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1. Comments on Consolidated Performance
(1) Summary of Consolidated Performance for the Second Quarter of this Fiscal Year
(2) Sales by Segment
a. Opto-Electronic Devices:
b. Imaging and Measurement Instruments:
c. Others:
(3) Sales by Location of companies
Theincometaxes of JPY943millionis includedintheincometax refunds inprevious years of JPY818million for a
compensatingadjustment ontransferpricingforthetransfersof productsbetweenHamamatsuPhotonicsK.K. andHamamatsu
PhotonicsDeutschlandGmbHfor thesixyearsfromtheyear endedSeptember 30, 1999throughtheyear endedSeptember
30, 2004andtheincometaxesinpreviousyearsof JPY527millionforit underAdvancedPricingAgreement forthefouryears
from the year ended September 30, 2005 through the year ended September 30, 2008.
For thefirst sixmonthsof thisfiscal year, theJapaneseeconomycontinuedtosuffer fromasharpdownturncausedbythe
global financial crisis and the sharp appreciation of the yen. Meanwhile, corporate profits and employments continued to shrink.
Against thisbackground,weundertooktoboostourrevenueandincomebyintensivesalesactivitiesandstreamliningoperating
expenses. Incontrast tothegrimfinancial news, wecommunicatedapositivemessagethat our fundamental researchand
product development areprogressingsteadily. “PHOTONFAIR2009”wasacomprehensiveexhibitionof our technology,
presentedbyHamamatsuPhotonicsK.K. It washeldinHamamatsuCity, JapaninFebruary2009, inspiteof theglobal
economic downturn.
Asaresult of theabovefactors, weclosedthesecondquarterwithnet salesof JPY38,383million, downbyJPY11,091million
(22.4%), operatingincomeof JPY3,227million, downbyJPY7,553million(70.1%)andordinaryincomeof JPY3,592million,
downbyJPY7,862million(68.6%)overoneyearbeforerespectively. Net incomeresultedinJPY1,234million, downbyJPY
5,878 million (82.6%).
Photomultiplier Tube sales inthemedical fieldsuchas gammacameraandPositronEmissionTomography(PET)
increasedsteadilybecauseof theirhighperformance. Ontheotherhand, salesinthefieldof emissionanalysesdecreased
suddenly, although last year, their sales were up, due to an increase of steel demand.
Inthe Light SourcesandImagingDevices, thesalesof X-rayScintillators, that convert X-raysintooptical imagesfor
dental andbreast imaging, increasedsteadily. However, salesof MicrofocusX-raysourcesfor non-destructiveinspection
systemsandUVSpot Light Sourcefor UVcurebondingdecreasedsharplyduetoadjustment of productionandreduction
of capital investment mainly in Japan.
Sales of high-performance digital cameras used in fundamental research for the bio-technology increased steadily.
However, SemiconductorFailureAnalysisSystemssalesdroppedrapidlyduetoreductionof capital investment inthefield
of semiconductors. In addition, sales of drug screening systems (FDSS) for research in pharmaceutical were down.
Net salesfor thissector resultedinJPY5,783million, downby24.3%andoperatingincomeof JPY497million, downby
60.7% from one year before.
In Japan, export sales of Photomultiplier Tubes in medical applications, such as nuclear medical imaging systems,
includinggammacamerasandPETincreasedsteadilycenteredmainlyintheU.S. market, Likewise, SiliconPhotodiodes
also increased again predominately in the U.S. market. Meanwhile export sales of X-ray Image Sensors for dental
instrumentationsoldmainlytoEuropeandAsiaalongwithexport salesof PhotoICsusedincommunicationnetwork
applicationsfor theautomobileindustrytoEuropedecreased. Inaddition, domesticsalesandexport salestoAsiaof the
UVSpot Light Sourcefor UVcurebondingandsalesof industrial Semiconductor FailureAnalysisSystemsdecreased.
Total salesinJapanwereJPY34,140million, downby21.0%andoperatingprofitsJPY6,578million, downby50.5%
compared with one year before respectively.
Net salesfor thesecondquarter of thisfiscal year wereJPY297million, downby12.5%over last year andoperating
income was JPY 0 million (2nd Quarter of FY 2008 was JPY 43 million operating loss).
In NorthAmerica, sales of Photomultiplier Tubes in the medical field for PETand gamma cameras, and Silicon
Photodiodesincreasedsteadily. However, salesof ImagingandMeasurement Instrumentsdecreased; anappreciationof
theyencausedthedecreasedsales. Thetotal salesfortheregionwereJPY10,862million, downby11.6%andoperating
profit JPY 149 million, down by 13.2% over last year respectively.
Europeexperiencedadecreaseinsalesof ImageSensorsfordental X-rayimagingandPhotoICsforautomotivenetwork
applications. Inaddition, astrongeryenledtoadecreaseinsales. Total saleswereJPY9,477million, downby22.0%and
operating profit JPY 843 million, down by 50.9% over last year respectively.
InOtherRegionsmostlyrepresentedbyChina, net saleswereJPY1,402million; upby29.4%andoperatingprofit JPY
249 million, up by 29.0%.
IntheOpto-semiconductorsector, salesof SiliconPhotodiodesfor themedical fieldcontinuedtogrowduetoincreased
performanceandfunctionsasaresult of utilizingour ownMicro-Electro-Mechanical Systems(MEMS) technologyintheir
designandoperation. However, salesof ImageSensorsfor dental applicationswhichhadbeenincreasingrapidlyfor the
last fewyears weredown, duetoanadjustment of inventories at thecustomers’side. Sales of PhotoICs usedin
communication network applications for the European automobile industry also grew at a sluggish pace
Intotal Opto-ElectronicDevicesclosedthesecondquarterwithJPY32,694million,downby21.9%andoperatingincomeof
JPY 7,636 million, down by 46.8% from one year previous.
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10.06.2009 18:04
Aperio Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Olympus America, Hamamatsu Corporation and Hamamatsu Photonics

Global Digital Pathology Leader Enforces Patents Covering Use of Line-Scan Cameras Including TDI Arrays and Prefocus Technology in Digital Pathology Systems

Aperio Technologies, Inc., (Aperio), a global leader in digital pathology for the healthcare and life sciences industry, announced today that it has filed suit for patent infringement against Olympus America, Inc., Hamamatsu Corporation and Hamamatsu Photonics KK (together, Hamamatsu). The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, alleges that Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer digital pathology system distributed by Olympus America infringes three United States patents issued to Aperio.

”Aperio has invested significant resources in research and development to create the most technologically advanced slide scanners and software systems available today,” said Dirk Soenksen, CEO of Aperio. ”Our ultra-fast line-scanning technology has contributed significantly to the creation and growth of the digital pathology market. Additionally, our innovative approaches to image acquisition and processing, including our patented prefocus technology, are poised to unlock a plethora of commercial opportunities. We have an obligation to our shareholders to protect our intellectual property. After years of repeated and unsuccessful attempts to engage Olympus America and Hamamatsu in discussions about our intellectual property, we are taking legal action to defend that property from further infringement.”

Aperio’s complaint accuses Olympus America and Hamamatsu of infringing three Aperio patents relating to digital pathology. The three patents asserted in the lawsuit are: United States Patent No. 6,917,696 entitled ”Fully Automatic Rapid Microscope Slide Scanner,” United States Patent No. 7,457,446 entitled ”Fully Automatic Rapid Microscope Slide Scanner,” and United States Patent No. 7,518,652 entitled ”Method and Apparatus for Prefocus in a Linear Array Based Slide Scanner.”

Since its inception in 1999, Aperio has built a formidable patent position to protect the valuable inventions resulting from its significant investment in research and development. Aperio’s intellectual property portfolio now comprises more than 55 issued or pending patents covering slide scanning, data management, and image viewing and analysis.

Aperio has retained Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver&Hedges, LLP, the premier business litigation firm in the United States, as counsel in this action.

About Aperio

Aperio is digitizing pathology. We provide systems and services for digital pathology, which is an environment for the management and interpretation of pathology information that originates with the digitization of a glass slide. Aperio’s award-winning ScanScope® slide scanning systems and Spectrum™ digital pathology information management software improve the efficiency and quality of pathology services for pathologists and other professionals. Applications include education, remote viewing, archival and retrieval, basic research and image analysis. Aperio’s products are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications, and are intended for research and education use for other applications. For clearance updates and more information, please visit
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