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23.09.14 09:16:35
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.849.417 von Paradisvogel am 23.09.14 09:13:29Oder noch höher :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

Aber ´mal im Ernst: Charttechnik ist bei dieser Aktie nicht angezeigt.
23.09.14 10:41:00
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An der Börse geht es in erster Linie um Geld, Phantasie und Charts. Und da passt bei Magforce im Moment alles zusammen. Mit noch etwas Glück und Geduld sind hier die Chancen längst nicht ausgereizt.
Analysen und vermeintliches "Fakten- und Expertenwissen" gibt es zu jeder Aktie reichlich und unterschiedlich - da kann man sich immer etwas aussuchen und genau so verlässlich ist das dann auch.
23.09.14 15:34:05
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.849.354 von Roylander am 23.09.14 09:10:15
Zitat von Roylander: Ich verfolge die Aktie nicht nur. Ich halte sie sogar. Bin über 270% im Plus.

Nun mag man sich die Frage stellen, warum ich dann so kritisch eingestellt bin oder warum ich sie mir im Januar 2013 gekauft habe.

Der Kauf war eher aus einer Laune heraus. Die Kritik kam später.

Und die Äußerung mit den drei Klinika war (da hast Du Recht) eine Momentaufnahme.

Es ist schon erstaunlich, wie peinlich einige offenbar Erfolglose sich hier versuchen zu profilieren.

Wenn Du die Aktie hälst und 270% im Plus bist, bin ich der Kaiser von China.

Du hast bereits Ende 2012 ständig den zukünftigen Erfolg bezweifelt und auch Anfang 2013 keine Gelegenheit ausgelassen auf die, Deiner Meinung nach maßlose Überbewertung hinzuweisen. Aber im Januar 2013 eingestiegen :cry:
25.09.14 13:33:20
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.849.354 von Roylander am 23.09.14 09:10:15Wenn Du nur aus der Laune heraus Aktien kaufst, sind Deine gegenteiligen Kritiken und Analysen schon für Dich selbst offensichtlich irrelevant.
Wieso sollen andere die dann zur Kenntnis nehmen?
27.09.14 10:08:11
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Ein großer Bericht in der Financial Times vom 26.09.2014:

Cancer therapy thinks small to deliver the heat to stubborn tumours

By Andrew Ward

When Ben Lipps stepped down as chief executive of Fresenius Medical Care,
the German maker of kidney dialysis equipment, in 2012 after 14 years at the
helm, he was planning to settle into a relaxed retirement in California. Yet
within six months, the 73-year-old American was back in charge of another
German healthcare company, MagForce - one of several developing cancer
treatments based on nanotechnology.

"I had bought a nice place in Palm Springs to retire to, but decided I would
much rather be doing something," he recalls. The 1.3-acre estate was hastily
put on the market and snapped up last February by actor Leonardo DiCaprio
for $5.2m.

Having pioneered some of the critical technology behind kidney dialysis
earlier in his career, Mr Lipps was attracted back to the healthcare
frontline by what he saw as the potential for a similar breakthrough in
cancer treatment.

MagForce's NanoTherm therapy involves injecting minute iron particles into
tumours and using a magnetic field to heat them up to a temperature that
either destroys the cancer cells or renders them more susceptible to
radiotherapy or chemotherapy. "We've known for two decades that heat kills
tumours but nobody could work out how to deliver the heat," says Mr Lipps.

MagForce believes it has found the answer with its NanoActivator machine,
which is being tested in three German university hospitals with plans to
start treating private patients commercially next year at a price of 23,000
Euros per course.

The technique is among a range of nanotechnologies being experimented with
in cancer treatments - using microscopic particles to deliver
highly-targeted therapies to hard-to-reach tumours.

MagForce's iron particles are 12 nanometres (nm) in diameter. By comparison,
a typical human hair is 80,000nm across. Other companies are working on an
even tinier scale. UK-based Midatech is developing nanoparticles made of
gold and measuring as little as 1.4nm to deliver precision cancer drugs.
"It's like throwing Velcro balls at the walls of the tumour," says Jim
Phillips, Midatech chief executive.

Both MagForce and Midatech are targeting an aggressive form of brain cancer
called glioblastoma multiforme which kills 90 per cent of patients within
five years. Such tumours are hard to treat, in part because of the
difficulty of delivering drugs through the notoriously impenetrable
blood-brain barrier - but nanomedicines can break through.

A similar concept is being developed by BTG, the FTSE 250-listed UK company,
to treat liver cancer using tiny glass beads that deliver doses of radiation
or chemotherapy directly to the tumour and stop blood flow to the cancerous

For all the promise of such techniques, getting them to market and gaining
widespread adoption is still a challenge.

"Ours is a hybrid product," says Mr Lipps, explaining the struggle MagForce
has faced to advance its NanoTherm treatment. "It's too much like medtech
for pharma and too pharma for medtech."

However, after some setbacks, he believes the therapy is ready for take-off.
It has already secured European regulatory approval because, classified as a
medical device rather than a drug, it did not need to go through lengthy
clinical trials. Those tests that have been carried out show an increase in
median survival of brain tumour patients from 15 months to 23 months when
treated with NanoTherm.

MagForce is also developing the treatment as a therapy for prostate cancer,
aided by a recent$14m investment from Mithril Capital led by Peter Thiel,
the German-born technology entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal. The company's
Frankfurt-listed shares have more than doubled in value in the past year.

Mr Lipps says that, despite the futuristic image of nanotechnology,
MagForce's approach is more straightforward than the new generation of
genetically targeted personalised medicines under development.

"For the genomics guys, this is not exciting," he says.

"This is just physics."
30.09.14 17:30:29
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06.10.14 11:44:06
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befremdlich, befremdlich ... ein Freak der scheinbar nichts zu tun hat. Oder vielleicht aber auch auf irgend einem komischen Zeug hängen geblieben?
07.10.14 14:20:44
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und auch heute wieder

1 Antwort?Die Baumansicht ist in diesem Thread nicht möglich.
07.10.14 15:12:27
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.962.363 von BFremdlich am 07.10.14 14:20:44Bin heute auch raus. Was man hat, das hat man.

Aber ich werde auch künftig meinen Senf hier zu geben. Ob das nun jedem passt oder nicht.
08.10.14 10:49:12
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5,67 in frankfurt

minus 14%:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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