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Da sich hier inzwischen eine breite Dikussionsbereitschaft gezeigt hat, können wir vielleicht ein Thema diskutieren, dass vor ein paar Tagen zu schnell wieder vom Tisch gefegt wurde.

Wie ist denn eure Meinung dazu, dass Mitarbeiter von Mina Mar in Nevada rechtskräftig verurteilt wurden, weil sie sich unrechtmässig Aktienmäntel angeeignet hatten?

Als Konsequenz wurde der Börsenhandel bei mindestens sechs dieser Mina-Mar-Mäntel inzwischen gestoppt. Der CEO eines dieser Mantel-Unternehmnen war Marc Pintar.

Bei mindestens drei dieser Unternehmen wurden noch unmittelbar vor Handelsaussetzung Merger-Phantasien geschürt.

Übrigens will ich damit nicht sagen, dass PTSH das selbe Schicksal droht. Mir geht es nur um die Geschäftspraktiken bei Mina Mar und die Glaubwürdigkeit der von Mina Mar getätigten Aussagen bzgl. anstehender Merger.

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.469 von joelu am 01.06.10 11:49:06Joe, noch hat die Party nicht angefangen.

Es wird erst noch der Tisch gedeckt. :laugh:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.517 von nof_k am 01.06.10 11:55:14...leider habe ich mich mit diesem Thema zu wenig auseinander gesetzt...allerdings meine ich mal gelesen zu haben, dass bei Siemens Mitarbeiter Schmiergelder gezahlt haben, um Aufträge zu erlangen...auch diese Firma existiert weiterhin...also frage ich mich, ob nur - weil jemand mal etwas Unrechtes getan hat - damit Rückschlüsse auf die aktuellen "Geschäftspraktiken" gezogen werden können...nur meine Meinung...

...aber eines noch: ich finde es gut, dass Du zurück kehrst zu inhaltlichen Diskussionen, egal ob mir der Inhalt nun passt oder nicht...aber da kann ich wenigstens was mit anfangen, mit einfachen Provokationen ohne Inhalt eben nicht!!!...

...also: aus meiner Sicht gerne weiter so!...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.517 von nof_k am 01.06.10 11:55:14ich sage dir dazu: warum soll sich minamar den PTSH-börsen-mantel unrechtsmäßig angeeingent habe`?

woraus schließt du das?

sie haben das diesem otc-wert standesgemäß gemacht. oder vermisst du irgendein filing?

ansonsten ist es mir ehrlich gesagt egal, was bei den anderen börsenmänteln passiert, die von den undurchsichtigen pink-sheets sind. hierzu kann ich nur sagen:

es ist den filings nach alles ordnungsgemäß abgelaufen...

also kein grund zur sorge!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.517 von nof_k am 01.06.10 11:55:14so, dann belege doch mal, bei welchen börsenmäntel das so gewesen udn zeige mir bitte mal die gerichtsurteile oder PRs ;)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.517 von nof_k am 01.06.10 11:55:14Hier hast du deine Antwort.
Mina Mar Group Inc. Appeals to SEC and the Investors for a Positive Action

General Corporate Update Regarding Trade Suspension of the Issuers AMRA, ASPR, BRHC, DDSU, GMDP, VSHE, KING, UMLS and VECT

Mina Mar Group Inc. Appeals to SEC and the Investors for a Positive Action

Toronto May 29 2010 The issuers IR www.minamargroup.net and M&A firm Mina Mar Group www.minamargroup.com is using this opportunity to address suspension of AMRA, ASPR, BRHC, DDSU, GMDP and VECT by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC); on or about April 23, 2010. It appears one of the departments of the SEC was unaware that these issuers all deregistered well ahead of the April 23, 2010 deregistration date by SEC (see Edgar and or Pink Sheets Filing section http://www.otcmarkets.com/pink/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=ddsu), and/or notwithstanding the foregoing the regulator may have been aware and simply ignored the deregistration request. As we understand the process and the rules, the regulator has 90 days to approve any such request, as the deregistration is not automatic.

This order by SEC has created an outrage and havoc between investors who started to follow these issuers and invested their hard-earned money in these rising and promising companies. While it is true that all of these issuers were years behind in their filings, (some several years and well before Mina Mar Group came into the picture) it is truly disheartening to see a patient come out of a coma from their death bed, make a full recovery and, on a cusp of a massive China and USA merger with multiple news issued of the same, to see them die by other forces because of a clerical error, procedural technicality, or some other hidden agenda.

The issuers' IR and M&A, Mina Mar Group Inc.,understands that the law grants SEC wide powers and the right to revoke deregistration as they see fit. However the wording of the order that “due to a lack of current and accurate information about the companies” this we strongly disagree with. One can argue that there was excessive news with Pink Sheets updated and each issuer had a web site with pdf court orders and state filings reinstated to name a few.

Moreover, the same order noted that this is a “temporary” suspension and we take issue with this. These issuers will require a complete audit and a new 15c211 before they can resume being quoted. This is simply out of the realm of any possibility for these issuers. The reasons is these issuers have zero resources. None! They were all custodian court appointed companies by a State of Nevada court, and deemed abandoned assets by the ex-management. There is no way for the custodian or the IR to ascertain where any assets are how it was disposed or to meet any audit threshold required by the regulator for the audit purposes. In other words the records of these issuers are sketchy at best, hence the custodian and interim management deregistered them from being reporting issuers primarily due to this fact.

To that end Mina Mar Group will shortly launch its ICE section on the web site. ICE stands for INFORMATION, COMMUNCATION and EDUCATION. Mina Mar Group caters to issuers unable or unwilling to be a reporting issuer, and advises these issuers of certain exemption rules until they are able to “get back on their feet” and become reporting.

Needless to say, these type of companies as beaten and misfortunate as they are also attract stock bashers who taunt, twist, and misrepresent the company actions and pray on novice and unsuspecting shareholders. It begs the question who and for what reason would someone do this to a misfortunate entity. It is equivalent to beating up a homeless person and throwing them out into the rain from a bus shelter. To us at least these activities are cowardly, underhanded and disingenuous.

We have identified many of these individuals and brought civil lawsuits against several and the web site (www.investorshub.com) that provide them safe refuge to conduct these activities. It is our intent to provide all investors ICE services which will not include any investment advice but highlight some of the risks and procedural steps and create an interactive forum for ICE and issuers followers..

We believe ICE is the perfect name. Many investors do not comprehend the risks associated in investing in Pink Sheets non-reporting issuers. Many have started tracking our activities with various states and are “betting” (by buying stock in a defunct, delinquent, no asset issuers' security) on pure speculation that Mina Mar Group will be awarded the custodianship, will successfully settle r renegotiate all debts, will find a suitable sizable merger candidate, assist in transition and provide awareness of the resurrected and restructured company.

Although that is one part of our business and we have had success in many such cases, for one there is no guarantee that a judge will grant custodianship, or what they will do or decide for that matter. In one case, the judge has reserved their decision in order to read the massive documents filed and to process the proposed transaction as it all predicates on creditors, shareholders and others all acting reasonably and in fair manner. Even If the presiding judge grants the request, there is no guarantee that a merger company will accept all the baggage that comes with the issuer, or their past sins. These are all tall orders and described as very highly speculative and super high risk investments at best. One can lose all of their investment as is the case with these aforementioned 6 issuers.

In summary, there is very little the IR can do for a Grey Market company, they will be abandoned again and become dead indefinitely. The SEC action has caught the attention of one Nevada State judge, in total disbelief. Currently we are preparing a factum and a brief (may be referred to as other legal term in USA court system) to explain to this State judge why a Federal agency would thwart a State ruling and kill something which sole purpose was for the common good of all concerned.

It is our sincere desire at Mina Mar Group that the USA law makers and regulators review these actions and find common ground of resolution. In our opinion to kill something on a cusp of full recovery just seems unfair on all levels.

The hardest impact was inflicted on the small retail shareholders of these issuers securities, followed by the actual issuer and the targeted merger company. In this economic downturn these companies ( small companies) and in our opinion the driving engine of the economy are in desperate need of access to capital markets, to hire new staff, to build their companies and create innovation, and not be restricted with further restrictions and burdens.

Mina Mar Group reminds its followers and all the issuers' followers that we are a Canadian-based company. We have very few rights in the USA if any.

We focus on USA and German markets and issuers in those countries. We feel privileged and honored to be able to provide the services in these countries, and to assist these foreign issuers to meet their objectives, and assist their shareholders in recapturing eroded values. As such, we have no voting rights or any ties to any regulators or political sides in these foreign lands. To that end, we urge the shareholders of these issuers in USA to step up and help protect their investments and the future investments of their fellow countryman.

We respectfully request that each shareholder contact their congressmen, or local and State USA government and express their concerns, and protect the freedom of all investors and participate to assist small businesses to prosper in a true essence of America. We ask that this all be done in a positive light, by always taking the high road.

As Mina Mar Group launches ICE we will also seek a petition that we intend to send to USA congress to rethink or repeal The Communications Decency Act (42 USC Section 230) http://www.harvardlawreview.org/media/pdf/badging.pdf Simply put, this law allows stock bashers to bash companies and hide behind alias names and post on the Internet false and misleading information about anything they see fit, without any repercussions available to the perpetrators. Apart from stocks, the hardest hit sectors seems to be housing (or those on fixed income) and employment as this law allows for discrimination. See unauthorized links for reference purposes only http://tunedin.entrepreneur.com/tradejournals/article/176371… and University of Indiana article http://www.law.indiana.edu/fclj/pubs/v60/no1/11-Shanahan.pdf There are many other USA-based links and credible institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, law firms, and other forward-thinking, open-minded well-educated American individuals' opinions that readers can research pertaining to this unfair or at least abused law.

ICE will also address short selling or “oversold” positions. Mina Mar Group petition will seek that the USA law makers and the SEC consider applying the same law as recently passed in Germany and Hong Kong prohibiting short selling. Our petition will only focus on small companies and not fully reporting issuers or companies with assets and revenues in the multimillion dollar range. In other words companies that are easy to beat up, manipulate and bully around.

At Mina Mar Group we are of the opinion that some of these aforementioned issuers were so severely oversold that their security and the rapid rise from the dead may have triggered alarm bells, with the regulators; as the percentages in value appreciation were simply staggering, and unsustainable. (see charts Pink Sheets or other financial portals) We are also of the opinion that once mergers completed and the identity of some of these massive potential China and USA companies were fully digested by the markets, in our opinion there would have been another hyper-growth stage in price per share values and some “traders” called to cover their oversold positions, from years ago. We believe that the transfer of wealth from stock scalpers -- exploiters to regular retail shareholders was well underway, and now dead.

Again, notwithstanding that there is very little the IR can do for a Grey Market company, these aforementioned 6 companies will be abandoned again and become dead indefinitely and to that end; Mina Mar Group in spirit of its commitment to issuers followers has commenced negotiations with all 6 intended targeted merger candidates to consider other options to restore some if not all values of these 6 companies due to this unfortunate incident.

So far we have been successful and have a signed LOI for an appeal China based company that was to merge into AMRA to complete the merger and have AMRA absorbed by another Mina Mar Group client EEGI. The effect would create a three way merger with current AMRA shareholders receiving EEGI shares in exchange for their AMRA shares. Mina Mar Group will waive its fees on this merger and EEGI is receptive to the idea with the LOI executed here in China just this past week with the EEGI CEO Ms. Wei Hong. The details are still being worked on and the expected closing date will be well ahead of the year end 2010.

Similar reincarnation plans are being discussed with another Mina Mar Group client LDSR to finalize its planned and already announced three way merger with VECT and DDSU with a start up USA based Carbon Credit company. Again Mina Mar Group will waive its merger fees on this transaction and continues discussions with a China-based industrial company. Similarly this will effect a three way merger with current DDSU and VECT shareholders receiving LDSR shares in exchange for their DDSU and VECT shares.

ASPR, BRHC, and GMDP discussions continue, with SKGO, GLCC, GLGT, ZMGD, HIRU and HTDS management.

We again remind the shareholders and company followers that pre-merger and distress issuers in courts under custodianship are extremely high risk investments and that total investments can be lost on assumptions of what a judge may order and what we at Mina Mar Group can deliver.

Additionally, a separate news release will address the long ongoing legal battle with Mr. Joseph Muese of Belmont Partners (who as state records indicate may also be a controlling mind – partner of a transfer agency) vis a vis the companies VSHE KING AZTC (now UMLS) and how this ongoing litigation will effect these issuers negatively in the future.

Mina Mar Group stands by its commitment to bring value to its clients, and its clients' shareholder base. We will continue our legal fights with stock bashers and web sites that provide the bashers safe refuge. Immediate plans call for subpoenas of well known stock bashers to swear under oath in USA courts with USA perjury laws that they do not currently work for or have not been employed by any market makers, regulatory bodies, broker dealers or similar while making negative posts on Internet chat boards.

We invite all readers to visit www.investorshub.com and in the search box type in Mina Mar (as we are a private company with no trading symbol). One will see the insanity and complete fabrication as swell known stock bashers hard at work amusing themselves stuck in a cyber asylum, hoping to catch attention of an unsuspecting novice readers. Most of these “non-biased posters” are “moderators” of this chat board relying upon the protection of The Communications Decency Act (42 USC Section 230) with existing slander and cease and desist court orders issued in Canada being ignored.

Mina Mar Group does not intend to stand down to extortionists, manipulators nor to those with close warm relationships with the authorities of any foreign country. Mina Mar Group fully expects these stock bashers and others to escalate their dark propaganda and actions accordingly as these “dead company” clients reincarnate, oversold positions forced to be covered and values by all accounts restored to some degree on the six companies recently deregistered.

Mina Mar Group will provide more details as they become available.

The company reminds its shareholders and followers to monitor PinkSheets.com Filing section and also Mina Mar Group company web site section "PRESS RELEASES AND FILINGS" TAB http://www.minamargroup.net/ for non newsworthy corporate updates.

For any matters relating to retail investor queries or to send the company or its IR a message please click on the "INVESTOR SUPPORT" TAB, or the direct link http://www.minamargroup.net/helpdesk.

Don't be a victim. Report a stock basher. The company is mindful that short sellers, the company competitors and stock bashers stalk small cap Pink Sheets listed companies with hidden agendas. Visit http://www.stockbasher.com/ and find out what criminal and civil actions the US authorities are taking against web sites like investorshub.com and other posters, and the remedies available to you as an individual investor.

Filings for this event are currently being reviewed and will be filed with Pink Sheets and Client Support section in due course. To be included in company's email database for press releases, industry updates, and non-weekly activity in the company that may or may not be news released, please subscribe or opt in mailer at http://www.minamargroup.com/updates.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.517 von nof_k am 01.06.10 11:55:14so, und nochmal: wenn hier dreck am stecken wäre, hätten wir schon lange die handelsaussetzung gehabt!

die SEC ist nämlich durch die ständigen filings permanent auf den laufenden. da wären unregelmäßigkeiten schon hochgekommen...

es ist halt eben alles offizieller und transparenter als bei den pinks, gelle? :lick:

nof, laß es, du wirst die 3 in d zahlen müssen, um reinzukommen bzw. zwischen 26 - 30 in den usa.... :kiss:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.590 von anda2001 am 01.06.10 12:02:44Gut Anda

das wollte ich auch gerade hier hereinstellen
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.614 von joelu am 01.06.10 12:05:55...ich glaub noch nicht mal, dass er rein will...vermutlich eher "Berufsstänkerei"...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.613.644 von Sawadeekhrab am 01.06.10 12:10:53...und ne Antwort wird´s von ihm nämlich jetzt nicht mehr geben, oder???...

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