

It has come to the attention of the directors that Oddlot Securities Ltd is making off market offers to Adelong shareholders to purchase shares at Euro 0.03 (AUD$0.05) per share.

The directors are concerned that shareholders are fully informed and point out to shareholders that, as at the date of this announcement, the Company has cash of approximately AUD$11.5 million. Therefore the Company’s cash backing is approximately 10 cents per share. In addition Adelong has investments in a number of companies such as Free ISP and E Smart.

The suspension of the Company’s shares from trading on the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) is pursuant to the ASX Listings Rules and is part of the process that typically occurs when listed companies undergo a substantial change in direction. In Adelong’s case, the Company has changed from being a mining company to becoming a venture capital company. Therefore the suspension of the Company’s shares is not an unusual event.

The directors are currently working with Adelong’s lawyers and advisors, CIBC World Markets, to have the Company re-listed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the Company is presently considering a number of investment opportunities and will make the appropriate announcements as and when the investments are made.

The directors wish to record that none of them are in any way related to Oddlot Securities Ltd.

The directors recommend that in view of the impending re-listing of the Company’s shares on the ASX, shareholders wait until the shares recommence trading on an official exchange before considering selling their shares at a price well below their cash backing.

Yours faithfully


Bin zwar immer noch sauer das ich nun fast zwei monate warten musste bis man mich beruhigt,aber nun scheint sich ja endlich etwas zu tun. WAS MEINT IHR?
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