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Confederation Minerals Intersects Multiple High Grade Gold Zones in Early Drill Results from Newman Todd Gold Prospect, Red Lake District: 3.0 m at 42.84 g/t Gold Incl. 1.0 m at 122.0 g/t Gold

Mar. 14, 2011 (Marketwire Canada) --

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Confederation Minerals Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:CFM) ( and joint venture partner Redstar Gold Corp. (TSX VENTURE:RGC) are pleased to announce early drill core assay results from the first two holes of their planned 9,000 meter diamond drill program at the Newman Todd gold project, located in the Red Lake Mining District of Northern Ontario. Pursuant to an option granted by Redstar Gold Corp., Confederation Minerals Ltd. can earn a 50% interest in the project by spending $5.0 million in exploration within three years, and an additional 20% by producing a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) within six years.

The first hole of the currently-ongoing program intersected three zones of significant, high-grade gold mineralization as well as additional zones of lower grade, yet highly-significant mineralization. Grades such as: 7.0 m grading 18.87 g/t gold; 3.0 m grading 42.84 g/t gold; 1.0 m grading 122.0 g/t gold; 3.0 m grading 22.49 g/t gold; 1.0 m grading 63.60 g/t gold; 8.6 m grading 5.03 g/t gold; 1.10 m grading 32.60 g/t gold; 0.5 m grading 62.90 g/t gold, etc. were all obtained from the first hole.

The first two holes are collared in the SW sector of the +2 km long trend of the Newman Todd structural-alteration zone covered by the property, variably up to 250 meters wide, and dipping sub-vertically. Results from the two holes have returned multiple, very high grades of gold mineralization in silicified, quartz-carbonate altered host rocks similar to those which host other, important deposits in the district. The first two holes, presented here, form a fence collared approximately 20 meters SW of previous drilling to determine lateral and vertical continuity. The second fence, results of which are still in the assay lab, is collared approximately 20-25 meters NE of previous drilling to determine lateral and vertical continuity in that direction.

Highlights of the three, highly-anomalous core length assay intervals from the first hole of the current program (NT-056) are tabulated below. For a graphic representation of the relationship between the currently-reported results, historical results, and the depth and on-strike extension potential of the Newman Todd discovery, please refer to the Company website (

Drill Hole NT-056

First Zone (197.0 m to 213.0 m down the hole):

* 197.0 m to 213.0 m (16. m) grading 8.63 g/t gold; including
* 199.5 m to 211.0 m (11.5 m) grading 11.78 g/t gold; and including
* 204.0 m to 211.0 m (7.0 m) grading 18.87 g/t gold; and including
* 208.0 m to 211.0 m (3.0 m) grading 42.84 g/t gold; and including
* 208.0 m to 209.0 m (1.0 m) grading 122.00 g/t gold

Second Zone (275.0 m to 278.0 m down the hole):

* 275.0 m to 278.0 m (3.0 m) grading 22.49 g/t gold; including
* 275.0 m to 276.0 m (1.0 m) grading 63.60 g/t gold

Third Zone (366.55 m to 377.50 m)

* 366.55 m to 377.50 m (10.95 m) grading 4.16 g/t gold; including
* 370.90 m to 379.50 m (8.60 m) grading 5.03 g/t gold; and including
* 370.90 m to 371.40 m (1.10 m) grading 32.60 g/t gold; and including
* 370.90 m to 371.40 m (0.50 m) grading 62.90 g/t gold

- width represents core length and does not reflect true width. Assays are uncut and do not exceed more than 3.0 metres of less than 0.50 g/t in averaged intervals.

Drill Hole NT-057

A second hole for which assays have been returned, NT-057, was drilled much shallower, and from the same drill platform as the first hole. Three anomalous intervals, each of 1.0 meter length, returned 9.27, 4.03, and 3.77 g/t gold between 155.0 and 195.0 m core lengths. Assay results from four additional drill holes spaced up to 1.2 kilometers towards the NE of hole NT-056 and NT-057, are pending.

Drill hole NT-056 intersected three high-grade, gold-mineralized zones within a previously-drilled gold-bearing zone referred to as the Heath Bull Zone. While previous drilling was not of the tenor, nor as extensive, as the first program of 2011; the results were nonetheless significant (with individual intersections grading up to 61.2 g/t gold over a 1.0 meter length, and 14.23 g/t gold over a 5.0 meter length) and clearly warranted follow-up (for a complete list of previous drill results on the Newman Todd property, refer to the Company's website and previous press release dated November 22, 2010). Gold-bearing zones are associated with visible gold, magnetite, pyrite and pyrrhotite within strongly deformed quartz-carbonate alteration zones. Widespread iron-carbonate and silica alteration is associated in both holes and is associated with wide haloes of anomalous gold mineralization.

Dr. Lawrence Dick, Ph.D., P.Geo, President and CEO of Confederation Minerals Ltd. states:

"We are extremely excited with these outstanding results from the first two holes of our planned, 9,000 meter program to be completed this calendar year, and are very optimistic for the future of exploration of this very strongly-mineralized, and structurally-prepared gold system. We consider this, hole NT-056, a truly discovery hole on the project. The Company has a cash balance of approximately $12 million, much more than sufficient for carrying out an aggressive, two-drill program for the remainder of the year.

"The first two holes were designed to test on-strike and depth extensions of previous, highly anomalous results from limited past drilling. Our geological model has shown positive results, with hole NT-056, the deepest hole drilled to date which has intersected multiple gold-bearing zones (although still relatively shallow when compared to the exceedingly deep continuity of similar systems in the Archaean gold camps) intersecting three, discrete high-grade zones, with weaker grades forming wide haloes between them. The Newman Todd hydrothermal-structural system, which extends along strike for over 2.0 km, has only been tested by shallow drilling over a very small portion of the potentially gold-hosting zone, while previous, limited drilling has proven the system to be gold-bearing over much of its length. What remains is to seriously drill test the entire prospect, using detailed geological interpretations, on a hole by hole basis, as our guide. To this extent we are fortunate to have a well-funded treasury with which to re-initiate drilling with two diamond rigs, once break-up is finished. Our plans are for one drill to carry on extending the known gold-bearing zones to depth and along strike, while the second rig probes those extensive parts of the structural-alteration system for additional mineralized centers, and hopefully to prove continuity along significant strike lengths and depths. We are also extremely fortunate to have inherited the high quality exploration and interpretive work carried out by our joint venture partner, Red Star Gold, prior to Confederation's involvement. With these results, the exploration at Newman Todd will become a major advanced exploration play in the Red Lake greenstone belt, home to some of the highest-grade gold deposits on earth."

Both holes NT-056 and NT-057 were drilled on Section 1375NW in the previously-named "Heath Bull Zone" (refer to maps posted on web site) This so-called "Zone" is so-named only because previous logistics have dictated that drill collars be positioned in this area. In fact, the NE-SW-trending zone of structural deformation, brecciation, and intense quartz-carbonate alteration extends, within the confines of the property, for at least 2 km. Previous drilling by Red Star Gold has intersected gold mineralization along the length of this trend, indicating significant strike potential to the potential mineralized zone.

Drill hole NT-056 returned the deepest high grade intercept on the property to date. At that, total depth below surface was only approximately 300 meters. Gold deposits in the camp, for example the Campbell Red Lake deposit, maintain high gold grades many thousands of feet below surface. The shallow nature of the Newman Todd intersections bode well for lower cost exploration, using shallower drill holes, during the early stages of exploration.

Given the typical nugget-like dispersion of gold in high-grade Archaean gold systems, lower-grade intersections, such as those which occur intermediate to higher-grade intersections, could very well be indicative of the proximity to much higher-grade gold mineralization.

On Behalf of the Board,

Confederation Minerals Ltd.
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Confederation Minerals Ltd. Intersects Additional High-Grade Gold at Newman Todd
- 2.0 Meters Grading 25.55 g/t Gold Including 0.50 m Grading 75.8 g/t Gold
- Wide Step-Out Drilling (Over 1 Km North) Identifies New Gold Zone With Up to 11 g/t Over 1.0 m

Apr. 5, 2011 (Marketwire Canada) --

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Confederation Minerals Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:CFM) and joint venture partner Redstar Gold Corp. (TSX VENTURE:RGC) are pleased to report additional drill results from their on-going diamond drill program at the Newman Todd property in the Red Lake Gold District, in northern Ontario. Confederation Minerals Ltd., who is funding the exploration, can earn a 70 percent interest in the project by funding $5.0 Million in exploration within three years, and producing a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) within six years.

The drill program continues to expand the known sectors of gold mineralization and has identified yet an additional gold-bearing zone, located over 1.0 kilometers north of the current drilling. Currently, gold mineralization has been intersected by drilling over the entire length of the gold-bearing zone of quartz-carbonate alteration known as the Newman Todd Structure (NTS), which spans the entire property for a strike length of approximately 2.8 kilometers, and has been only sparsely drilled along its strike length.

An intersection of 2.0 meters grading 25.55 g/t gold, including a higher-grade interval of 0.50 meters grading 75.8 g/t gold, expands on high-grade results from two additional holes NT 056 and NT 057 previously reported on (see press release dated March 14, 2011) which were concentrated within a zone occurring within the southern part of the property, and intersected multiple gold-bearing zones with results such as: 3.0 meters grading 42.84 g/t gold including 1.0 meters grading 122.0 g/t gold. The currently reported results are from NT058 and NT059 which were drilled on a 25 meter step-out from the 056-057 section, in an area called the "Heath Bull" Zone to test for lateral and vertical continuity with earlier, historic results.

Drill holes NT060 and NT061 were drilled over 1.0 kilometers to the NE of the NT056-059 drilling, to test an area of continuing quartz-carbonate alteration, approximately 200 meters NE of an additional zone of high-grade gold intercepts from historical drilling, called the "NE Breccia Zone". In these step out holes, multiple zones of anomalous gold mineralization were intersected, including 1.0 meters grading 11.65 g/t gold and 1.0 meters grading 7.33 g/t gold.

The only criteria for citing these holes were to obtain data near the NE boundary of the claim group, and the through-going presence of the strong quartz-carbonate alteration which traverses the entire property. These results clearly indicate the gold-bearing nature of the NTS structure along the entire length of the Newman Todd property.

Most highly anomalous drill results from the final four holes of the winter program (NT58-NT61) are tabulated below:
Hole From (m) To (m) Width (m) Au (g/t) Area
NT58 182.00 184.50 2.50 2.46 Heath Bull
NT58 Including 183.00 184.00 1.00 4.61 Heath Bull
NT58 283.00 286.50 3.50 15.48 Heath Bull
NT58 or 283.50 286.50 3.00 17.94 Heath Bull
NT58 including 284.00 286.00 2.00 25.55 Heath Bull
NT58 and
including 284.00 284.50 0.50 75.80 Heath Bull
NT58 and
including 285.50 286.00 0.50 23.30 Heath Bull
NT59 68.00 70.00 2.00 3.60 Heath Bull
NT59 including 68.00 69.00 1.00 5.84 Heath Bull
NT60 102.00 103.00 1.00 5.21 Step Out
NT60 and 174.00 175.00 1.00 4.83 Step Out
NT60 and 250.00 251.00 1.00 11.65 Step Out
NT61 53.00 54.00 1.00 3.17 Step Out
NT61 and 67.00 68.00 1.00 7.12 Step Out
NT61 and 237.00 238.00 1.00 3.56 Step Out
NT61 and 301.00 302.00 1.00 7.33 Step Out
NT61 and 307.00 308.00 1.00 3.61 Step Out
NT61 and 309.00 309.50 0.50 5.29 Step Out
NT61 and 406.00 407.00 1.00 3.48 Step Out
NT61 including 406.50 407.00 0.50 5.83 Step Out

(Widths reported in the table above represent core length. Assays are uncut; intervals do not exceed more than 3.0 meters of core length nor contain less than 0.50 g/t within the averaged intervals).

For updated cross sections and plan maps showing the location of drill holes, both current and historic, along with the distribution of grades, please refer to Confederation Minerals Ltd. web site at

Lawrence Dick, Ph.D., P.Geo., President and Director of Confederation Minerals Ltd. states: "The results of our winter, 2011 drilling program, which has built on the historical drilling success of Redstar Gold Corp., has far succeeded our expectations. The results of our first six holes, reported in this, and our previous news release, has returned some of the highest grade gold results from exploration drilling on the project. Besides returning amongst the highest grade gold results from the Heath Bull "Zone", results continue to indicate that the entire NTS is gold-bearing. Each of the additional gold-bearing "Zones" drilled along the structure demonstrate the potential to host steeply-dipping, high-grade gold zones at shallow depths, and remain wide open both to depth and along strike.

Interpretation of results from the four holes completed this season on the Heath Bull "Zone", combined with historical drill results in the same area, show the emergence of continuity along strike, down dip, and the tendency to be open in all directions. These data have allowed for sufficient data to begin the interpretation of structural continuity, something difficult to interpret with the fewer data points available to the project prior to the current drilling.

Results from wide, step out drilling reported on in this release add further evidence that the entire zone of alteration, of which in excess of 2.5 kilometers is contained within the Newman Todd property, has the potential for hosting high-grade gold mineralization. Historic and present drilling on the property now totals 30 holes, all of which have intersected gold mineralization along the NTZ. The four gold-bearing "zones" defined by this drilling are all open to depth and along strike. Thus, results to date have significantly enhanced the potential of the project."

Bob Singh, P.Geo., is the Qualified Person as defined by National instrument 43-101 and has reviewed this news release. Mr. Singh is the Canadian Exploration Manager for Redstar Gold Corp. Core samples from the program were cut in half using a diamond cutting saw and were sent to ALS Laboratory Group, an accredited mineral analysis laboratory in Thunder Bay, Ontario, for preparation and analysis utilizing fire assay methods. Certified gold reference standards, blanks, and field duplicates were routinely inserted into the sample stream as part of the Company's quality control-quality assurance program.

About Confederation Minerals Ltd.

Confederation Minerals Ltd. is a British Columbia based company engaged in the business of acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties. Its objective is to locate and develop economic precious and base metals properties of merit. Confederation Minerals Ltd. holds an option agreement to acquire up to 70% of the Newman Todd project in the Red Lake Mining District of Northern Ontario as well as 100% ownership in two other properties in the Red Lake Mining District of Ontario.

On Behalf of the Board,

Confederation Minerals Ltd.

Lawrence A.Dick, Ph.D., P.Geo, President, CEO, and Director

Forward-Looking Information

This release includes certain statements that may be deemed "forward-looking statements". All statements in this release, other than statements of historical facts, that address events or developments that the Company expects to occur, are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are statements that are not historical facts and are generally, but not always, identified by the words "expects", "plans", "anticipates", "believes", "intends", "estimates", "projects", "potential" and similar expressions, or that events or conditions "will", "would", "may", "could" or "should" occur. Although the Company believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results may differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause the actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include market prices, exploitation and exploration successes, and continued availability of capital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions. Investors are cautioned that any such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs, estimates and opinions of the Company's management on the date the statements are made. Except as required by applicable securities laws, the Company undertakes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements in the event that management's beliefs, estimates or opinions, or other factors, should change.

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Confederation Minerals: Die Zeit ist wieder reif

12:09 21.06.11

Technisch gesehen ist Confederation Minerals Ltd. (TSX-Symbol: CFM) wieder für einen neuen Aufwärtstrend bereit. Nach dem starken Anstieg von $0,30 auf $1,40 in den ersten 4 Monaten des Jahres begann eine Konsolidierung innerhalb dem abwärtsgerichteten (rot-grünen) Dreieck. .............................…
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Confederation Minerals beginnt typisch explosiven Thrust nach oben

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Vor knapp 1 Monat (21. Juni) berichteten wir erstmals über Confederation Minerals Ltd. (TSX-Symbol: CFM) bzw. über deren Newman Todd Projekt im produktiven Red Lake Mining Distrikt im Norden von Ontario (Kanada).

Mitte Mai wurde das Bohrprogramm fortgesetzt, wobei am 20. Juni die ersten beiden Bohr-Ergebnisse veröffentlicht wurden. Diese stammten nicht von der bereits entdeckten Heath Bull Zone im Süden oder von der NE Breccia Zone im Norden des Grundstücks, sondern von einem neuen Gebiet, das genau zwischen diesen beiden Zonen liegt.

Da nun schon knapp 1 Monat seit Veröffentlichung der ersten Bohr-Ergebnisse vergangen ist, erwarten wir in Kürze weitere Ergebnisse.

Am vergangenen Freitag (15. Juli) gelang dem Aktienkurs ein markanter Ausbruch (+39%) über den blau-gestrichelten Widerstand bei $0,63 auf $0,85. Wir erwarten nun einen Weiteranstieg über den darüber liegenden (blau-gestrichelten) Widerstand bei etwa $0,98 bzw. über die psychologisch wichtige $1er-Marke. Dieser dynamische Anstieg ist das Ergebnis aus der vorherigen Konsolidierung innerhalb des rot-grünen Dreiecks, womit Anfang Juli der Thrust nach oben begonnen hat (typischerweise explosiv). Dieser Thrust hat zum Ziel, den Hochpunkt des Dreiecks ($1,40) zu brechen und in eine neue und nachhaltige Unterstützung umzuwandeln, womit unser Kursziel für die nächsten Wochen bei $1,40 liegt.

Unten am Chart ist der Aktienkurs von CFM relativ zum HUI-Index abgebildet, der andeutet, dass soeben einen neuer Aufwärtstrend begonnen hat – und zwar ebenfalls ein Thrust nach oben aus dem rot-grünen Dreieck, was bedeutet, dass CFM eine bessere Performance an den Tag legen wird als der HUI-Index. Der MACD-Indikator generierte bereits Mitte Juni ein Kaufsignal (da die schwarze Kurve über die rote Kurve anstieg), wobei ein neues Kaufsignal typischerweise v.a. bei einem Anstieg über die 0-Marke ausgelöst wird.

Die Analysten von Fraser Mackenzie Ltd. bewerteten CFM letzten Monat übrigens mit einem „Strong Buy“ und setzten das Kursziel für die nächsten 18 Monate auf $2, da sie erwarten, dass CFM in den nächsten 18-24 Monaten eine Ressource ausweisen wird, die rund 1,7 Mio. Unzen Gold beinhaltet.


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