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Rubicon Minerals - Mc Ewen täuscht sich nie !

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In Deutschland kaum gehandelt , also Vorsicht!
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Unschwer zu erkennen ! Wir sind mit hohem Umsatz ausgebrochen.
Bohrergebnisse stehen an . Man munkelt bei Stockhouse – Friday !

11.10.2007 1,78 2,10 1,78 1,94 1.1M
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09.10.2007 1,66 1,75 1,65 1,73 302.2k
08.10.2007 1,75 1,75 1,65 1,72 0
05.10.2007 1,75 1,75 1,65 1,72 184.7k
04.10.2007 1,65 1,75 1,61 1,75 376.2k
03.10.2007 1,70 1,70 1,62 1,65 140.9k
02.10.2007 1,68 1,68 1,56 1,62 264.6k
01.10.2007 1,75 1,75 1,65 1,68 213.9k
28.09.2007 1,77 1,85 1,76 1,76 230.9k
27.09.2007 1,80 1,80 1,72 1,80 96.2k
26.09.2007 1,76 1,81 1,74 1,75 171.0k
25.09.2007 1,78 1,80 1,69 1,76 154.1k
24.09.2007 1,73 1,83 1,69 1,83 283.2k
21.09.2007 1,70 1,72 1,65 1,69 222.5k
20.09.2007 1,60 1,69 1,60 1,65 369.6k
19.09.2007 1,59 1,65 1,59 1,60 186.2k
18.09.2007 1,60 1,64 1,58 1,58 275.1k
17.09.2007 1,66 1,66 1,60 1,60 249.9k
14.09.2007 1,71 1,71 1,63 1,66 222.5k


"An investment in Rubicon Minerals represents a personal investment in one of North America's premier gold exploration companies."
- Rob McEwen
McEwen Capital

Share Structure
Below is a summary of the share structure consisting of warrants and options. The full financial report also includes this information.
August 31, 2007Share Structure
>Issued and Outstanding Shares - (Aug 31/07) 142.7 MM
Fully Diluted 156.9 MM
Rob McEwen (June 30/07) 32.5%
52-Week High-Low (June 30/07) $.62 - $3.25
Market Cap. (June 30/07) C$268 M
TSX Trading Symbol RMX
AMEX Trading Symbol RBY
Cash (Aug 31/07) C$23.3 M
Fully Diluted Cash (Aug 31/07) C$42.3 M
Corporate Debt nil

Rubicon Minerals Corporation is a well-funded, top tier, gold exploration company deriving its strength from a hands-on management team with a track record of discovery. Rubicon controls over 96,000 acres of prime exploration ground in the prolific Red Lake gold camp of Ontario, Canada, which hosts Goldcorp's high-grade, world class Red Lake Mine. Rubicon's flagship property is the 100%-controlled Phoenix Gold Project, located in the heart of this producing camp.

Through a transaction completed in May, 2007 with former Goldcorp Inc. Chairman and CEO, Rob McEwen, Rubicon acquired 512,960 acres of prospective exploration ground in Alaska in the area of the 5.6 million ounce Pogo deposit as well as a 225,000 acre land package in northeast Nevada. With an exceptional technical team, outstanding assets, a focus on gold camps in politically safe environments and a high profile in the capital markets, Rubicon has gained the reputation as a leading junior exploration company.

May 22, 2007
Rubicon Closes McEwen Transaction to launch the New Rubicon
Acquires Alaska and Nevada Properties and closes $15 million Financing -

Rubicon Minerals Corporation (TSX.RMX:AMEX:RBY) is very pleased to announce that the transaction with investor Rob McEwen has now closed. Under the terms of the transaction, Rubicon secured a $15 million non-brokered private placement financing and acquired a 513,000 acre land package in the area of the world-class Pogo gold mine in Alaska and a 225,000 acre land position in northeast Nevada and Utah (see news releases dated February 26, 2007, and March 1, 2007). The transaction was approved by Rubicon shareholders on May 14, 2007.

Rob McEwen, through entities controlled by him, invested $10 million in Rubicon by acquiring 14,285,714 shares at a price of $0.70 and 7,142,857 warrants in the financing. Each warrant entitles Mr. McEwen to purchase one share at a price of $1.50 for a period of two years. Other investors invested an additional $5 million by acquiring 7,142,857 shares and 3,571,429 warrants on the same terms as Mr. McEwen.

Pursuant to the transaction, Rubicon issued 31,428,571 shares to a McEwen wholly-owned company, Evanachan Limited, for the Alaska interests, 8,571,429 shares to a subsidiary of Lexam Explorations Inc. for the Nevada and Utah interests and 21,428,571 shares under the financing.

With the proceeds of the financing, Rubicon now has approximately $24.7 million in working capital and holds commanding land positions in the politically stable districts of Red Lake (Ontario), Alaska and Nevada. Rubicon plans to complete a minimum of $8 million in exploration over the next twelve months on its properties, focused in Red Lake ($5 million), Alaska (minimum $2.5 million) and Nevada (approximately $0.5 million).

As part of the transaction, Rob McEwen has agreed to support Rubicon management and to serve as strategic advisor to management for a minimum period of two years. Mr. McEwen also has the right to nominate one member to the board of directors of Rubicon.

Evanachan Limited, together with a partnership controlled by Rob McEwen, now hold 45,892,857 shares of Rubicon, representing approximately 32.8% of its outstanding shares while Lexam Explorations Inc. holds 8,571,429 shares, representing 6.1% of the outstanding shares of Rubicon.

Solitaire and Rubicon Commence 3,300 meter Drill Program on the Red Lake North Property, Red Lake, Ontario
VANCOUVER, Aug 14, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ --
Solitaire Minerals Corp. (TSX-V symbol: SLT) and Rubicon Minerals Corp. (TSX-V symbol: RMX) have returned to drilling the Red Lake North Property in Red Lake, Ontario. The planned eleven hole 3300m summer drill program will be funded by Solitaire Minerals Corp. and will target an area that runs parallel to the Blackbear Intrusive for approximately 12 km. The eleven holes will be drilled at four distinct target areas along the projected extension of a gold bearing Sericite Schist trend as determined by Rubicon Minerals Corp., the project operator.
Historical work, completed by Rubicon Minerals Corp., includes detailed ground and airborne Mag and EM (spectrum) survey, as well as drilling of three holes which confirmed the presence of the ultramafic stratigraphy and sericite schist.
The property is under option to Solitaire Minerals Corp., the Company is required to fund $2.5 million of exploration over four years (prior to May 30, 2010) to earn a 55% interest.
The Red Lake North project is separated into two distinct packages of ground:
The Red Lake North Main Block
This block which is the focus of this drill program, is directly along strike from both the Main Discovery Zone (MDZ) and Upper Duck Zone (UDZ), currently being explored by Goldcorp/Planet Exploration Inc on the Sidace Lake Property. Based on three holes drilled by Rubicon in 2005 that intersected the prospective quartz-sericite schist altered horizon as well as geophysical interpretation, the extension of gold-bearing stratigraphy that hosts the MDZ continues southwest onto the Red Lake North Main Block.
The Sidace Lake Area
The Sidace Lake Area claims are situated on the up-dip and down-dip extensions of the Goldcorp/Planet MDZ. The property is dominated by a package of Balmer assemblage mafic and ultramafic volcanic rocks which are overlain by altered intermediate sediments. Solitiare funded a deep-targeting program on this claim in the fall and winter of 2006/2007, but was limited by the depth capacity of the drill rig. A drill rig capable of reaching a depth of 2500 meters has been contracted for late September 2007 for planned follow-up drilling.
Terry Bursey, P.Geo, a qualified person under National instrument 43-101 will advance the Red Lake North project.

Phoenix Gold Project

"Location, Location — The Rubicon Advantage!"
· Acquired in 2002, prior to which the property was in receivership
· Project was unexplored during Red Lake's "renaissance" — the High Grade Gold Discovery in 1995-2000
· Rubicon acquired property in a competitive bidding environment
· Historical inferred resource of 334,007 tons at 0.20 oz/ton gold, to a depth of 120 metres. (see Technical Report 43-101 dated May 12, 2003)
"Right Rocks, Right Time, Right Place!"
· Documented Red Lake type deposit environment. Historically, very little of the four kilometre prospective ground had been explored
· Rubicon has systematically developed a geological and structural model of the project to best target new areas
"Rubicon's Red Lake Model is working!"
· Phoenix Zone discovered 1.1 kilometres north of previous work
· 67 drill intercepts form the zone average 10.66 g/t gold over 2.00 metres
· Zone is open to depth and along strike
· New near surface gold zones discovered in 2007, including the North Peninsula Target, the KZ Target and the West Mine Target
"Phoenix Gold system documented 1200 metres below surface!"
· First ever test of moderate depths (below 350 metres) identifies gold system present to depth
· Gold documented in hole DF-07-01 at 1200 metres — more than 2 times the height of the CN Tower
· Major deposits in camp extend to 3,000 metres
"Active, aggressive exploration on several projects led by Phoenix"
· More than 2 million ounces of gold has been produced from this trend of prospective rocks


· Proven "elephant" country
· Highly under prospected
· Experienced labour force
· Secure tenure on land
· Favourable tax regime
· Pro-development government
· Control of emerging district
· History says Pogo is not unique
· 2006 work identifies targets
· Minimum $2.5 MM in 2007, includes drilling

Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2007

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Research Reports
The following individuals have coverage on Rubicon Minerals and may be contacted directly for copies of their reports. Please view our Cautionary Notes regarding this list.

Analysts Coverage

Barry Allan Research Capital
TBA Blackmont Capital

To the best of the Company's knowledge, it has also received coverage or mentions from the following mining analysts: Cliff Hale-Sanders - TD Newcrest, Jim Mustard - Haywood Securities, Graeme Currie - Canaccord Capital, Dorothy Atkinson - Bolder Investments, Don Poirier - Blackmont Capital, Paul Burchell - First Associates and Eric Zaunscherb - Raymond James.

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