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Washington Mutual - Grösste Sparkasse der USA! Chancen & Risiken. (Seite 90)

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NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- In the three days since Washington Mutual Inc. (WM) installed new leadership, its stock has sunk more than 50%.

The Seattle thrift's challenges to fixing its loan book are monumental and Wall Street reacted with much skepticism to the appointment of Alan Fishman as chief executive on Monday.

Fishman, who built up and ultimately sold Independence Community Bank Corp., a New York thrift, tried to give investors some confidence in WaMu's vast deposit base Monday. "On the liability side of the balance sheet, you've got an approach and a franchise that seems to be the envy of the business," he said in an interview.

But investors continue to shy away from the stock. On Wednesday, the stock fell 30% to close at a new 52-week low of $2.32.

"There are multiple reasons" why the stock continues to decline, said Frank J. Barkocy, director of research at Mendon Capital Advisors Corp. Regulators imposed a memorandum of understanding, demanding a multi-year business plan to improve its risk-management procedures. In addition, WaMu's fundamentals "are absolutely horrible," he said.

Barkocy, a veteran bank-stock investor, has no position in WaMu and isn't considering buying the stock any time soon. Fishman, he said, "is a good banker but hasn't run an operation of this size."

Finally, it becomes more and more clear to Wall Street that a deal to rescue shareholders might be far off. Asked whether he will keep WaMu independent, Fishman answered with a simple "Yes," and added: "Shame on us if we can't figure out how to make this a really value accretive, important company.

More importantly, however, WaMu might not have much of an option but to go it alone. With $310 billion of assets, its sheer size makes an acquisition difficult, particularly since all of WaMu's illiquid mortgage assets would have to be marked to market rates, requiring the buyer to take a huge charge.

"Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) has the capital" to buy WaMu, but such deal "does not fit its long-standing program" to grow through bite-sized acquisitions, Barkocy said. Wells Fargo's management has repeatedly said it doesn't want to do a large deal.

Bank of America Corp. (BAC) is busy digesting Countrywide Financial Corp., the giant mortgage lender it bought in July. Wachovia Corp. (WB) is struggling with its own mortgage issues, as is Citigroup Inc.(C).

That leaves virtually only foreign buyers - or JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), which has long had a desire to expand into Florida and California, two of WaMu's biggest markets. JPMorgan Chase would also consolidate its power in Chicago and New York.

Purchase accounting sank Fifth Third Bancorp's (FITB) attempt to purchase National City Corp. (NCC) earlier this year, but it didn't factor into JPMorgan Chase's run on WaMu, said people familiar with the matter.

JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive James Dimon has said that purchase-accounting rules would make it more difficult, but not impossible, for his company to do a deal for WaMu.

JPMorgan Chase made a bid earlier this year for WaMu but was rebuffed by Kerry Killinger, the legendary CEO who built WaMu - and who was ousted by its board on Monday.

-By Matthias Rieker, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-5936; matthias.rieker@ dowjones.com
ich hab den Verdacht das die USA vor einem Banken-Run stehen.. die Amis holen sich Bares ..deswegen marschiert der USD ..sie holen das geld zurück nach USA..

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WaMu earlier this week ousted its chief executive and announced a deal with regulators, which essentially puts the bank on probation. See previous story.
Earlier on Wednesday, Lehman Brothers
(LEH 7.25, -0.54, -6.9%) unveiled another $5.3 billion of residential mortgage write-downs. That renewed concerns about WaMu's massive mortgage portfolio.
"WaMu needs $10 billion in equity or quasi-equity to calm concerns about credit quality," Egan-Jones Ratings, a rating agency that's paid by investors rather than issuers, wrote in a note to clients. "WaMu has $310 billion of assets and a market cap of merely $9.1 billion."
WaMu has been dogged by concerns about its viability following an ill-timed expansion into subprime mortgages. The stock is off more than 90% over the past year.
Bloomberg News on Wednesday reported potential acquirers of the company this year have been scared off by new accounting rules that would likely force them to write down the value of WaMu's mortgage assets to market levels immediately after a deal.
Spreads on credit-default swaps on WaMu's debt widened by roughly 400 basis points to 2,200, according to Credit Default Research. That's up from less than 1,500 basis points earlier this week.


I think thats exactly the panic right now. FDIC can't take them on and an announcement of that nature would cause massive bank runs. They have to print or issue more treasuries but the jsut balied fan n fred so it looks AWFUL now. Nobody is there to buy up the mess. I think the dollar moonshot right now is due to the fact that all the smart depositors saw this coming(Buffet) and are scrambling to get their hands on cash. If you knew the gov't didn't have the cash to cover you now and you had to wait to pay your bills wouldn't you race to get cash. I call it a hyperdeflationary event. This is why physical gold and silver is selling like hotcakes but is falling in dollar terms. Everyone wants dollars to cover right now in case they can't withdraw from the bank. You have to pay bills somehow right. I recommend everyone getting cash to cover at least one months worth of bills if not more. There are a lot of stuffed mattresses right now!


Berkshire Unit to Phase Out Bank-Deposit Insurance (Update6):eek:

By Linda Shen and Erik Holm

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. plans to stop insuring lenders through its Kansas Bankers Surety Cos. as U.S. banks fail at the fastest pace in 14 years.

The unit will no longer insure accounts beyond the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s $100,000 limit per depositor and $250,000 limit on some retirement accounts, said Chuck Towle, a senior vice president at Kansas Bankers. The company will exit the business entirely over time, Towle said.

``Eventually, we aren't going to be covering any deposits in banks,'' Towle said in an interview today.

The move reduces Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire's risk from bank failures and will affect customers in 38 states. Eleven U.S. lenders have been seized by state and national regulators this year as mortgage markets collapsed. The FDIC counted 117 banks as ``problem'' lenders in the second quarter. The agency typically doesn't say which companies are on its list.

Towle said there was no set period for phasing out the business and wouldn't comment on existing relationships with banks. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today that the unit was scaling back, saying the order came from Buffett.

...sieht düster aus:rolleyes:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.055.678 von cartagena am 10.09.08 22:44:40Guten Morgen :)

Haste diese Order nach Börsenschluß gesehen 17:03 $ 2.80 258,800 = 724.640$ :eek: war bestimmt wieder so Kleinanläger mit Spielgeld :D:laugh:

11.09.2008 - 00:20
Wall Street: Schadensbegrenzung


Lehman Brothers verlor 6,9% auf 7,25 Dollar. Die heutige Konferenz (Quartalsverlust 3,9 Milliarden Dollar, weit mehr als befürchtet, Dividendenkürzung, keine Investoren in Sicht) ließ die wichtigsten Fragen offen, vor allem: Wie geht es mit der Bank weiter?
Washington Mutual setzte den freien Fall der Vortage fort und implodierte 29,7% auf 2,32 Dollar. Die im gleichnamigen US-Bundesstaat beheimatete Bankholding, die eng mit dem angeschlagenen Hypothekenmarkt verflochten ist, feuerte bereits am Montag ihren CEO und wurde unter behördliche Aufsicht gestellt.
Die Regionalbanken litten darunter, dass der Broker Keefe, Bruyette heute gleich 8 Bankaktien herunterstufte, darunter Huntington Bancshares, die 3,4% auf 8,06 Dollar fielen.

Erwähnenswert wären da noch 2 Pennystocks, die aber inzwischen aus dem S&P herausflogen: Fannie Mae verlor 25% auf 0,74 Dollar. Freddie Mac rutschte ebenfalls 25% auf 0,66 Dollar.

Sogar Las Vegas verlor heute: Der Casinobetreiber Las Vegas Sands meldete schwache Geschäfte in der Wüstenstadt und plumpste deswegen 10,8% auf 36,84 Dollar. Benzinpreise und Arbeitsmarktflaute dämpfen schon seit Wochen das Geschäft mit den „einarmigen Banditen“.
Verifone Holdings sank 3,2% auf 19,07 Dollar. Der Vermittler von elektronischen Zahlungen hatte bereits gestern nach Börsenschluss einen enttäuschenden Ausblick abgegeben.

mehr unter: http://www.boerse-go.de/news/news.php?ida=978379&idc=2
Washington Mutual Inc. $ 2.32
WM -0.98

Short Interest (Shares Short) 382,360,300 :eek:
Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 7.4 :eek:
Short Percent of Float 26.10 %
Short Interest - Prior 338,580,400
Short % Increase / Decrease 12.93 %
Short Squeeze Ranking™ -180
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.058.235 von BRBa am 11.09.08 06:21:08brba,
sonst nix neues,
die shorties haben bisher gut cash gemacht,
wie schauts bei dir aus.!?

denke .......:cry:

wie gehabt.
weiter so.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.052.590 von Larry_1 am 10.09.08 18:59:56:)Moin larry
fitter Mann scheinst du zu sein
ich bin leider ein bißchen auch auf die Fresse geflogen,die Hälfte meiner ambac gut verkauft die andere Hälfte schlecht verkauft,zwar alles mit Gewinn aber nun ja hätte Mo mehr machen können,war halt die Gier,hoffe sie geht noch auf die 5$
Fannie hätte ich fast letzten Freitag gekauft, habe 3x ne falsche tannummer eingegeben,kurze sperrung danach keine Zeit mehr,Glück im Unglück, reizen tut mich wamu natürlich bei diesen Kursen
vielleicht geh ich für einen daytrade rein
grüße und einen schönen Arbeitstag
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.052.702 von Datteljongleur am 10.09.08 19:07:47Kopier das Ding mal in alle Bondinsurer ambac und Banken-Foren, trifft absolut das Thema
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.054.635 von lion37 am 10.09.08 21:27:09eh lion du angeber, du bist nicht der einzige der hier verhönt wurde, habe am Montag und auch die letzten Wochen genau das gleiche gedacht und gepostet, das wamu fällt, bin sogar vor drei wochen kurz drin gewesen zu 3,11 und dann bei 2,98 wieder raus(Eurobasis), hier hat es gekracht wie ich vermutet habe,der daytrade ist okay long würde ich weiterhin aufpassen
grüße paco
Washington Mutual kann Sorgen der Anleger nicht dämpfen
11.09.2008 - 08:04

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Sorgen über die Liquiditätssituation der von der Hypothekenkrise gebeutelten Washington Mutual haben an der Wall Street zu einem erneuten Einbruch der Aktie der US-Sparkasse geführt. Das Papier setzte am Mittwoch die bereits drei Tage andauernde Talfahrt fort und verlor im US-Handel 30% seines Wertes. Seit Wochenbeginn gab die Aktie an der Wall Street damit um rund die Hälfte nach.

Marktteilnehmer begründeten den neuerlichen Kurseinbruch mit einem skeptischen Blick des Marktes auf den angestrebten Turnaround. Auch nach dem Anfang der Woche bekanntgegebenen Wechsel an der Führungsspitze des Unternehmens zweifeln Anleger daran, dass Washington Mutual die Wende herbeiführen kann.

Das in Seattle ansässige Finanzhaus hatte am Montag mitgeteilt, der Vorstandsvorsitzende Kerry Killinger werde durch Alan Fishman ersetzt. Dieser sei zwar ein "guter Banker", habe aber nur geringe Erfahrungen mit der Führung des operativen Geschäfts einer so großen Bank wie der Washington Mutual, sagte ein Marktteilnehmer.

Nach Einschätzung eines US-Analysten sind außerdem die "absolut schreckenerregenden" Fundamentaldaten des Finanzhauses für die andauernde Baisse verantwortlich. Im vergangenen Jahr ist der Kurs der Washington-Mutual-Aktie um rund 90% gesunken.

Ich werde kein Aktie verkaufen.
Washington Mutual kann ruhig fällen.

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