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der montag durfte sehr intresant werden:D
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Endlich mal etwas Handfestes und das vom CEO selbst

April 2010 - Letter from the President

Dear Stakeholders,

I would like to make you aware of several notable events that occurred during the first quarter of 2010. These events include completion of a study designed to assess the health effects of exposure to our lithium titanate and attending a demonstration of the Proterra zero-emission electric bus at our Reno headquarters.

Safety Study – Lithium titanate

Altairnano, a provider of energy storage systems for clean, efficient power and energy management, is nearing completion of a study of toxicity in connection with our Lithium titanate ("LTO"). LTO, which is manufactured at our Reno, Nevada facility, is a key building block of the lithium-ion based battery cells used in Altairnano's energy storage systems, mass transit and military battery products. The study was performed under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, known as the CRADA study, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") with the objective to complete a full assessment of the toxicity of various exposures to our manufactured LTO. The study was undertaken over a period of 12 months with significant testing completed by the end of March 2010 and a full report anticipated for May of this year.

The health and safety of workers on the manufacturing floor is of primary importance to Altairnano. As part of our comprehensive Employee Health and Safety Program, minimal exposure of workers to particulate materials through use of personal protective equipment and effective engineering controls is designed into the LTO manufacturing process. Since the study of toxicity in connection with nano-sized materials is a relatively new scientific focus with only a limited number of studies completed to date, Altairnano felt it was important to conduct this study in order to understand any potential risks to employee safety and underscore our commitment to manufacturing clean, environmentally safe products.

Generally speaking, foreign particulate materials of any kind such as dust, smoke, diesel exhaust, etc. are well-known to have effects on human lung function. The degree of irritation noted in throat and lung tissues varies widely, however, depending upon the specific material tested. In this study, LTO-exposed lung tissues of laboratory animals were examined and compared to identically treated saline-exposed and silica-exposed tissues. In both cases, the impacts of saline and silica are known and act as a comparative positive control. The laboratory testing was controlled and performed by the EPA and a qualified third-party consultant was engaged by Altairnano to examine and assess the test results.

Pathology scores generated for LTO-exposed throat and lung tissues were consistently low, which indicates that LTO acts as a mildly irritative stimulant. There was no noted damage to the delicate lung tissues, and no dramatic immune presence to indicate bacterial or viral infection was observed. Altairnano is very pleased with the positive results of the study and the reassurance it provides regarding the safety of our LTO.

Proterra Bus Demonstration

On Friday, March 19th, with great anticipation, the staff at the Reno headquarters had the opportunity to view and ride aboard the Proterra zero-emission electric bus that was welcomed on Capital Hill in October of 2009. The thirty-five foot all-electric transit bus has been designed from the ground up and combines Proterra's light-weight composite body, highly efficient ProDriveTM, advanced TerraVoltTM energy storage system (powered by Altairnano batteries) and on-route rooftop FastChargingTM station to charge the batteries in 5-10 minutes. The well thought out design results in less weight than gas powered buses in operation today, more seating (up to 68 passengers), a smooth ride, longer overall anticipated operating life, that works in concert with the quick charge capability of the Altairnano batteries incorporated. After an introduction led by Proterra marketing staff, the Altairnano staff was treated to a demonstration drive. The reactions to the clean, quite ride, maneuverability, and nearly instantaneous power were shared among the group with such words as "incredible", "an amazing engineering feat", and "revolutionary". Select pictures taken at the event are included below.

We are happy that Proterra took the time to stop by, are excited to support their electric bus product development efforts and look forward to their implementation on a commercial basis. As you may be aware they will be building a plant in Greenville, South Carolina, with a capacity of 1500 buses per year. They expect to start production at that facility early in 2011.


Terry Copeland
President & CEO
Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc.
"Altairnano is extremely excited that Proterra selected our battery to power this remarkable vehicle," said Terry Copeland, President and CEO, Altairnano. "Proterra has designed a bus that will not only mean more green jobs for us and their other suppliers," continued Copeland, "but will put our nation at the forefront of producing state-of-the-art technology to address our most pressing environmental challenges."

Das ist ein Zitat von 2009. Ich fände es ja auch toll, wenn der CEO mal was zu verkünden hätte, was den Kurs ein bisschen antreibt. Aber dieses Statement erinnert mich doch eher an das Pfeifen im Wald...:yawn:
Kalter "alter" Kaffee.

Hier kommt nichts neues, habe schon überlegt bei 0,4 zu verbilligen wenn das so weiter geht.
ich bin eingestiegen das geht

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Die großen Pakete deuten den Ausverkauf hin.:lick:

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