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"Scorpio mining" neue Rakete für 2006!? (Seite 54)

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das sollte doch endlich mal breücksichtigt werden!!!!

July 15, 2008

It’s no longer a case that silver looks good; it’s also a case of how bad everything else looks. That means that the safety of silver is no longer a bonus, it’s an important investment consideration.

In fact, I am hard pressed to come up with a better current investment than silver, considering how poor the alternatives appear. To be sure, I must include gold in the insurance buying category. If ever there were a time to own gold, this would appear to be the right time. And investors seem to be moving to the safety of gold, judging by price changes and the increase in ETF holdings. At times like these, owning assets that are no one else’s liability are comforting to everyone looking to preserve hard earned savings against catastrophic and unexpected loss.

But if one decides to own an asset that is no one else’s liability for insurance purposes, then it makes sense to own the very best asset available. That would be silver, for the simple reason that there is much less of it available than gold and it is less than two percent of gold’s price. Plus, there are strong indications that silver may finally be in the long-awaited wholesale shortage, while logic dictates there will never be an industrial shortage of gold, simply because it is not industrially consumed. It is a dual role of silver as an industrial commodity and investment asset that makes it so unique and attractive.It is the dual Of the two roles, it is investment demand that holds the greatest potential for causing the price to rocket in a flash. And while it is impossible to predict and measure, nothing can impact investment demand more than an emotional flight to quality by those suddenly nervous about their alternative investments and deposits. The key, as always, is to position yourself before any potential panic into silver. Remember, if silver improves relative to gold to just 3 percent of gold’s price from the current 2 percent, it will mean that silver will return 50 percent more than whatever gold returns. And that should be a very minimal expectation, in my opinion. Given the facts available, it is hard to imagine how silver’s price won’t improve relative to gold’s. More than ever, a switch to silver from gold for those underexposed to silver makes sense. While price volatility goes hand in hand with these emotional and uncertain financial times, it is important to remain as grounded as possible. One way to do that is by owning assets you don’t have to worry about over the long term. That silver is the asset least to worry about in stormy times, makes it the best asset to own.

SPM.TO: Regarding Scorpio's production, the company is processing ore at a rate of a 1000ktpd. Each of the two ball mills with nameplate capacity of 500ktpd have run at rates of up to 700 ktpd which is why the company hopes to produce at 1400 ktpd by year end. Sustainability is the primary obstacle to higher production and more specifically a company needs to bring greater quantities of proven ores to surface before increasing it's production rate. the mill is engineered for a third ball mill of 1200 ktpy. The integration of this third grinding unit involves procurement of a ball mill ( shortages are apparent- minimum 9 months delivery ) but will require limited infrastructure additions besides greater ore input to the mill. Upon completion, the mill will potentially operate up to 2500 ktpd (previously 2000ktpy). The increased capacity even at lower prices of zinc and silver would generate an estimated annual cash flow in excess of $50mm or better than fully diluted $1.00 per Scorpio share.

The timing of the capacity increase to 2500 ktpd is difficult to forecast. One of the most important variables will be a revised mine plan that will provide the required feed.

The company continues to have excellent success in it's exploration on the Nuestra Senora site. Confirmation or quantification of this statement is forthcoming as the engineer with Watts Griffis has filed his audit of the Nuestra Senora deposit on June 28th in conjunction with a new soon to be released NI 43-101.
Die Börse ist kein Wunschkonzert!

Aber diese Kurse für Scorpio sind doch nicht zu rechtfertigen? Oder ist etwas faul an der Aktie? Verkaufen Insider seit Monaten Ihre Aktien ab? Habe bald keine andere Erklärung mehr!

Oder ist es bei den Investoren noch nicht angekommen, dass nächstes Jahr 1 Dollar Cash-Flow erwirtschaftet wird?

Ich kann nur jeden raten dabei zu bleiben! Habe Ähnliches bei DELONG, und BluPearl erlebt. Bei beiden Aktien hat sich ewig nichts getan und plötzlich hat sich der Kurs verzigfacht.

Solange die Basisdaten stimmen (laufende Produktion, Produktionsausweitung, Metallpreise, Produktionskosten, Minenausstoß) unbedingt dabei bleiben!!!

Wie sehr ärgt euch der aktuelle Kurs? Wann erwartet Ihr Bewegung? Mit den ersten Produktionsquartalszahlen? oder wann dann?

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Cincoro Capital to acquire Scorpio Gold

2008-07-29 12:47 ET - News Release

Mr. Andrew Smith reports


Cincoro Capital Corp. has entered into a letter of intent dated July 28, 2008, with Scorpio Gold Corp. (a private company that is 93-per-cent owned by Toronto Stock Exchange-listed Scorpio Mining Corp.), to purchase all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Scorpio Gold or otherwise complete a business combination with Scorpio Gold.

Scorpio Gold, incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act, currently holds interests in two material gold properties, the Caribou gold property, a former producing mining property, and the Cochrane Hill gold property, both of which are located in Nova Scotia. Scorpio Gold also holds a 100-per-cent interest in the Lac Arseneault gold exploration property located in Quebec.

The acquisition, if completed, will constitute Cincoro's qualifying transaction under the policies of the exchange. The acquisition is an arm's-length transaction, and shareholder approval to the acquisition will not be required by the exchange.

Name change and consolidation

Prior to the completion of the acquisition, Cincoro will complete a share consolidation on a one-for-three basis (one postconsolidated share for each three preconsolidated shares) and a name change, expected to be to "Scorpio Gold Corporation."

Under the terms of the letter of intent, Cincoro will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Scorpio Gold in exchange for the issuance of common shares of Cincoro on the basis of one postconsolidated common share of Cincoro for each one Scorpio Gold common share outstanding. There are currently 28,855,764 Scorpio Gold common shares issued and outstanding, and up to 1.4 million additional Scorpio Gold common shares will be issued to Scorpio Mining in consideration for the repayment of a bridge loan in the amount of $700,000. This will result in Cincoro issuing a total of 30,255,764 postconsolidated common shares to acquire Scorpio Gold. Upon completion of the acquisition, Scorpio Gold will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincoro.

There are currently 7.1 million Cincoro common shares issued and outstanding, as well as 200,000 common share purchase warrants and 600,000 stock options of Cincoro outstanding. Upon completion of the share consolidation, the acquisition and including those securities issued in the transactions discussed below, there are expected to be 36,107,277 postconsolidated Cincoro common shares issued and outstanding, 1,115,149 postconsolidated common share purchase warrants and 3,225,000 postconsolidated stock options of Cincoro outstanding.

Upon completion of the acquisition, all Cincoro common shares to be issued to holders of Scorpio Gold shares upon completion of the acquisition may be subject to resale restrictions under applicable securities laws and the policies of the exchange as applicable. In addition, all common shares held by principals of Cincoro (as such term is defined in the policies of the exchange) will be held in escrow in accordance with the policies of the exchange. Subject to all necessary approvals, Cincoro intends to change its name to "Scorpio Gold Corporation" or a similar name, effective upon the closing of the acquisition.

Proposed private placement

As a condition of the acquisition, Cincoro is required to complete, following the completion of the share consolidation and concurrently with the closing of the acquisition, a non-brokered private placement to raise a minimum of $1.5-million and up to a maximum of $2-million. An total of 50 per cent of the private placement will be conducted by the issuance of units at a purchase price of 55 cents per unit. Each unit will consist of one postconsolidated Cincoro share and one-half of one postconsolidated common share purchase warrant of Cincoro. Each whole warrant will entitle the holder to acquire one postconsolidated Cincoro share at a purchase price of 75 cents per share at any time during the period of 18 months from the closing of the private placement. The balance of 50 per cent of the private placement will be conducted by the issuance of postconsolidated Cincoro shares issued on a flow-through basis under the Income Tax Act (Canada) at a purchase price of 60 cents per flow-through share.

The proceeds of the private placement will be used to finance the costs associated with completing the acquisition, the proposed work program on the Caribou gold property and for general working capital purposes.

Cincoro may pay a finder's fee to parties at arm's length to Cincoro and Scorpio Gold, which introduce purchasers to Cincoro in connection with the private placement in cash equal to 6 per cent of the gross proceeds raised under the private placement and issue such number of common share purchase warrants (finder's warrants) as is equal to 4 per cent of the number of units and flow-through shares issued and sold under the private placement. Each finder's warrant will entitle the holder to acquire one postconsolidated Cincoro share at a purchase price of 75 cents per share at any time during the period of 18 months from the closing of the private placement.

Stock options

Concurrent with the completion of the acquisition, it is contemplated that an additional 3,025,000 stock options at an exercise price of 55 cents per postconsolidated Cincoro share, exercisable over a period of five years from the completion of the acquisition, will be granted to directors, officers, employees and consultants of Cincoro in accordance with Cincoro's stock option plan and subject to the rules and policies of the exchange.

Conditions precedent

The parties' obligations to complete the acquisition are subject to the satisfaction of customary conditions precedent, including:

1. All necessary approvals of the exchange and all other regulatory authorities and third parties to the acquisition and the private placement being obtained;
2. The completion of the private placement, name change and share consolidation on the terms set forth above;
3. The parties being satisfied with the results of their respective due diligence reviews in connection with the acquisition.

Directors, officers and insiders

On completion of the acquisition, the directors, officers and insiders of the resulting issuer are anticipated to be the following.

Peter J. Hawley, chief executive officer and director

Mr. Hawley is currently the president, chief executive officer and a director of Scorpio Gold. From 1998 until September, 2006, he has served as the chief executive officer of Scorpio Mining and has served as the executive chairman and chief executive officer since September, 2006. Mr. Hawley has 25 years of mining industry experience that spans grassroots exploration through to development and production. Mr. Hawley has worked extensively as a consulting geologist to a large number of intermediate and senior mining companies, including Teck Corp., Noranda Inc., Placer Dome Inc. and Barrick Gold Corp. Mr. Hawley is also experienced in private and public company financing and corporate administration.

Gilbert Comtois, chief financial officer

Mr. Comtois, a chartered accountant, has worked 18 years in auditing of private and public companies, including junior exploration and operating mining companies, before he joined Scorpio Mining as controller in July, 2006. He became acting chief financial officer of Scorpio Gold in May, 2007, and chief financial officer of Scorpio Mining in September, 2007.

Janet Horbulyk, corporate secretary

Ms. Horbulyk has 25 years of experience with public companies and securities regulation, including seven years with the listings department of the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

Andrew Lee Smith, director

Mr. Smith is presently a director, president and chief executive officer of Cincoro. Mr. Smith is also chief executive officer, chairman and a director of Canaco Resources Inc.; president, chief executive officer and a director of True North Gems Inc.; and president of Iron Mask Exploration Ltd., a Vancouver-based corporate and geological management firm that consults to the mining industry. Mr. Smith has over 20 years of experience in exploring, developing and operating North American base and precious metal mining projects.

David Smalley, director

Mr. Smalley is presently corporate secretary of Cincoro. On completion of the acquisition, Mr. Smalley will resign as corporate secretary. Mr. Smalley is a partner at Fraser and Company LLP in Vancouver, where he has practiced corporate and securities law since 1990. He has been a director and officer of public companies for over 13 years.

Brian Lock, director

Mr. Lock was an officer of Frontier Pacific Mining Corp. since early 2006 until its takeover in July, 2008. Mr. Lock received a higher national certificate in Electrical Engineering from Durham College in England in 1971. Mr. Lock has over 30 years of experience in the operations, feasibility, design engineering and construction of numerous precious metals and base metal mining projects around the world. Initially, Mr. Lock held senior positions with a major international mining consortium and two major engineering companies before forming in 1985 and becoming president of Proton International Engineering Corp., a Canadian engineering and construction company devoted to the development of small and medium-sized mining projects. Mr. Lock has managed and/or served as a director of several Canadian public and private companies.

Luc Pelchat, director

Mr. Pelchat has realized multiple projects in the construction industry in Mexico, where he has worked for more than 15 years as an executive of various companies. Mr. Pelchat has significant experience in businesses, human resources and financing in Canada, Mexico and Africa. After a career of 24 years in a Canadian multinational company operating in the construction industry, Mr. Pelchat formed his own companies. Mr. Pelchat is also the founder and president of the Chamber of Commerce of Canada in the north of Mexico. Mr. Pelchat is also a member of the board of counselors of other companies.

Scorpio Mining

Upon completion of the acquisition and the private placement, Scorpio Mining will hold a total of 28,230,764 postconsolidated Cincoro common shares, representing 78.91 per cent of the then-issued and outstanding postconsolidated Cincoro common shares.

Scorpio Gold assets

Scorpio Mining, a company trading on the TSX under the symbol SPM, incorporated Scorpio Gold under the Canada Business Corporations Act as a wholly owned subsidiary in July, 2006, as part of a planned reorganization of its assets, whereby Scorpio Mining would maintain its silver assets located in Mexico, and would transfer its gold assets located in Canada, to Scorpio Gold. Scorpio Mining now owns 93 per cent of the issued and outstanding Scorpio Gold common shares. The gold assets, which were transferred to Scorpio Gold effective Aug. 9, 2007, consist of the following.

During 2007, Scorpio Gold completed several non-brokered private placements and raised a total of $1,012,500 through the issuance of a total of 2,025,000 common shares at a purchase price of 50 cents per share. Scorpio Gold has used the net proceeds from its private placements for general and administrative purposes and to complete the following exploration on the Caribou Gold property and the Cochrane Hill property.

Caribou Gold property

Scorpio Gold has the right to earn a 100-per-cent interest in this past-producing, high-grade gold mine, located 80 kilometres north of Halifax, N.S., which is considered to have potential to expand and upgrade the current NI 43-101 inferred resources of 350,305 tonnes grading 8.41 grams per tonne gold, uncut (containing an estimated 94,763 ounces of gold). An exploration and development plan has begun that includes surface diamond drilling; dewatering of the old mine shaft; erection of a head frame, a hoist system and supporting surface infrastructure; and underground mapping and diamond drilling. Completion of this program will require additional financing. Upon completion of the acquisition and completion of the private placement, the finances received from the issuance of the flow-through shares will be spent on the first phase of the diamond drilling program. A bulk sample decision will be made based on the results of this program.

During the summer of 2007, Scorpio Gold, holding a first right of refusal to acquire the Caribou Gold property from Scorpio Mining, began evaluation work on the property. The work comprised brush clearing the main shaft area, refurbishment of the previous grid baselines, and surveying the placement of buildings, electrical lines, shafts and trenches with respect to the existing baselines. Work also included the inspection of the existing shaft collar on the No. 3 shaft and checking the bedrock conditions of a proposed area for a possible hoist system.

In addition, from July 9 to July 26, 2007, Scorpio Gold drilled eight HQ-sized surface diamond drill holes, which comprised a total of 698 metres in length. The drilling was to target near-surface stockwork-style quartz veins and to test exploration models. Three of the eight holes targeted the north limb of the anticline, one was a near-vertical hole testing the anticlinal axis that may have hosted a saddle reef-type vein and four targeted the previously identified B/C zone on the south limb. Five of the eight holes appear to have intersected the targets. At the time of the Caribou report, the drill holes had not been assayed for their mineral content. Results remain pending. No further exploration work has been conducted on this property to date.

Four major diamond drill programs have targeted gold mineralization on the Caribou property. Holes include approximately 165 surface holes and 206 underground holes, which test auriferous zones. Holes have tested the auriferous zone over a strike length of 800 metres and to an average depth of 240 metres.

Scorpio Gold has spent a total of $452,715 on the Caribou Gold property, mainly on drilling as set out above, since acquiring the property from Scorpio Mining in August, 2007.

Cochrane Hill property

Recently, this advanced, 100-per-cent owned property located in Guysborough county, N.S., was optioned to Atlantic Gold Mines NL of Australia. The current NI 43-101 resource estimate calculated by Scorpio Mining in 2004 indicates a total indicated gold resource estimated at 588,794 tons grading 0.191 ounce per ton gold (112,460 contained ounces of gold) and an inferred gold resource estimate of 29,422 tons grading 0.165 ounce per ton gold. Atlantic Gold is working to increase this resource through a planned $4.75-million exploration program and will also make $100,000 in cash payments over a four-year period to earn a 60-per-cent interest in the project. Atlantic Gold's main focus is examining the economic viability of an open-pit mining operation.

Atlantic Gold is the operator of the Cochrane Hill property. Accordingly, Scorpio Gold has not conducted any exploration on this property since it was acquired from Scorpio Mining in August, 2007.

Lac Arseneault property

Located in the Gaspe region of Eastern Quebec, the property is a mid-stage exploration project in which Scorpio Gold has a 100-per-cent interest. High-grade gold-silver-zinc-lead mineralization is hosted in an extensive system of quartz veins and breccia zones. Previous work includes mapping, geophysics, trenching and diamond drilling.

Scorpio Gold has not conducted any exploration on the Lac Arsenault property since it was acquired from Scorpio Mining in August, 2007.

The qualified person, as defined under National Instrument 43-101 for Scorpio Gold's projects, is Mr. Hawley, the president of Scorpio Gold. Mr. Hawley is responsible for the preparation of all technical information provided in this news release and has reviewed and approved the contents of this news release.


Completion of this transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including, but not limited to, exchange acceptance. The transaction cannot close until the required exchange approval is obtained. There can be no assurance that the transaction will be completed as proposed or at all.

We seek Safe Harbor.
Erst heute ist mir aufgefallen, dass Scorpio eine neu gestaltete Homepage hat.

Sieht auf den ersten Blick recht gut aus.:)


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.592.341 von gadermayr am 26.07.08 18:12:58Dein Problem verstehe ich nicht. Wer Geld braucht, verkauft, auch wenn die erträumten Gewinne noch nicht eingetreten sind. Kein Grund für diejenigen, die es sich leisten können, nicht auf den Durchbruch zu warten. Außer es gibt noch ein besseres Papier. Dann würde ich auch jetzt schon tauschen. Wer weiß eines, bei dem die Entwicklung in Richtung Durchbruch so transparent und geradlinig verlaufen ist und das zu diesem Preis zu haben ist?
Was ich nicht verstehe, ist die Kursfindung in Berlin. Wenn 1000 zu 0,74 gesucht sind und 300 zu 0,72 angeboten sind, wie wird bei 0 Umsatz ein Kurs von 0,66?
Scorpio Begins Shipments Of Concentrates From Its 100% Owned Nuestra Senora Project, Sinaloa State, Mexico.
8/5/2008 8:05:04 AM
VANCOUVER, Aug. 5, 2008 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) --


Scorpio Mining Corporation (TSX:SPM) is very pleased to announce that on Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 it started shipping lead concentrate from its 100% owned Nuestra Senora project, Sinaloa State, Mexico.

Peter J. Hawley, Chairman, CEO reports, "Last week was very exciting for the Company as it marks a milestone towards receiving this quarter our first ever cash flow from the project. Currently we are only consistently running one of the two ball mills at an average rate for the month of July of 625 tonnes per day as the mill tune-up nears completion. It is interesting to note that on one day in the month the Company ran 1,048 tonnes of material through both ball mills. First cash receipts for both the lead and zinc concentrates are expected approximately mid September 2008."

Lead Concentrate

Last Tuesday July 29th, the Company made the first shipments of lead concentrate to the Penoles smelting facility in Mexico consisting of two concentrate trucks each carrying 35 tonnes. The start up grade of the concentrate satisfies an acceptable payment grade for smelting.

During the last week the mill facility has been improving not only the concentrate grade but recovery of all payable metals contained. For the month of July the Company produced an average of 8.20 tonnes of lead concentrate per day with an average grade of 54.51% lead and containing 2,225 grams per tonne silver.

Lead concentrate shipments will be made on a regular basis at the initial rate of one truck every 3 to 4 days with shipments increasing as the mill ramp up continues. Penoles accepts shipments until the 28th of each month at which time the monthly account is closed and the payment for the concentrates follows 15 days later.

Zinc Concentrate

Currently the Company has 300 tonnes of zinc concentrate ready to be shipped by truck to its port loading facility in Manzanillo, México for transport to Asian smelters. The Company has contracted 5,000 tonnes of storage at the warehouse.

It is expected that in August the Company will begin shipment of the start up zinc concentrate. For the month of July the Company produced an average of 15.6 tonnes of zinc concentrate per day with an average grade of 48.14% zinc and containing 268 grams per tonne silver payable.

Regular zinc concentrate shipments will be made at the initial rate of one truck per every second day and will continue to increase as the mill ramp up continues. An advance payment will be made 15 days after the accumulation of a lot of 1,000 tonnes at the warehouse.

Further information on the Company and the Nuestra Senora project and photos of the first shipment are available on the Scorpio Mining web site at: www.scorpiomining.com.

President, Mr. D. Roger Scammell, PGeo, is the Company's Qualified Person for the Nuestra Senora project. Mr. Scammell is responsible for the current exploration and development program and has reviewed the content of this release. All technical information for the Nuestra Senora property is obtained and reported under a formal quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) program. Samples are shipped to the ALS Chemex preparation laboratory in Hermosillo, Mexico for drying, crushing and pulverizing. ALS Chemex, Hermosillo then sends the pulps by air-freight to ALS Chemex, Vancouver for assaying. Systematic assaying of standards and blanks are performed for the precision and accuracy; check assays are regularly conducted by SGS Lakefield Research. Details of the QA/QC program are available on the Company's website.


Peter J. Hawley

Chairman & CEO
weiss jemand näheres über den Cincoro Aktientausch, erst sollen die Cincoro Aktien 1:3 zusammengelegt werden, dann mit Scorpio verschmolzen. Scheinbar stehen 7,1 Millionen aus , scheinbar hat Cincoro so gut wie keine Assets (0,33Mio);was ist da los??

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