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Lomiko Metals Lithium in Chile (Seite 25)

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Ja hast recht - aber ich hoffe es wird nicht nur ein Hype sondern ein Produzent. Aber wir wissen ja - bis dahin ist noch ein langer und steiniger Weg. Deshalb werde ich auch den Hype nutzen falls er weitergeht und zumindest die Hälfte mal verkaufen...
hoffe ja das meine kleine bescheidene GR auch bisl davon profitiert :D
vilen dank für die info per bm.....also über oktern genau closed wie bei uns...
So das waren mal kurz 500 k die gekauft wurden, wahrscheinlich die,
Die vor Tagen geschmissen haben mit Angst vor einer konso.....
ist aber eben keine konso gekommen , ich hoffe mal das wir jetzt in Richtung
0,2 CAD laufen .... frohe Ostern allen
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Lomiko to Present Views on The Graphite Revolution at The Money Expo April 21, 2012

(via Thenewswire.ca)

Vancouver BC - LOMIKO METALS INC. (TSX-V:LMR, OTC: LMRMF, Europe: ISIN: CA54163Q1028, WKN: A0Q9W7,) (the "Company") will attend the Money Expo which will be held April 21, 2012 in Kelowna, B.C. to speak on the phenomena CEO A. Paul Gill has called "The Graphite Revolution". Investors have scrambled to invest in companies as the companies themselves participate in a staking and acquisition frenzy in Southern Quebec and Ontario in the Grenville Geological Region.

Lomiko optioned the Quebec Quatre Milles Graphite Property January 5, 2012 to search for large flake, crystallite graphite which is sought after for use in creating graphene, a newly discovered, chicken-wire shaped formation of carbon which is one-atom thick and has incredible properties that can make it 200 times stronger than steel, a superconductor at room temperature and heat-resistant. Research scientists world-wide are experimenting with new technology that uses graphene and at least 100 new patents have been filed. Two scientists that made the discovery of graphene won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010.

The conference will feature speakers on all aspects of wealth management and investment strategy with David Morgan of Silver Investor speaking on Silver, Keith Schaefer of the Investments Bulletin speaking on Oil and Gas and Danielle Park on Wealth Protection.

Registration for the event is still available at http://moneyexpo.ca/index.php/register/attendee

The Quatre Milles Property is road accessible and is located approximately 175 km northwest of Montreal and 17 km due north of the village of Sainte-Veronique, Quebec. The property consists of 28 contiguous claims totaling approximately 1,600 hectares.

For more information, review the website at www.lomiko.com, contact A. Paul Gill at 604-729-5312 or email: info@lomiko.com

On Behalf of the Board

"A. Paul Gill"

Chief Executive Officer

Getting A Grip On Graphite
OnPage Media Hosts a Toronto Conference for Investors May 2

By Greg Klein

Vancouver was a resounding success, and Toronto will be bigger. OnPage Media’s May 2 Graphite Express-Conference at Toronto’s Sheraton Centre presents an ideal opportunity to cut through the hype and to gain firsthand, accurate information about this upcoming sector. The event takes just three hours and registration is free.

Investors and brokers are signing for this conference because graphite companies are doing well in this tough market,” says OnPage Media principal Robert Bick. “We will be introducing 15 graphite companies to the Toronto market. The 12 presenting companies will each give a four-minute talk, and attendees will be able to meet with each of the CEOs one on one.

Seite 1: http://resourceclips.com/2012/04/25/getting-to-grips-with-gr…
Seite 2: http://resourceclips.com/2012/04/25/getting-to-grips-with-gr…
Seite 3: http://resourceclips.com/2012/04/25/getting-to-grips-with-gr…

Presenting Companies: Lomiko Metals’ TSXV:LMR, Focus Metals’ TSXV:FMS, Standard Graphite’s TSXV:SGH, Zimtu Capital Corp TSXV:ZC, Amseco Exploration TSXV:ALE, Energizer Resources’ TSX:EGZ, First Graphite’s TSXV:FGR, Galaxy Capital’s TSXV:GXY, Graphite One Resources TSXV:GPH, Northern Graphite TSXV:NGC, Strike Graphite TSXV:SRK, Zenyatta Ventures TSXV:ZEN
Exhibiting Companies: Big North Graphite’s TSXV:NRT, Soldi Ventures TSXV:SOV, Uragold Bay Resources TSXV:UBR
Lomiko to Outline 2012 Drilling Plan for Quatre Milles at Toronto Graphite Conference May 2, 2012

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 26, 2012) - Lomiko Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:LMR)(PINKSHEETS:LMRMF)(FRANKFURT:DH8B) (Europe: ISIN: CA54163Q1028) (WKN: A0Q9W7) (the "Company" or "Lomiko") is pleased to announce that Lomiko Metals will be presenting at the Toronto Graphite Express-Conference at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, Wednesday, May 2, 2012 and outlining its 2012 exploration plans.

This conference is designed to bring critical information about the graphite sector to investors and brokers. Simon Moores - Graphite Market Specialist, Industrial Minerals and Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners are keynote speakers.

Graphite is fast becoming a strategic mineral. From batteries to advanced nuclear reactors graphite is in demand and China, which supplies 70% of the current graphite market, is showing signs of holding back supply in the future.

Lomiko recently optioned the Quatre Milles Graphite Property 175 km from Montreal, Quebec in hopes of finding a large flake, crystalline graphite deposit which is easily developed. The property is accessible by paved road.

For more information or to register, please click here:

Lomiko Outlines 2012 Goals for High Purity, Large Flake Crystalline Graphite Exploration

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 2, 2012) -

Editors Note: There is an infographic associated with this press release.

Click here to view infographic version of this press release or enter this url: http://bit.ly/Jm45Cv

LOMIKO METALS INC. (TSX VENTURE:LMR)(PINKSHEETS:LMRMF)(FRANKFURT: DH8B) (the "Company") has established its 2012 goals regarding its Quatre Milles Graphite Property. Lomiko outlined its strategy to focus on electric minerals and gold for 2012 at the beginning of the year and is pleased to report significant progress in the first quarter of 2012.

On January 5, 2012, Lomiko announced it will earn 100% interest in the 1,660 Ha Quatre Milles Flake Graphite Property located in southwestern Quebec 175 km north-west of Montreal, by issuing 4 million common shares of Lomiko Metals Inc., paying $ 50,000 and expending $ 200,000 over the next 3 years, subject to a 2% NSR. $ 25,000 has been paid, 1,000,000 shares have been issued. All payments are up to date.

Lomiko optioned the Quatre Milles Graphite Property in Quebec to search for large flake, crystalline graphite which is sought after for use in electric cars, fuel cells, pebble-bed nuclear reactors. Graphene, a newly discovered, chicken-wire shaped formation of carbon which is one-atom thick has also re-kindled interest in large flake graphite properties. Graphene has incredible properties that can make it 200 times stronger than steel, a superconductor and heat-resistant. Research scientists world-wide are experimenting with new technology that use graphene and many new patents have been filed since the Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery in 2010.

On January 31, 2012, Lomiko appointed Consul-Teck Exploration Services of Val d'Or, Quebec as the consulting geologists for the property. Lomiko then closed a non-brokered private placement of $ 903,320 by issuing 9,033,200 shares for exploration and working capital on March 2, 2012.

On March 27, 2012, a 43-101 compliant report by Consul-Teck Exploration Services regarding the Quatre Milles was accepted by the TSX-Venture Exchange and was filed on Sedar (Canadian Securities Administrator Website).

Consul-Teck has proposed a budget of $307, 028 for Phase I and a contingent $724,041 for Phase II for work for the property in the technical report. Lomiko is now proceeding with commencement of exploration program requirements.

Lomiko's drilling will focus on verifying the areas of historical high-grade graphite intersected previously by Graphicor on the property. The historical results are detailed below. It is Lomiko's goal to complete both Phase I & II and establish a flake graphite resource at the Quatre Milles Property by December 2012.

Lomiko's Quatre Milles Graphite Property

The Quatre Milles Property is road accessible and is located approximately 175 km northwest of Montreal and 17 km due north of the village of Sainte-Veronique, Quebec. The property consists of 28 contiguous claims totaling approximately 1,600 hectares.

The property was originally staked and explored by Graphicor Resources Inc. ("Graphicor") in the summer of 1989 based on the results of a regional helicopter-borne EM survey. The underlying geology consists of intercalated biotite gneiss, biotite feldspar gneiss, marble, quartzite and calc-silicate lithologies of the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Province.

Historical Highlights

Graphicor completed reconnaissance mapping and prospecting as well as ground geophysics and a 26 hole diamond drill program totaling 1,625 metres.

The work identified several conductive trends in the central portion of the property and at least three, relatively flat lying graphitic beds.

Three surface samples were collected and analyzed returning results of 14.16% Cgf, 18.06% Cgf and 20.35% Cgf.

23 of the initial 26 drill holes intersected graphite concentrations with graphite concentration in range of 4.69% in hole Q90-1 to a highlight of 8.07% Cgf over 28.60 metres in hole Q90-7. The highest individual assay was reported in hole Q90-10 reporting 15.48% Cgf over 0.50 metres. A table of results from the 43-101 indicates:

Q90-1 8.94 10.46 1.52 7.33
Q90-2 28.68 30.13 1.45 10.38
Q90-3 16.23 17.84 1.61 4.09
Q90-4 9.4 14.1 4.7 3.95
Q90-5 2 3.90 1.90 2.07
Q90-5 22.13 23.25 1.12 10.52
Q90-6 32.54 41.19 8.65 8.07
Q90-6 43.47 44.05 0.98 3.87
Q90-7 3.94 32.54 28.60 8.07
Q90-8 1.54 2.16 0.62 14.89
Q90-8 5.23 8.05 2.82 7.45
Q90-9 2.05 3.10 1.05 8.47
Q90-9 5.76 6.8 1.04 10.86
Q90-10 2.14 5.54 3.40 8.02
Q90-10 7.03 7.61 0.58 10.59
Q90-10 8.53 9.03 0.50 15.48
Q90-10 9.27 11.24 1.97 12.37
Q90-10 14.16 15.46 1.30 4.26
Q90-11 26.82 34.02 7.20 4.63
Q90-12 0.94 8.53 7.59 8.60
Q90-12 38.16 43.61 5.45 3.79
Q90-13 0.69 10.28 9.59 4.64
Q90-13 40.95 43.14 2.19 3.82
Q90-14 5.56 7.22 1.66 8.12
Q90-15 2.21 5.59 3.38 9.76
Q90-16 NSV
Q90-17 15.48 18.63 3.15 8.11
Q90-17 21.43 23.67 2.24 13.29
Q90-17 36.77 47.97 11.20 5.88
Q90-17 57.15 58.21 1.06 9.53
Q90-17 59.54 69.82 10.28 5.99
Q90-18 10.68 12.90 2.22 8.12
Q90-19 47.80 49.25 1.45 9.16
Q90-19 50.42 58.49 8.07 5.72
Q90-20 13.51 16.98 3.47 5.81
Q90-21 2.80 4.98 2.18 5.56
Q90-22 17.37 20.04 2.67 2.58
Q90-23 NSV
Q90-24 1.78 4.14 2.36 3.77
Q90-24 12.32 13.09 0.77 4.20
Q90-24 16.86 18.66 1.80 4.96
Q90-25 19.69 21.24 1.55 3.67
Q90-25 25.27 26.65 1.38 9.66
Q90-26 NSV

The Company cautions that it has not had the chance to verify the quality and accuracy of the historic sampling and drilling results reported in this news release which predate the introduction of NI 43-101 and cautions readers not to rely upon them. The historic figures were generated from sources believed to be reliable, however, they have not been confirmed. Although the sampling and drilling results are relevant, they have not been verified.

Graphite Market

- The price for flake graphite is $ 2000-$4000 per tonne depending on flake size and grade.

- Graphite prices have been increasing in recent months and over the last couple of years prices for large flake, high purity graphite (+80 mesh, 94-97%C) have more than doubled.

- Graphite prices have almost tripled since 2005 due to the ongoing industrialization of China, India and other emerging economies and resultant strong demand from traditional steel and automotive markets.

- Demand for graphite is expected to rise as electric vehicles and lithium battery technology are adopted, nuclear reactors are built in China, and if fuel cells and graphene patents become products.

- China, which produces about 70 per cent of the world's graphite, is seeing production and export growth leveling, and export taxes and a licensing system have been instituted.

- Europe and the USA have both indicated graphite is of economic importance and has a supply risk (Critical Raw Materials for the EU, July 2010).

Graphite Facts

- Natural graphite comes in several forms: flake, vein, amorphous and lump.

- Southwestern Quebec is host to some of the most favorable geological terrain for graphite exploration in Canada and is known to host graphite resources, including the nearby Lac Des Iles mine operated by Timcal.

- Graphite has many important new applications such as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, and nuclear and solar power that have the potential to create significant incremental demand growth.

- There is roughly 20-30 times more graphite by weight needed to produce a lithium-ion battery than there is lithium.

- Of the 1.2 million tonnes of graphite produced annually, approximately 40 per cent is of the most desirable flake type.

- High-growth, high-value graphite applications require large-flake and high-purity graphite which is the prime exploration and development target at the Quatre Milles Property.

Near-Term Strategy

Lomiko plans to mount an aggressive exploration campaign on the Quatre Milles Graphite Property commencing with a complete compilation of historic geologic work followed by surface mapping, prospecting and follow-up diamond drilling.

Jean-Sebastien Lavallée (OGQ #773), geologist, a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, has reviewed and approved the technical content of this release.

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