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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.156.683 von Mikrokosmos am 12.05.12 13:02:23Taken from the swedish Avanza AOI forum:

"See page 24 - we will do summary Monday



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On 12/05/2012, at 1:04 AM, "xx" <xxxx@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Peter.

May I ask if you know when a update is due to be released from Horn concerning the Shabbel-1 drilling site?

Best regards

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.156.676 von Mikrokosmos am 12.05.12 12:54:58Konnte das untere Sternchen nicht bedeuten: Da bohren wir gerade und hat gar nichts mit einem Ölfund zu tun?
Die Bezeichnung"Oil Shows" finde ich ist allgemein gehalten. Deutet für mich nicht auf einen zweiten Fund hin. Dazu noch preis sensitive Informationen in einer Präsentation. Ich glaubs nicht.
Saboteur, zugegeben, es ist wirklich strange und wir dürfen gespannt sein, was uns heute Nacht von Seiten Range präsentiert werden wird...

Währenddessen ein interessantes Posting aus Sockhouse:

I always have been since reading the treasure trove of info available. I know some of us regulars know alot of this...but just to get my dead brain cells working so my memory doesnt fade....and please chime in guys with corrections, rumors, or other old news.

Was oil found in Somalia? yes, Conoco hit very good oil/gas shows in at least 2 wells in the Nugal province. At least one was probably commercial but the drillstring got stuck numerous times and there were further rumors of excessive pressures. The well never hit TD by several hundred meters. They then drilled another 1-2 wells and had to run before it got too dangerous due to the war. The Nugal well is rumored to have found aound 90 million barrels. The main prospect, though, was one a little west of the Nugal well, of which Range has obtained notes from a Conoco meeting detailing the prospect. It had high hopes and off the top of my head was targeting 500-700 million barrels of oil. Those Nugal prospects are all within the boundries of the Nugal Block issued to AOI/HRN.

There is also the Darwin well drilled to the East of where HRN/AOI are drilling now in the Dharoor Block. AOI/HRN knew this well had oil shows at shallow depths, but according to AOI/HRN, it was off structure and too shallow. There were rumors Agip/Eni found oil but never reported the find.

Now AOI/HRN have found oil...possibly commercial,we hope... at Shabeel 1 targeting 300 million barrels recoverable. According to rumor, the rig is now being mobilized to Shabeel North targeting 375 million barrels recoverable. If Shabeel 1 was successful, a hit at Shabeel North looks to be a layup. The structures are nearly copies of each other and appear stacked right next to each other. I think I had read the prospects are only 17km from each other. Also, Shabeel North site has already been spudded on ready for quick drilling. I believe this was done and is being done on purpose. The rig, for security reasons, may be moving now while the rest of the world drinks away a Saturday. Also, I believe AOI/HRN want to get the second well drilling and onsite before announcing anything that would cause a hold up. Perhaps, clans demanding money, government slowing things down, rebels attacking...etc.

What are the chances HRN/AOI could lose its rights to Somaliland after spending all this money and finding oil/gas? Minimal to none! Firstly, Somaliland is not claiming any of the Dharoor Block as being its. Secondly, the Nugal Block is within Puntland limits, but rumor has it, a few miles along the border of Somaliland may be in question. We have read articles that this has been worked out with oil revenues to be shared with Somaliland, but maybe they are getting greedy now that they know oil was found. Either way, I believe a solution will be met. If Somaliland plays hardball, then all the interested oil companies will not want to do business with them and everyone loses. Mainly the Somalian people. AOI/HRN would still have most of its land to drill on.

What are the chances Conoco Phillips or Eni/Agip or some other company return and claim they are the original holders of the Nugal and Dharoor Blocks after AOI/HRN find oil/gas? I believe common ground will be found out of the spotlight just as Keith Hill stated in yesterdays article. Firstly, ALL of the majors that held blocks prior to the war starting in 1991 were asked to return. Most of the deals were signed in the mid 1980's and were for 20 years. For Conoco, that meant its lease expired in 2006. ALL the other majors were asked to come back in the mid 2000's and most like Conoco did not even respond. BP Amoco, and Shell apparently wimpered a "maybe." Some claim force majore and that they can come back whenever they feel like it is safe too. The problem with that statement is that without AOI/HRN having the guts to take a chance, none of the majors would have ever come back and peace thru oil prosperity could never have happened. All the majors even claimed publicly that no commercial oil had been found so they would not come back until someone found it. Enter AFRICA OIL/HORN!

Ok, so AOI/HRN have either found commercial oil/gas or they own property, possibly a small portion of which may be in dispute, that Conoco KNOWS, has a least a small commercial find. What will happen next? We have seen a number of other concessions that used to be owned by majors be handed to small independents. The majors KNOW what is going on and are waiting with baited breathe on good news from AOI/HRN. I believe a AOI/HRN hit on Shabeel 1 and with Shabeel North already spudded, THUS SECURRING, both the Dharror and Nugal Blocks, we will see a mad rush to return. I do not expect long legal battles or alot of public bickering that would only fuel a hatred of America, or the West, in general. Conoco or any other major will not and cannot return to Somalia and claim they are invading at will and taking over again. Most Somalians want to see Western oil giants return to help them get the oil out of the ground, provide jobs, and create benefits of being an oil state. I think a rapid succession of buyouts and farmouts will occur. I also believe Conoco Phillips will be in tandem with AOI/HRN/Range/ Red Emperor in one way or another. If the Western oil companies play hardball then China, South Korea, or India will get the JV;s. Somaliland, Puntland and the rest of Somalia will bend to the need and greed of oil and to each get their share for the prosperity of this much embattled nation.

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.158.622 von Mikrokosmos am 13.05.12 13:22:25Und nochmal was gutes von sharatraveller auf Worldstocks...:

It has been a while and as said before I will post when there is new info. Last time AOI / HRN put up a presentation we had an RNS after by HRN and expect the same next week as they have revealed new info. At least they updated the current depth and that needs to be notified to investors in an RNS and not a presentation.

I had a meeting earlier this week with one of the operator in Yemen in Masila which is supposed to mirror the current drill. A drilling engineer and an ex geologist who is now in management were present. following our business discussion, I asked questions about their geology and Somalia a bit and here were their comments:

- Yemen has possibly one of the richest geology data in the world since 1856 but until this date there is a problem in having a unified lithio / strat. Every company that worked in Yemen have their own interpretation. This is due to the different rifts,faults, directions, which has lead as well to even having the Jurassic replaced in some areas by an extension of the cretaceous.

- The rift is tilted as you go south with the deposits / sandstones in the cretaceous getting thicker and thicker as you move from north to south. They can range from a 400M to over 1700 meters.

- Most wells currently produce from the lower cretaceous formation despite having up to 7 reservoirs in many of the wells. Their new program for the upcoming years is to start to produce from the shallower reservoirs in the upper cretaceous

- They are sure the extension is there in Somalia and possibly int Ethiopia.

- They said that I should not be surprised that the formations in Somalia are not 100% equivalent in depths as in Yemen and that they can possibly vary of up to 700M as they have the same between their northern field and the south and that because of the tilt.

- They also said that you can expect that the Jurassic might not be there or thin due to the faulting which has eroded that as they have in places in Yemen.

- Drill rates are about 28min / meter in sandstones and 22min/meter in shale

Now lets look at the new Strat in the AOI presentation and compare to the last one in HRN presentation. Facts:

- Multiple shows in the upper or late cretaceous but good resistivity

- Cretaceous formation has extended and not much to go before they go int Triassic possibly confirming that Jurassic has been replaced or Jurassic still to come. Hence they have a question mark over the Qishn?

- Gamma rays are showing good density. SP is showing low where the density is.The Mud gas green line is showing low at the same formations where the resistivity is below 50% spikes. I take this as having a good Porosity and Permability. Hence the world very good discoveries.

- Unfortunately no logs yet for the new find below 3000

- Drill rates we have had are the same as yemen too.

I believe we are very close to a good announcement and better one once testing is done. This is a massive change in the presentation.

Good luck to all and we deserve some more details in RNS next week hopefully.
Zitat von Mikrokosmos: Saboteur, zugegeben, es ist wirklich strange und wir dürfen gespannt sein, was uns heute Nacht von Seiten Range präsentiert werden wird...

Hallo Mikro,

von Range wird da nix kommen. Es obliegt dem Operator, also Horn/Africa Oil eine Pressemeldung rauszugeben.

Ich möchte nur nicht, daß bei anderen Usern der Eindruck entsteht, daß Horn hier höchstwahrscheinlich was gefunden hat, weil geschätzte User wie wantedman, gimo und du entsprechende Äusserungen tätigen.

Aber hoffen wir mal, daß wir wirklich was gefunden haben.

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.158.816 von Saboteur am 13.05.12 15:05:31Range könnte eine Meldung mit den kopierten Charts aus der AOI-Präsi rausbringen.
Why not? We will see...
Ob Horn was gefunden hat dürfte nur durch von Horn über die TSX veröffentlichte Meldungen erfolgen, da hast Du Recht.
Da Keith Hill jedoch auch Direktor bei Horn ist, denke ich, dass er sich was dabei gedacht haben muss, die AOI-Präsi so zu veröffentlichen.
Zumal AOI in Sachen großartiger Verkündungen eher konservativ in der Vergangenheit zu Werke ging.
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Als ich über die "Gabredarre formation" recherchierte, stoss ich auf einem interessanten Bericht: Eine Meldung von Range Resources an die ASX Sydney mit dem Titel "Puntland Oil and Gas Potential" (folgendes in Google eingeben: range resources asx 1 december 2005). Dieser Bericht (aus dem Jahr 2005, 5 Seiten) ist sehr aufschlussreich und erklärt einiges, z. B. dass die Horn und Africa Oil Leute sehr gut wissen was sie tun in Puntland... und vor allem warum Peter Landau den besten Offshore Block "gesichert" hat. Für mich stellt sich nicht die Frage ob es Erdöl hat oder nicht denn es hat Erdöl (Conoco hat viel Geld ausgegeben und dies belegt), sondern es ist eine reine Sicherheitsfrage. Dr Farole hat dieses Problem nun gut im Griff. Die Sicherheit wird jedoch das grösste Problem sein, wenn im Nogal Basin gebohrt wird. Freuen wir uns über die kommenden Wochen und Monaten. Eine gute Woche wünscht Ihnen Pommard.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.158.992 von Pommard am 13.05.12 17:24:24Pommard vielen Dank,

habe dieses Schriftstück auch vor ein paar Tagen nochmal angeschaut und teile Deine Meinung.
(ich duze einfach mal - ist hier so usus)

Jedenfalls dürfte die PR-Offensive jetzt losgehen...
Übrigens, wer noch nicht weiß, warum man in Range investieren sollte, dem empfehle ich folgenden Artikel:


Dann zu Flockes Frage: YEP und es waren ein bisschen mehr als 200 Euro :D

Sollte eigentlich ne sehr schöne Handelswoche vor uns liegen, langfristig kommt mir "Masterplan" in den Sinn (RUM-Leser werden wissen was gemeint ist.

Wie immer DYOR (und investiert danach in Range...)

Schönen Gruß an alle geduldigen Somaliyinvestierten

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.158.876 von Mikrokosmos am 13.05.12 15:57:10Jetzt sind die weiteren Oil Shows von Range bestätigt worden. Hab heute Nacht nochmal nach gelegt.
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