Mindoro Resource - Why the Philippines?

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21.11.09 12:02:49
Hallo Leute

Es gibt zwar schon einen mehr oder weniger akiven Thread, der aber unter Hotstock läuft. Ich finde MIO ist unter diesem Forum besser aufgehoben.

Was hält Ihr von dieser Company? Changen und Risiken?



Mindoro Resources Ltd.: Major Upgrade for Agata North Nickel-Cobalt Laterite Resource
- Indicated and measured resource now 26.92 million dry metric tonnes at 1.11% nickel and 0.06% cobalt, containing 657 million lbs nickel and 24 million lbs cobalt
- An additional 3.8 million dry metric tonnes in inferred category containing 89 million lbs nickel and 2 million lbs cobalt
- Exploration Target for additional laterite areas to be announced soon

* Press Release
* Source: Mindoro Resources Ltd.
* On 9:00 am EST, Wednesday November 18, 2009

Mindoro Resources Ltd. (Tier1)

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 18, 2009) - Mindoro Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:MIO - News; FRANKFURT:WKN 906167) is pleased to announce an upgraded mineral resource estimate for the Agata North nickel laterite, Agata Project, Surigao Gold District. The new resource estimate, shown in the table below, demonstrates a 40 percent increase in total tonnage relative to the December 16, 2008, estimate, as well as the conversion of most of the resource to indicated and measured categories.
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The increase in the indicated and measured resource is mostly due to the broadening of the search parameters as a result of the detailed variographic studies and the reinterpretation of the 0.8 percent nickel domain lower surface, carried out by the independent Qualified Person who conducted the previous estimate.

The estimate covers about 80 percent of Agata North. Mindoro is carrying out reconnaissance work, including manual auger drilling on other laterite areas on its Surigao Projects. An Exploration Target will be announced for these next month.

While considerable additional resource potential exists at Agata and other Surigao projects, an adequate resource has been established to form the basis for a detailed evaluation of potential development alternatives and studies are in progress. All development alternatives are being considered. Emphasis will be on establishing an on-site processing plant. However, Mindoro notes the recent increases in direct shipping ore (DSO) prices, particularly in the higher grade categories, and will also evaluate DSO as a means to achieving short-term cash flow. Mindoro is receiving increasing expressions of interest from DSO traders and developers interested in accessing Agata North for DSO operations.

Agata North has strong competitive advantages for both DSO and processing operations: excellent infrastructure, adjacent to the ocean, proximity to China and other Asian markets, considerable upside resource potential, favorable metallurgical characteristics, and extensive limestone deposits on-site.

The company's production objectives are intended to provide an indication of management's current expectations and are still conceptual in nature. It is uncertain that it will be established that these resources will be converted into economically viable mining reserves. Until a feasibility study has been completed, there is no certainty that these objectives will be met.


Resource @ 0.5 % Ni cutoff grade (Limonite) and 0.8% cutoff grade
Contained Contained
Laterite Mil. Mil. Ni Metal Co Metal
Category Horizon WMT DMT Ni% Co% Fe% (Mil lb) (Mil lb)
Limonite 2.16 1.40 1.00 0.11 44 31.01 3.26
Measured ---------------------------------------------------------------
Saprolite 0.64 0.51 1.16 0.03 11 13.09
Limonite 12.98 8.44 0.98 0.11 46 181.55 21.02
Indicated ---------------------------------------------------------------
Saprolite 20.70 16.56 1.18 0.03 11 431.20
Measured + Limonite 15.14 9.84 0.98 0.11 45 212.56 24.28
Indicated ---------------------------------------------------------------
Saprolite 21.34 17.07 1.18 0.03 11 444.28
Total Measured + Indicated 36.48 26.92 1.11 0.06 24 656.84 24.28
Limonite 1.56 1.01 0.92 0.10 44 20.49 2.17
Inferred Saprolite 3.48 2.78 1.11 0.03 12 68.26 0.00
Total 5.03 3.79 1.06 0.05 21 88.74 2.17

Total metal contents in the reported resources represent metal in the
ground and have not been adjusted for metallurgical recoveries and other
factors which will be considered in later study.

- Tonnage is reported in both wet metric tonnes (WMT), applicable for DSO
operations, and dry metric tonnes (DMT), applicable to any processing
- Mineral resources which are not mineral reserves do not have
demonstrated economic viability.
- The estimate of mineral resources may be materially affected by
environmental, permitting, legal, title, taxation, socio-political,
marketing, or other relevant issues.

The Mineral Resource model was generated by Dallas Cox, BE (Min), an independent qualified person as defined by NI 43-101. A total of 408 drill holes, comprising 7300 meters of diamond drill core, and 7271 assayed samples, were used for the estimate. These drill holes cover approximately 80% of the currently delineated laterite area at Agata North. An Inverse Distance Squared grade estimation method was utilized within tightly constrained lithological and grade domains. Mr. Cox has indicated that the density of drilling and continuity of mineralization is sufficient to classify the estimated resource and has verified and authorized the technical information detailed in this release. Both dry metric tonnes (DMT) and wet metric tonnes (WMT) are quoted. The NI 43-101 compliant Technical Report will be filed on SEDAR within 45 days.

Mr. Dallas Cox has 27 years of experience in open pit mine technical services, mine operations and management in Australia, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. His engineering, mine design and development experience in the Philippines includes the Rusina Mining Limited Acoje nickel project, the Platinum Group Metals Corporation Caga4 nickel project, the Red5 Limited Siana gold project, the Metals Exploration Limited Runruno gold-molybdenum project, the Filminera Resources Masbate gold project and Mindoro's Kay Tanda gold project.

Tony Climie, P.Geol, is the Qualified Person responsible for monitoring the supervision and quality control of Mindoro's programs and who has reviewed and verified the technical information contained in this news release.


Mindoro is a Tier 1 Issuer trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (MIO) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN 906167). Mindoro is focused on copper-gold and nickel exploration in the Philippines with a strategy of advancing early stage opportunities to production or joint venture. Mindoro has NI 43-101 resource estimates on its Agata North nickel-cobalt project and on both its Lobo (SWB) and Archangel (Kay Tanda) gold-silver projects. Mindoro has identified 22 porphyry copper-gold prospects and has an active joint venture with Gold Fields covering its Batangas projects.

Mindoro is well positioned to capitalize on the expanding global demand for gold and copper, and resurging interest by China in nickel. Drilling is underway on its American Tunnels gold and copper-gold project, and on the El Paso copper-gold project, funded by Gold Fields. Final results have been received from due diligence drilling by Avocet Mining PLC on the Kay Tanda gold project, for which an upgraded resource estimate will be released next week. Additional near-term objectives include finalizing one to two joint venture arrangements on Mindoro's porphyry copper-gold prospects at Pan de Azucar and Surigao and identifying a suitable partner to fund development of the significant Agata North nickel resource.

This release may contain forward-looking statements including management's assessments of future plans and operations, and expectations of future production. These statements are based on current expectations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. These risks include, but are not limited to, the risks associated with the mining and exploration industry (e.g. operational risks in development, exploration and production; delays or changes in plans with respect to exploration or development projects or capital expenditures; the uncertainty of reserve estimates; the uncertainty of estimates and projections relating to production and the uncertainty of the availability of capital). The assumptions used in the preparation of such statements, although considered reasonable at the time of preparation, may prove to be imprecise and, as such, undue reliance should not be placed on forward-looking statements.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
21.11.09 12:44:39
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.431.072 von Ahorne am 21.11.09 12:02:49Wenn ich mich nicht verrechnet habe,hat das Projekt "Agata North Nickel-Cobalt Laterite" einen thoretischen Wert von über 3000 Mio USD? (Erlös) Bitte jemand nach rechnen :D

Nun stellen ich mir folgende Fragen:

1.) Kosten, Tax, etc / Was bleibt unter Strich übrig?
2.) Was wäre ein ein grosser "Player" bereit dafür hinzublättern?

Bin gespannt auf Eure Meinungen :yawn:

Bitte um Ergänzung / Korrektur!!!!

Total Measured + Indicated

Contained Ni Metal (Mil lb) 656.84
Preis per lb (Realistisch???) 5
Mio USD 3'280

Contained Co Metal (Mil lb) 24.28
Preis per lb (Realistisch???) 2.50
Mio. USD 60
21.11.09 13:29:51
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.431.183 von Ahorne am 21.11.09 12:44:39Der erste Fehler hat sich schon eingschlichen:mad:.
Cobalt nicht Cooper... Sorry!!!


Wenn ich mich nicht verrechnet habe,hat das Projekt "Agata North Nickel-Cobalt Laterite" einen thoretischen Wert von über 3000 Mio USD? (Erlös) Bitte jemand nach rechnen breites :D

Nun stellen ich mir folgende Fragen:

1.) Kosten, Tax, etc / Was bleibt unter Strich übrig?
2.) Was wäre ein ein grosser "Player" bereit dafür hinzublättern?

Bin gespannt auf Eure Meinungen :)
Bitte um Ergänzung / Korrektur!!!!

Total Measured + Indicated

Contained Ni Metal (Mil lb) 656.84
Preis per lb (Realistisch???) 5
Mio USD 3'280

Contained Co Metal (Mil lb) 24.28
Preis per lb (Realistisch???) 15
Mio. USD 364
08.12.09 18:24:15
Wie viel Projekte laufen eigentlich bei mindoro?
08.12.09 18:34:05
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.530.072 von mspeckmaier am 08.12.09 18:24:15Hallo mspeckmaier

Unnötigerweise habe ich diese Threat eröffnet.
Sham on me :O

Am besten gehst Du auf den akutellen Threat und stellst Deine Fragen, es werden Dir sicher alle gerne Auskunft geben.
Thread: $$$ Mindoro läuft an $$$

Viele Grüsse
08.12.09 21:22:46
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.530.145 von Ahorne am 08.12.09 18:34:05ich glaube auch, dass mindoro in diesem threat besser aufgehoben ist und auch leichter gefunden wird, als bei "Hot Stocks".

Bald wird mindoro wieder in normalen kurshöhen schweben!

Warum soll dann die diskussion nicht auch im Gold- und Silber- Threat geführt werden?

Meine Meinung!
09.12.09 08:24:19
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.531.785 von Horst611 am 08.12.09 21:22:46

Eigentlich hast Du recht. "Hot Stocks" klingt zu sehr nach Zockerei -- und bin der letzte der hier bei MIO zockt / zocken will (:rolleyes: kurzfristig gesehen ;) --- .... wenn man aber langfristig [weit] mehr als 1.000% erwartet ist das auch eine Art von....!:laugh: -- Zuversicht!)

Das größte Problem was ich bei einem Thread-Wechsel sehe ist: Das viele Interessante und Informative Berichte "schwerer" erreichbar sind -- aber jemand der sich ernsthaft für MIO neu Interessiert -- kann / sollte sich die Arbeit machen.... im "alten" Thread nachzulesen!

Also dann halt der neue Thread.... im richtigen Bereich!!!

09.12.09 08:40:09
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.533.121 von Butuan am 09.12.09 08:24:19Hallo Butan

Sorry, dass ich einfach einen neuen Threat eröffnet habe.
Ohne nachzufragen... Shame on me

Am besten frage ich mal eine Moderator nach... ober er das Forum wechseln kann: Hotstock zu Gold Silber...

Ist das ok für Dich?

09.12.09 09:13:52
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.533.201 von Ahorne am 09.12.09 08:40:09
.... Warum keinen neuen Thread - ich habe keine Probleme damit -- siehe #7 -- vieleicht kommen durch einen neuen Anfang auch "neue" Neugierige.... Interessierte!

09.12.09 09:31:23
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.530.072 von mspeckmaier am 08.12.09 18:24:15Hallo mspecker.

Ein erstern Überblick findest in der Präsentation von MIO:


Die aktuelle News über Agata North Nickel - Cobalt Laterite findest Du unter folgedem Link:

Daneben gibt es einige andere Projekte. zb American Tunnel, Surigao Gold District, Pan de Azucar ect...

He, Leute... Ihr wisst da einige mehr... bitte um Ergänzung (Korrekur)


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Mindoro Resource - Why the Philippines?