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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 60.990.605 von HenryScheinulf am 10.07.19 00:33:52
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.... “this time it’s different.” (John Tempelton)

Famous last words;)
Gilead to boost Galapagos stake in $5.1B deal

Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) says it will pay $5.1B to increase its stake in Galapagos (NASDAQ:GLPG) and enter into a 10-year global R&D partnership to develop and commercialize its treatments.

Gilead says it will receive an exclusive product license and option rights to develop and commercialize all current and future programs in all countries outside Europe.

Gilead will pay €140.59 ($158.43) per new share in Galapagos to raise its stake in the Belgian-Dutch company to 22% from 12.3%, and Galapagos says it will seek shareholder approval to allow Gilead to further increase its ownership to as much as 29.9%.

The two companies have partnered on development of a drug for rheumatoid arthritis for more than three years, and Galapagos will get expanded European commercial rights to the drug as part of the expanded collaboration.

Dachte immer GILD kauft GLPG komplett. CEO von Galapagos sagte aber nun, dass sie ihre „langfristige Unabhängigkeit“ mit dem Deal gesichert haben!

GLPG aktuell +16% in Europa.
ein reiner Ort, vielleicht etwas grün; Hauptsache, der Kurs stimmt (x9 z.Zt.)

bewa(h)re Lügenpresse:……

heuer noch ohne Gewinnwarnung +++
Der Aktienkurs des vermutlich hier unbekannten französischer Wafer-Herstellers
hat sich innerhalb der letzten 3 Jahre fast verzehnfacht, aber die reine Wahrheit:
2015 hat man sich der Solarabteilung entledigt
DOVA - Neuvorstellung…


Chronic ITP indication is the crown jewel in Doptelet’s FDA-approved indications. Chronic ITP in adults is an autoimmune disease caused by the formation of auto-antibodies against platelets. Primary ITP is caused by autoantibody formation which is not associated with a secondary condition. Secondary ITP is associated with diseases like lupus (SLE), HIV, hepatitis C, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CLL and more recently, with Zika virus infection. ITP is termed as chronic when it lasts more than 12 months after diagnosis. Severe ITP is the term used when the platelet count is below 20K/microL with bleeding symptoms and requires platelet transfusion.


Despite its shortcomings like food/drug interactions and liver toxicity, eltrombopag (Novartis) had $1.17 billion in sales in 2018, thus making it a blockbuster drug. Due to its advantages over eltrombopag, I expect Doptelet to achieve higher peak sales than competition. Slingshot Insights held a phone call with a KOL academic hematologist and he ranked Doptelet as 10 out of 10 on his level of excitement for the drug considering the complicated disease course for chronic ITP and its efficacy in improving platelet counts over a long duration of time. Consensus peak sales estimate for Doptelet clearly reflects this ($1.88 billion in 2024, Evaluate Pharma). In addition, Doptelet is also in a phase 3 trial in chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia, a common condition (data is expected in the first half of 2020), which will further expand its target market.

My estimate for NPV for Doptelet is $4 billion. On the other hand, Dova’s market cap is just $453M at present (with $92.7M in cash reserves and $20.7M in long-term debt). Dova’s stock is also trading almost 50% below its all-time high of $34.68 in 2018 and has shown a strong momentum recently, almost doubling in the past two weeks. Upcoming H1 2020 data readout is expected to continue investor interest in the stock and continue the upward momentum.

aus comments section:

CIT is the actual crown jewel because it will be a monopolized market. Hematologist generally move fast for new things unlike GI docs.
Eltrombopag goes generic and many patients are stable on their dose so Dova will need to mostly get the share of new patients for ITP.

This is an asset that is being molded for sale by two insiders that own 70% of the stock. They have buys as high as $29. The commercial team in place in wholly inadequate and at times has seemed a bit incompetent and malignant. I work at a one of the premier GI/hematology/liver transplant center and nobody has heard of doptelet for CLD when I ask.

My expectation is they will sell to Amgen for about $1.3-1.5B after 2020 readout for CIT.


I don't think the target is aligned with the NPV yet :-)......even a most conservative estimate would command a higher target.

I also believe that there may be a few catalysts in Q3, Q4 ahead of the next data read out.

These include the announcement of a European partner and a marketing authorization filing for ITP in Europe.

Of note: it appears that the key patents for eltrombopag are expiring in 2019, 2021 and 2023. I think DOVA would therefore be an excellent take over candidate for Novartis, which could happen at anytime.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.044.370 von clearasil am 17.07.19 12:33:00Chart DOVA:

Tausch GHDX>>>ADPT man riskiert ja sonst nix. :D

Aufstockung ADMA.

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Corindus' CorPath GRX System approved in Australia and New Zealand
Jul. 17, 2019 7:36 AM ET|About: Corindus Vascular Robotics... (CVRS)|By: Mamta Mayani, SA News Editor

Corindus Vascular Robotics (NYSEMKT:CVRS) has received approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration to commercialize its CorPath GRX System for neurovascular interventions in Australia and New Zealand.

The CorPath GRX System is already approved for percutaneous coronary and peripheral vascular interventions in the region. It is distributed by LifeHealthcare, a medical devices distributor in the region.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.044.370 von clearasil am 17.07.19 12:33:00DOVA

Mr. Edelman hat bei den Preisen weiter zugekauft ;)…
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.045.072 von clearasil am 17.07.19 13:47:25Nach 5 tagen blutbad (-20%) ist das wirklich eine positive nachricht :)
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