OROCOBRE - ein austral. Explorer mit Lithium- und Potashvorkommen

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habens vorgemacht - jetzt stößt auch OROCOBRE hinzu !!!!!

....sehen heute einen signifikanten vol.- und kurs-
anstieg, der uns in bereiche weit über aud ONE führen
sollte......IMO !!!!

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......mit diesem artikel in THE AUSTRALIAN ist auch ORE
verstärkt in den fokus der investoren gerückt.......

Fertiliser fills larder in food crisis

Robin Bromby | May 05, 2008

BACK in December, somewhat ahead of the rest of the crowd, we started to talk about investing in fertiliser components -- potash and phosphate -- as the world needs more and more food.

The latest development in this story is the announcement from China last week that it will clamp down on exporting fertiliser. With food prices rising 21 per cent in the first three months, the Beijing bosses are trying to make sure fertiliser prices don't rise and hurt its farmers due to supply problems at home.

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan is now one of the top five companies listed on the Toronto exchange -- its shares have risen by around 50 per cent so far this year. Ten days ago, Denver-based Intrepid Potash listed on the New York Stock Exchange and its shares shot up 58 per cent on the first day of trading. It has a market cap of $US3.3 billion. The second-largest producer in the world is a Fortune 500 company, Mosaic Co, valued at $US54 billion.

Potash prices have nearly tripled in the past two years, so it's worth keeping an eye on the local start-ups -- but with the caveat that they are only taking the first step on a very long journey to production.

Orocobre (ORE) has a lithium project in Argentina, but potash could be a lucrative by-product. First sampling has begun. Reward Minerals (RWD) has reached agreement with the Martu people in Western Australia for the development of the Lake Disappointment potash project, while South Boulder Mines (STB) has acquired three potash and phosphate properties in that state.

Another caveat: a warning from Merrill Lynch economist David Wolf that potash may just be another bubble. One sobering fact he cites is that the combined valuations for three North American producers -- Potash Inc, Mosaic and Toronto-listed Agrium -- is bigger than all the potash sold in the world for the past 100 years.


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.....RT...aud 0,30:eek::eek:

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.033.479 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 04:28:32
....EINE beispielhafte reaktion ausm HC- board ist

IF ORE can meet the exploration target for the Salar Olaroz, it would have about 1/3 of potash resources that RWD has.

The chance is pretty high, because Carlos Zimmerman, the consulting geologist has very detailed local experience through Rincon Salar which is about 70km South West. I believe (cannot confirmed) he has done some work on Salar Olaroz through ADY.

Remember ORE has far more lucrative commodity, the Lithium staff, might be worth five times more than its potash.

I stick my neck out, ORE will become a 10 bagger IF it can meets its exploration target.

Keep your figures cross...

.....die heutige reaktion an der börse läßt
erahnen, wohin die reise noch gehen kann......

06.05.08 08:27:18
06.05.08 08:38:29
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.........das war der heutige sitzungsverlauf in zahlen....
mit SK von aud 0,28

Number (s) Time
Last Traded Price Volume Change Value Number
of Trades

32 - 34 4:10:05 pm 28 25,000 2 $7,000 3
20 - 31 3:10:19 pm 30 270,290 1.5 $81,087 12:eek:
19 11:53:00 am 28.5 25,000 2.5 $7,125 1
18 11:45:38 am 31 1,000 3 $310 1
17 11:37:47 am 28 24,000 0.5 $6,720 1
15 - 16 11:37:47 am 27.5 35,000 0.5 $9,625 2
12 - 14 11:34:02 am 27 60,000 0.5 $16,200 3
9 - 11 11:33:40 am 26.5 30,000 1.5 $7,950 3
4 - 8 10:32:12 am 25 47,000 0.5 $11,750 5
1 - 3 10:16:10 am 24.5 18,116 $4,438 3

06.05.08 08:52:42
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.033.928 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 08:38:29

...zahlen umso beeindruckender, wenn man sieht,
daß davon 7 x mehr KÄUFE als verkäufe waren !!!

06.05.08 08:56:14
06.05.08 09:01:36
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.034 von Art Bechstein am 06.05.08 08:56:14

...thks AB :kiss:

wirklich seeeehr lohnend, sich die zeit
DAFÜR zu nehmen !!!

06.05.08 09:15:27
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.034 von Art Bechstein am 06.05.08 08:56:14

...u.a. sehr schööön zu lesen, daß die akt.
über eine CASH- posi. von ca aud-mio. 6,-
verfügen und damit über ein solides polster für
die nächsten expl.- steps verfügen !!!


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