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heute wieder ein sehr schlechter Tag !!

Im Moment sind die Börsen zu politisch um vernünftig investieren zu können !!

Das nervt..
Hallo !

Neue Präsentation gab es heute..


aber nicht wirklich mit Neuigkeiten für uns

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.047.193 von Pirat_Micha am 17.04.12 07:48:30noch schlimmeres wurde verhindert, jedoch ist das Marktumfeld im moment sehr schwierig

Moin !

L1 Capital verkauft wieder gut 11 Mio.Aktien und hält somit "nur" noch 8,32%,d.h. 59.6 Mio.Aktien !!

Guten Abend,

diese Meldung löste in Austalien kleine Spekulationen aus.
Mal schauen was wirklich dahinter steckt.

23 May 2012
Fiona Murphy
ASX Limited
Level 8, Exchange Plaza
2 The Esplanade
Perth, WA 6000
Dear Fiona
Beadell Resources Limited (ASX: BDR) wishes to advise that the following resolutions to be
decided at the General Meeting on 24 May 2012 have been withdrawn and will no longer be
considered at the meeting:
Resolution 5 - Approval for the issue of options to Director - Mr Craig Readhead;
Resolution 6 - Approval for the issue of options to Director - Dr Michael Donaldson;
Resolution 7 - Approval for the issue of options to Director - Mr Jim Jewell;
Resolution 8 - Approval for the issue of options to Director - Mr Ross Kestel;
Resolution 9 - Approval for the issue of options to Director - Mr Peter Bowler; and
Resolution 10 - Approval for the issue of options to Director - Mr Robert Watkins;
For and on behalf of the Board of Beadell Resources Limited
Yours sincerely
Guten Morgen,

das sagt ein User auf Hotcopper dazu :

From what I read in the papers today, the large institutional investors put a stop to the resolutions being presented before it went to a vote at todays AGM. Well done to them !!!

I am glad it happened as it was certainly a greedy move by the directors as the conditions for the options to vest were not ambitious enough (e.g. hang around for the next 12 months whilst we start production). These guys are going to do very nicely when we start producing gold from their current share holdings (those that have actual "skin" in the game that is). The rest should be happy with their current situation or buy some more shares (like the rest of us).

Plus, it is unusual for non-executive directors to be given options, so I dont see any special conditions with this company as to why the usual "rules of play" should not apply.

I'm still very happy to hold these shares and even more happy that we didn't get an unnecessary dilution from our directors.
Institutional investors have forced Beadell Resources to axe plans to issue millions of options to its board as part of a long-term incentive plan, a day out from the gold explorer's annual meeting.

Beadell said last night it had decided to withdraw six resolutions dealing with the options issue, which were to have been put to a vote of shareholders today.

If approved, the resolutions would have resulted in 5.4 million options being granted to executive and non-executive directors of Beadell. The options would have vested if directors were still with Beadell in a year's time and the achievement of commercial gold production at the Tucano project in Brazil.

The option exercise price was to be a 10 per cent premium to Beadell's share price at the time of grant, in effect the explorer's price following today's meeting. Beadell shares eased 0.5¢ to 59.5¢ yesterday.

It is understood institutional investors used their proxy votes to oppose the options issue, prompting Beadell's board to decide to withdraw the relevant resolutions.
The issue of options to non-executive directors falls foul of corporate governance best practice, while it is understood that in the Beadell case investors felt the vesting conditions were not sufficient onerous


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