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Virginia Considers Gold as Alternative Currency for When FED Breaks Down
By Jason Hamlin, on January 10th, 2011

In what could be the financial shot heard around the world, the state of Virginia is considering the establishment of a joint subcommittee to study whether the Commonwealth should adopt a currency such as gold or silver to serve as an alternative to the currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System in the event of a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System.

WHEREAS, many widely recognized experts predict the inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve System?s currency through hyperinflation in the foreseeable future.

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Interessant ab Seite 24

Alles läuft nach Plan.
Bohrergebnisse sollten demnächst veröffentlicht werden.

Clarus Securities stuft AZM mit 1,35A$ ein. Das ergäbe ein Kurspotential von mehr als 100%.
Sorge um den Dollar

Utah macht Gold zum offiziellen Zahlungsmittel

Angesichts der ausufernden Staatsschulden misstrauen konservative US-Amerikaner ihrer Währung: Sie fürchten Inflation. In mehreren Bundesstaaten nutzen sie ihre Macht, um gegen die verhasste Zentralregierung in Washington und die Notenbank Fed vorzugehen.

More High-Grade Results Underpin Wa Gold Project

14m exceeding one ounce a tonne at flagship Kunche deposit
Kunche infill drilling:
10m @ 2.03g/t Au from 64m (KRCD299) and
10.8m @ 3.66g/t Au from 156m
6.2m @ 4.74g/t Au from 121.6m (KRCD312)
12m @ 2.38g/t Au from 91m (KRC350)
20m @ 3.99g/t Au from 87m (KRC364)
14.1m @ 32.38g/t Au from 122m (KRCD378) incl
4m @ 80.8g/t Au from 131m incl
1m @ 170g/t Au from 131m and
6.8m @ 3.37g/t Au from 145.2m
24m @ 3.05g/t Au from 68m (KRC390#)
16m @ 1.89g/t Au from 132m (KRC395#)
16m @ 4.46g/t Au from 36m (KRC396#)
32m @ 1.24g/t Au from 56m (KRC397#)
12m @ 1.43g/t Au from 56m (KRC398#)

Bepkong infill drilling:
25m @ 4.24g/t Au from 95m (BRCD202) and
5.8m @ 2.03g/t Au from 135.2m and
6.7m @ 2.16g/t Au from 147m
39m @ 2.35g/t Au from 83m (BRCD203) and
12m @ 2.80g/t Au from 223m

Modelling of mineralisation to date has been very conservative

Robust mineralisation clearly extends well below current planned Kunche and Bepkong pit floors

Drilling to start soon at Julie deposit with expectation that the 350,100oz resource will be increased

New Whuling and Konne targets being advanced

103,000m of RC-diamond-aircore drilling and 1996 power auger holes completed since commencement of 2010-2011 field season

More than 13,000 drill samples in lab

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.324.864 von ambrosio am 06.04.11 06:23:25Beitrag aus dem HC, der es auf den Punkt bringt!

WOW.... 2 very positive things have happened for AZM in the last 24 hours...

#1 - United Nations envoy to Ivory Coast says the conflict in the country is over and incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo will leave.

#2 - Azumah Resources Limited (ASX: AZM) is pleased to report that it has received more outstanding results from infill drilling at its flagship 1.2 million-ounce Wa Gold Project in north-west Ghana providing further confidence this will lead to a resource upgrade in coming months ... Read more@:

#1 is the BIG news.. the political unrest created political risk for investors which saw the SP slide back from the high 70's to the high 50's - Even in the midst of some excellent drill results. The dissapation of this risk through the restored stability in the region with the instalation of the rightful elected leader should see the SP power back to 80c+ on this news alone.

Now Factor in #2 and the further confirmation of outstanding infill drill results - and they are outstanding - and again this should be relfected solidly in the SP over the coming months. Not to mention the other inportant snippets of info included in the announcement that should see investors loading up for the outcome of the Feasibility Study due for completion mid-year. Coupled with the fact that AZM has plenty of funds to see out it's agressive drilling campaigne through the end of 2012... I mean really .. you can only imagine what might be proven up if they continue at this rate and this leads me on to #3 which I've not yet commented on here but sould play a huge part on margin moving forward and future hedge positions.

#3 POG - Price of Gold - Most experts are calling for between USD$2000 to $5000 by 2015 The vibe is that there is a big move to Gold and silver which you would already be aware of due to a heap of factors including those listed here: http://www.ehow.com/list_6523762_10-reasons-invest-gold.html

The Planets are alligning for AZM and I feel it might leap over $1 before the start of the new financial year and where it goes from there is anyones guess after the feasibility study is revealed.. I suspect it will follow in the footsteps of other big Wa plays and we know what that means. With POG set to sore while the price of digging it up stays the same, you'll see some massive margins appreaing on Gold Miner ballance sheets - particularly to low cost producers as AZM is teeing up to be - so my advise to you is to buy a much fatter wallet and get your friends set early because the big boys are going to be all over this as you can see by the volume that went through today.


Auszug aus dem D&D

Great results from Azumah Resources and Gryphon Minerals

Azumah's share price had been drifting down for the last three months like most gold stocks, despite good results last month. This week's results were excellent and the chart is now looking very bullish.

It's good to remember that the company has been working flat out on a huge drill program and is on its way towards a DFS soon. 100,000 metres of drilling has been done. There are now enough drill samples waiting at the lab to give the people at the Laboratory a nervous breakdown.

A resource upgrade should be around the corner. This recent announcement will be the first of many this year. And it looks like Azumah has just started its next leg up. :lick:
Im ASK und BID tummeln sich heute zumindestens schon einmal mehrere Millionen Shares, das ist schon ordentlich. Ich bin auf jedenfall dabei seit 08.05.2018, ich lasse mich mal überraschen wos hingeht.
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