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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.399.125 von Zander65 am 27.03.18 15:30:03Auszug, übersetzt:

Keine Industrie ist völlig risikofrei, und die Entwicklung einer Onshore-Schiefergasindustrie im NT [Northern Territory] ist keine Ausnahme. Nachdem jedoch die neuesten und am besten verfügbaren wissenschaftlichen Daten aus einer Vielzahl von Quellen und die jüngsten und fortlaufenden technologischen Verbesserungen bei der Gewinnung von Onshore-Schiefergas berücksichtigt wurden, ist die Schlussfolgerung dieser Untersuchung, dass Herausforderungen und Risiken mit Onshore-Schiefer verbunden sind. Die Gasindustrie im NT kann unter anderem angemessen bewirtschaftet werden...

...das ist nix Neues!
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.400.442 von Charly_2 am 27.03.18 17:27:55Bezüglich Herausforderungen und Risiken...
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.400.487 von Charly_2 am 27.03.18 17:33:16Philip O’Quigley, CEO of Falcon, commented:
„We are very pleased with the conclusions reached by the scientific inquiry as set out in the Final Report and encouraged by the final position of the Panel regarding SREBA, which requires some elements to be implemented immediately while others can proceed in parallel with the relatively small activity footprints associated with exploration. We look forward to the government’s decision on the moratorium, which we hope will be announced soon.”

Hoffentlich lassen die sich nicht wieder ein Jahr Zeit...
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.400.625 von Zander65 am 27.03.18 17:48:23... bis der erste Kubik gefrackt wird dauerts noch Jahre, wird wohl ein Monsterprojekt...falls überhaupt
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.401.528 von Charly_2 am 27.03.18 19:02:19https://www.independent.ie/business/irish/judge-clears-way-f…
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.453.047 von texas2 am 03.04.18 20:40:23das klingt jetzt tatsächlich vielversprechend
Absolut! Richtig cool! Wollte link auch gerade posten. Nachricht müsste noch von falcon bestätigt werden und Bedeutung erläutert werden. Bzw. welche Auflagen bestehen.
Sehr spannend, was morgen passiert.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.558.231 von Oelympionike am 16.04.18 22:04:02Hier mit offizieller Bestätigung jetzt

mit Reaktion der Ölindustrie

und Reaktion der grünen Luddisten und Durchblicker, die die Welt vor uns retten möchten

Wird aber noch dauern bis wir die nächsten (hoffentlich hoch wirtschaftlichen) Testförderungen zusätzlicher abgeteufter und gefrackter Bohrungen sehen. Auf jeden Fall kann Fo wieder auf Augenhöhe verhandeln wenn es um den Verkauf geht, da die Politik kein Show stopper mehr ist. Höchstens ein wenig gebremst um die 135 Forderungen zu erfüllen.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.559.257 von texas2 am 17.04.18 07:19:32* Fracking to be allowed with tight regulation -local govt * Ends moratorium imposed in 2016 * "Frack-free" protected areas cover 49 pct of state (Adds comment, detail) SYDNEY, April 17 (Reuters) - The government of Australia's Northern Territory on Tuesday said it would allow gas extraction via fracking, ending a moratorium it imposed almost two years ago amid concerns the drilling method could damage the environment. The Northern Territory (NT), a 1.4 million sq km (540,000 sq miles) expanse extending from the centre of Australia to its northern coastline, had banned hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in September, 2016 and commissioned a study of the environmental, social and economic risks of the extraction process. The government accepted the inquiry's conclusion, published in March, that risks from environmental damage and groundwater contamination could be managed if the industry was tightly regulated. "The risks from fracking can be reduced to acceptable levels," NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner told reporters in the Territory's capital, Darwin. "The moratorium on fracking in the Northern Territory will be lifted, with strict new laws to be in place before exploration or production can occur," he said, adding that 49 percent of the Territory will remain "frack-free", including national parks and reserves. Drillers will need to make wells compliant with new design codes and present plans for decommissioning and rehabilitation before production begins, the Northern Territory government said in a statement. Gas has become a hot political issue in Australia as soaring domestic prices are hurting households and threatening jobs at manufacturers as well as driving up electricity prices. The national government sees fracking as a way to help ease some of those concerns, but environmentalists and some scientists are opposed to it, urging local and national officials to consider installing more renewable energy capacity. The NT was one of five Australian provinces to restrict fracking, with the state of Victoria having banned it as well as shale and coal-seam gas exploration, while New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania have moratoriums. "This decision ... is a betrayal of the science and of the significant community opposition which has been expressed over the last few years," said Lauren Mellor, a spokeswoman for environmental group Frack Free NT Alliance. Matthew Doman, a director at the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association said lifting the moratorium was "welcome" news for the industry. Written By: Reuters
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.559.302 von texas2 am 17.04.18 07:26:35Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. ("Falcon")

Moratorium lifted, Beetaloo exploration to resume as soon as practical

17 April 2018 - Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSXV: FO, AIM: FOG, ESM: FAC) welcomes the decision by the Northern Territory ("NT") government to lift the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

Beetaloo Update
•The decision by the NT government follows the independent scientific inquiry conclusion that not only could the risks associated with an onshore shale gas industry be minimised to an acceptable level, in some instances, they can be avoided altogether.

•Well testing completed just prior to the moratorium indicated a very promising material gas resource in the Beetaloo sub-basin. As detailed in our 15 February 2017 press release, a resource study based on the Amungee NW-1H well results and other key wells in the Beetaloo Basin estimated an OGIP of 61 TCF and 6.6 TCF gross contingent resource, over an area of 1,968 km2.

•Resumption of work with our joint venture partner, Origin Energy Limited ("Origin") will start as soon as practical, adopting recommendations of the scientific inquiry and obtaining necessary approvals to complete the remaining work programme.

•Origin plans to drill and fracture stimulate a further five wells to complete the exploration permit commitments.

Philip O'Quigley, CEO of Falcon, commented:
"We are very pleased with the fact-based decision made by the NT government to lift the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. We look forward to the recommencement as soon as practical of our multi-well work programme in the Beetaloo basin with our joint venture partner, Origin Energy Limited.

For further information, please contact:

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. +353 1 676 8702 Philip O'Quigley, CEO +353 87 814 7042 Anne Flynn, CFO +353 1 676 9162 Davy (NOMAD & Joint Broker) John Frain / Barry Murphy +353 1 679 6363 RBC (Joint Broker) Matthew Coakes / Martin Copeland +44 20 7653 4000
On 21 August 2014, Falcon completed its farm-out agreement and joint operating agreement, farming down 70% interest in the Beetaloo Basin exploration permits for a carry in a nine well exploration and appraisal programme over 5 years.

2015 saw the commencement of the work programme with three wells drilled, Kalala S-1 to a total depth ("TD") of 2,619 metres, Amungee NW-1 to a TD of 2,611 metres and the first horizontal well, Amungee NW-1H to a TD of 3,808 metres, including a 1,100 metre horizontal section.

In 2016 the Beetaloo W-1 well was drilled to a TD of 3,173 metres and the horizontal Amungee well was hydraulic fracture stimulated with production testing completed.

While further exploration and appraisal is required, Origin's initial drilling results indicate original gas in place of 61 TCF and a 6.6 TCF gross contingent resource over an area of 1,968 km2 within the Middle Velkerri B shale pool.

Origin plans to drill a further five wells under its existing exploration permit commitments with the NT Government, completing a nine well exploration and appraisal program.

Falcon remains carried for the cost of the next five wells with the original cap totalling A$101m for the last four wells.

About Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd is an international oil & gas company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of conventional and unconventional oil and gas assets, with the current portfolio focused in Australia, South Africa and Hungary. Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd is incorporated in British Columbia, Canada and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with a technical team based in Budapest, Hungary.

For further information on Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. please visit www.falconoilandgas.com

About Origin
Origin Energy (ASX: ORG) is the leading Australian integrated energy company with market leading positions in energy retailing (approximately 4.3 million customers), power generation (approximately 6,000 MW of capacity owned and contracted) and natural gas production (1,093 PJ of 2P reserves and annual production of 82 PJe). To match its leadership in the supply of green energy, Origin also aspires to be the number one renewables company in Australia. Through Australia Pacific LNG, its incorporated joint venture with ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, Origin is developing Australia's biggest CSG to LNG project based on the country's largest 2P CSG reserves base.

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