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06.05.08 15:12:14
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.912 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 10:26:26Hallo, hbg,

sehe, daß Du hier einen Parallelthread etabliert hast.

Führe meinen daher nicht weiter, denn User wie Du, oder Art, sind
im Explorationsgeschäft ja bereits alte Hasen. Da stelle ich mich
einstweilen an die Seitenlinie und gehe davon aus, das ich lern-
fähig genug bin, die Thematik weiter zu durchdringen.

Verstehe wohl die Story und Die Wertigkeit der einzelnen Unternehmen,
mir fehlen aber noch Detailkenntnisse im mineralischen Bereich, da
ich bei diesen Investments ein relativer Frischling bin.

Scheint aber so, als hätte ich ORE zum rechten Zeitpunkt in den
Fokus gerückt.

Gruß Karlll
06.05.08 10:26:26
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.566 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 09:51:43
..DAS war aus 02.2008......und nachfolg. ein
heutiger kommentar........

What I try to say is ORE might not attract big fish to get in because they cannot accumulate enough stocks without pushing the share price skyrocketing.

Anyway, like you, I hold it for long-term, at least until it has the potash and lithium resource defined.

If the exploration target can be met, ORE should be $100m company easily.

.....dazu sei gesagt, daß akt. MK grad mal bei
aud-mios 14,5 liegt

06.05.08 09:51:43
......hier mal ein schöne zusammenfassung ausm
HC- board.......

She went down for a while, but now she seems to be putting on her lipstick.

Low volume.

Dont know if it's the Lithium or the new Gold project that has peaked interest.

Nice gap above the market at the moment, but that is likely to be filled with sellers if she jumps.

I wouldn't mind some OREO's before the goes.


Estimated cap: 10, Cash: 6, Top20: 48%, options: (I dont think there are any listed. But if there were they would be called OREO's. )

Not too much to say as it is a recent float, but the first two projects are the reason I bought.

Olaroz Argentina: Li salt lake expl, targ 325ktn Li (possible 2b IGV) (maybe a 1mt target if they are lucky).

Santo Domingo Argentina: Cu/Au/Mo porph, targ 500mt, grade unknown.

Marayes ARG: Au vein/breccia expl, 20m@3gt Au.

Pampa7/8 Argentina: Ag/Zn/Pb/Cu/Au expl, chips to 270oz Ag, 4.5gt Au, 9% Cu.

Laos: Au expl.

06.05.08 09:21:26
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.183 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 09:15:27

.....nicht weiter verwunderlich, daß dann die
TOP 10 shareholder einen anteil von 34 % halten !!!

06.05.08 09:19:40
Vor gut einem Monat habe ich die folgenden Antworten vom CEO Richard Seville auf meine ebenfalls beigefügten Fragen erhalten; das war dann die Basis für eine kleine Position bei 0,14A$. (in Grün die Kommentare/Texte vom CEO)



Dear Art,

Thank you for your e-mail. I will try to answer your questions where I am able. I am sure you are aware of my legal obligations with respect to continual disclosure and also market sensitive information. I also can not speak for ADY.

My comments are next to the questions.

Kind Regards

Richard Seville
Chief Executive Officer
Orocobre Ltd
+61 419 916338

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, 6 April 2008 5:57 AM
Subject: Some questions

Dear Sirs,

I'm a German retail investor and just investigated Orocobre mainly for its Lithium and Potash potential. Honestly I don't see that much potential in the other projects because they lack sufficient grades to make them agood project.(Richard Seville) Certainly Olaroz with the K and Li is the lead project but the Santo Doming project has much promise. With the addition of Alunita, La Virgen and Marayes it is developing into a whole belt of mineralisation.

As far as Salar Olaroz is concerned I would like to know if the adjacent cateos to the East of your cateos are (partly) owned by Admiralty? ADYs Rapeh Mine is to my understanding located at the eastern part of the Salar.(Richard Seville) My understanding is that the Rape Borate property is on a mining lease on the north-east side of Olaroz near the road. This the only ADY tenement I am aware of. Borate deposits are generally around the edge of Salars whilst the more soluble elements (Li,K) are in the centre.

Do you consider a purchase of this tenements (if adjacent) incl. the Borat Mine?

Further I like to know if have an explanation why this eastern cateos are not referred to as Li-K prospective but only prospective for Bor? In my naive thinking I would expect a moreorless consistent Li-K-Bor resource spreaded all over the salar.

Is it correct that you can only mine/exploit the salt covered (white in the sat map) parts of your cateos. The dark-blue/black parts of the salar should consist of brakish water - correct? nicht beantwortet

Do you have an idea/explanation why ADY hasn't secured this cateos back in 2005/2006?no comment !

As far as the proposed drilling programme is concerned I like to know what kind of rig you will use. I know from Reward Mineral's Lake Disappointment project that they used a purpose built ‘Geoprobe’ rig that was utilised for the programme and transported over the Lake by helicopter. If you need to use a similar technique, will it be a problem to secure such a rig?(Richard Seville) Standard diamond drill rig on skids such as a Longyear 38. These salars can support vehicles unlike many Australian salt lakes. We are talking to contractors and it should not be a problem.

How will you collect the cores you retrieved from the drillholes?
If I understand your last release correct your timeline for Salar Olaroz is as follows:

Apr - Jun08: collecting samples from the 30 initial pits. May I asked a stupid question? Does 1km x km pattern mean that you cover 12km² or does it

mean you have to cover like 5km x 10km (50km²) with the 30 pits?(Richard Seville) We will cover the whole area.

Jul - Sep08: drilling and pumping tests over the Salar area(Richard Seville) Correct

Sep - Dec08: initial JORC compliant resource + scoping study(Richard Seville) Correct

I just asked because some other German investors couldn't just believe that you will finish a scoping before years end but I told them that RWD just needed 9 months from start of sampling, drilling, pumping tests to get their initial JORC with a huge potash JORC resource. Can you guess any problems that might delay this ambitious timeline?(Richard Seville) Nothing has arisen since the announcement.

Would be great to get a feedback from you and I hope that you won't get lost with the amount of properties. I told MAK the same and was more than irritated in the last year that they didn't put their Phosphate project in flagship status much earlier. Times have changed over the last 1-2 years in the junior exploration sector and not the amount of properties is important but the abilty of a company to bring a project into production as soon as possible.(Richard Seville) Agreed

Therefore the financial community won't appreciate your ambition to
develop the 79th low grade porphyry project in South-America or a desperate super low-grade silver-zinc project. Don't get me wrong but I think you a great flagship-project but investors don't want to see it diluted by endless drilling programmes in the other projects.

(Richard Seville) Thanks for you comments here on strategy.. It is always good to get feedback from shareholders. The next presentation I prepare will spend a little more time on this aspect.

If you look at the prospectus “allocation of funds” you can see where the main focus is – 1) Olaroz and 2) Santo Domingo. The whole Santo Domingo Project Area (incl Alunita and Marayes) is much more than a copper porphyry target with real potential for rapidly adding value with the gold targets. These would have much lower development hurdles than a copper porphyry and hence would crystallise value for shareholders earlier. As a shareholder also, I “don’t want to see dilution by endless drilling programmes on other projects”. We do understand the true cost of capital and our strategies will take this into account as we consider our strategies and work programmes going forward.
06.05.08 09:15:27
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.034 von Art Bechstein am 06.05.08 08:56:14

...u.a. sehr schööön zu lesen, daß die akt.
über eine CASH- posi. von ca aud-mio. 6,-
verfügen und damit über ein solides polster für
die nächsten expl.- steps verfügen !!!

06.05.08 09:01:36
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.034.034 von Art Bechstein am 06.05.08 08:56:14

...thks AB :kiss:

wirklich seeeehr lohnend, sich die zeit
DAFÜR zu nehmen !!!

06.05.08 08:56:14
06.05.08 08:52:42
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.033.928 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 08:38:29

...zahlen umso beeindruckender, wenn man sieht,
daß davon 7 x mehr KÄUFE als verkäufe waren !!!

06.05.08 08:38:29
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 34.033.481 von hbg55 am 06.05.08 04:34:30


.........das war der heutige sitzungsverlauf in zahlen....
mit SK von aud 0,28

Number (s) Time
Last Traded Price Volume Change Value Number
of Trades

32 - 34 4:10:05 pm 28 25,000 2 $7,000 3
20 - 31 3:10:19 pm 30 270,290 1.5 $81,087 12:eek:
19 11:53:00 am 28.5 25,000 2.5 $7,125 1
18 11:45:38 am 31 1,000 3 $310 1
17 11:37:47 am 28 24,000 0.5 $6,720 1
15 - 16 11:37:47 am 27.5 35,000 0.5 $9,625 2
12 - 14 11:34:02 am 27 60,000 0.5 $16,200 3
9 - 11 11:33:40 am 26.5 30,000 1.5 $7,950 3
4 - 8 10:32:12 am 25 47,000 0.5 $11,750 5
1 - 3 10:16:10 am 24.5 18,116 $4,438 3

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