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NETANYA, Israel, August 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE: CEL) (the "Company") announced today that following previous reports regarding the merger transaction between the Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and Netvision, on August 31, 2011 the merger transaction was completed. The merger consideration in the total amount of NIS 1,570,409,980 (approximately NIS 49.68 per one Netvision share; or approximately $13.91 per one Netvision share based on NIS/$ exchange ratio of NIS 3.5720 per one $ as of August 30, 2011) was transferred by the Company for the benefit of the shareholders of Netvision as of August 31, 2011. The merger consideration includes an interest at an effective rate of five percent (5%) per year, calculated based on actual days elapsed from April 1, 2011 and until the completion of the transaction, in accordance with the terms of the merger agreement. Effective as of August 31, 2011 all the outstanding shares of Netvision were transferred to the Company and Netvision became a private company wholly owned by the Company.
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NETANYA, Israel, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cellcom Israel Ltd. (TASE: CEL) (hereinafter: the "Company") announced today that following its previous announcement it has approached Netvision Ltd., or Netvision, with a proposal to negotiate a merger between the Company's subsidiary and Netvision, Netvision notified the Company of its decision to enter such negotiations with the Company. Consummation of the transaction is subject to various conditions and the Company can provide no assurances that it will enter into any transaction.

For details on the proposed merger transaction with Netvision and the conditions for its consummation see the Company's most recent annual report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2010 under "Item 5. Operating Results - Overview - Recent Developments".

About Cellcom

Cellcom Israel Ltd., established in 1994, is the leading Israeli cellular provider; Cellcom Israel provides its approximately 3.394 million subscribers (as at December 31, 2010) with a broad range of value added services including cellular and landline telephony, roaming services for tourists in Israel and for its subscribers abroad and additional services in the areas of music, video, mobile office etc., based on Cellcom Israel's technologically advanced infrastructure. The Company operates an HSPA 3.5 Generation network enabling advanced high speed broadband multimedia services, in addition to GSM/GPRS/EDGE and TDMA networks. Cellcom Israel offers Israel's broadest and largest customer service infrastructure including telephone customer service centers, retail stores, and service and sale centers, distributed nationwide. Through its broad customer service network Cellcom Israel offers its customers technical support, account information, direct to the door parcel services, internet and fax services, dedicated centers for the hearing impaired, etc. As of 2006, Cellcom Israel, through its wholly owned subsidiary Cellcom Fixed Line Communications L.P., provides landline telephone communication services in Israel, in addition to data communication services. Cellcom Israel's shares are traded both on the New York Stock Exchange (CEL) and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (CEL). For additional information please visit the Company's website
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