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SHIMANO - Fahrradkomponenten

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War letzte Woche beim Fahrradhändler und habe ihn gefragt, bei wieviel Prozent seiner Räder Shimano-Ausstattungen verwendet werden.

Antwort: 100%; und sie haben Lieferschwierigkeiten...:

07.04.2010 02:24
Japan Hot Stocks-Shimano rises after announcing share buy-back

TOKYO, April 7 (Reuters) - The benchmark Nikkei average was little changed and the broader TOPIX edged up 0.2 percent on Wednesday.

The following stock was on the move:


Bicycle parts maker Shimano Inc climbed 3.6 percent to 4,340 yen after saying it would buy back up to 4.0 billion yen ($42.64 million) of its own shares, or 1.1 percent of its shares outstanding, between April 7-26.
Schön, dass es für Shimano einen Thread gibt.


Ansonsten ist die Firma mit Infos sehr zurückhaltend. Der Kurs ist inzwischen auf einem ziemlich hohen Niveau angelangt.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.427.391 von cmeise am 29.04.10 18:17:45Stimmt, die Bude ist teuer; habe vor 3 Jahren schonmal dasselbe gedacht und nichts gekauft.

Jetzt habe ich ein paar Ansichtsstücke, um einen evtl. Dip mitzubekommen...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.427.646 von R-BgO am 29.04.10 18:56:01Unter 30€ wirds wieder interessant. Die Dividenden lohnen bislang leider nicht - das sind nicht mal 50 Cent.
Ein Bekannter von mir der angelt, hat erzählt, dass die Shimano Produkte in der Szene auch einen guten Ruf haben.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 39.427.767 von cmeise am 29.04.10 19:11:25Kann ich bestätigen- alle meine Fahrräder hatten Shimano Teile, und ich bin immer gut damit gefahren.
The Best Peak Oil Investments: Shimano
Tom Konrad CFA

I missed Shimano (SHMDF.PK) in my recent list of bicycle and scooter stocks, but in many ways, Shimano is the best of the lot.

Shimano Inc. manufactures bicycle components and fishing and rowing gear, with the bike segment accounting for about four-fifths of sales, but I had not realized that they were public until I received a note from a reader in response to my recent article on bike and moped stocks.

In that article, I noted that, while bike sales rose in response to rising oil prices in 2008, bicycle repairs surged far more. As a manufacturer of components, Shimano may be better placed than other bike companies such as Giant Manufacturing (GTMUF.PK) and Dorel Industries, Inc (DIIBF.PK) to take advantage of a surge in bike repairs.

Shimano has a 70% market share in some key components such as gear wheels, derailleurs, and brakes. This is possibly due in part to a corporate philosophy that keeps Shimano from competing with its customers by not building complete bikes. If Shimano did build complete bikes, many bike manufacturing firms might feel compelled to return the favor by making their own high-end components. As it is, Shimano's place in the bicycle industry is a lot like Intel's place in the computer industry: the maker of many of the highest tech components manufactured with great precision to exacting specifications, and, in fact, Shimano has often been called "The Intel of the bicycle industry." Many bicycle buyers care more that it is made with Shimano parts than which manufacturer does the final assembly.

Revenues by segment

Two Edged Sword

For investors, the high-end nature of Shimano's products is a two-edged sword. The benefit is that Shimano's continual research into new technology and strong brand recognition create barriers that help the company maintain market share and margins. The company's large market share also helps reduce unit cost of production, allowing the company to fend off competition with relatively low prices while maintaining profit margins. The problem is that the high-end components in which Shimano specializes are less likely to appeal to more casual riders who are interested in using their bikes to run a few local errands than to more hard-core cyclists. It was this class of casual rider that accounted for most of the new riders in 2008, when high gas prices caused a surge in interest in cycling.

On the other hand, not all of Shimano's products are made for the wanna-be Lance Armstrongs of the world. For instance, Shimano introduced an automatic gear shifter for bicycles in 2003, designed with the urban commuter in mind. For someone whose largest concern is dodging traffic and the morning meeting he's preparing for, an automatic shifter is just the thing.


Shimano has an extremely strong balance sheet, a large plus in the current economic climate. The company has no net debt, an extremely high current ratio of over 5, and strong cash flow from operations even when revenues were depressed by the recession in 2009.

With so much going for the company, the stock trades at a very high valuation. At the recent ¥4,350 ($52.50) stock price, the company pays a 1.4% annual dividend, and trades at a P/E ratio of about 32. As a value investor, I'd like to see the stock drop 30-50% before I'd be ready to buy it. At the right price, this is certainly a company I'd like to own.

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Posted by Tom Konrad on August 21, 2010 12:45 AM
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.407.454 von cmeise am 28.10.10 13:52:11Habe mir jetzt doch noch ein paar zusätzliche geholt. Mir gefällt einfach das Langfristige...

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