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Obama will Stammzellenforschung lockern - Schubkraft für CBAI (Seite 259)

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wie gesagt die 0,0085 US$ war dei Hürde..was danach kommt war mit Ansage
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.565.041 von Expertchen007 am 14.12.09 18:42:03dann........ gibts die 8 oder 9 oder 10 usw:cool:
Bei mir steht sogar Stammzellenwerbung rechts im WO !!!! Vita34:D:D
in Stuttgart gabs gerade rund 700 K zu 0,006 €...sogar unter USA Pari...auch mal selten so andersherum....
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Da biste mal fast den ganzen Tag nur unterwegs, setzt dich an den PC und dann das!!!
Meine Perle kullert wacker immer weiter nach oben :kiss::kiss::kiss:


Gezz Bier aufm Tisch und Prost!

Glück auf!
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.565.411 von Scania01 am 14.12.09 19:33:05O.K. Bier und :keks:

Greif zu!

Glück auf!
das obere Bollingerband durchbrochen!:)

Mal sehen, ob der Trend anhält.....

CBAI.ob: Shares of Cord Blood America have been on the move to the upside over the past few weeks after the the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company recently announced that it's Las Vegas corporate office and laboratory will be open for business on January 22, 2010.

Stem cell research has gained traction in both the political and commercial arenas, and purchasing a few 'night on the town' shares of a company that could be getting a head start on the storage aspect of the market could pay off pretty good over the mid to long term, while there is also some short term potential for the stock to move higher as the January 22 grand opening date approaches.

The biggest question that potential investors have when playing with the penny plays is whether or not the company is for real or not; meaning does the company actually follow through on the promises of the press releases. I followed 'Cord Blood America' for a while before buying in and I'm pretty convinced that these guys are legit; but firm dates such as the January 22nd grand opening allow us the opportunity to see if the company can follow through on its promises.

If nothing else, the stock should be hyped and pumped between now and the third week of January - I've already seen CBAI popping up in message board discussion - and that could offer investors and traders the opportunity to flip a few shares and possibly end up on house money before long.

The stock is still trading for below a penny, but has moved up recently.

Definitely a risky play, but one with some potential, in my opinion.

Disclosure: VFC is long CBAI.

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