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      schrieb am 20.02.24 20:32:05
      Beitrag Nr. 4.090 ()
      Mangetti 1 mit dem zweiten Target Venus Nord wird getestete (Fackel für die Testproduktion brennt)
      in Nigeria steigt die Produktion an (infill drilling)
      Allerdings hat es sich noch nicht bis zum Aktienkurs durchgesprochen. Wie auch immer, AOI kann damit für weniger Geld bzw. mehr Aktien zurückkaufen. AOI ist inzwischen eine etablierte Explorations & Produktionsfirma, kann man also in die Kategorie kostolanyische Schlaftablette verbuchen, die (noch zu geringen) Dividenden einbuchen und entspannt auf hoffentlich zukünftig fettere Kurse warten ...
      Africa Oil | 17,62 kr
      schrieb am 16.02.24 18:20:00
      Beitrag Nr. 4.089 ()…

      TotalEnergies’ latest Namibia oil discovery could be one-third the size of Venus — sources
      Details begin to emerge on scale of supermajor's recent Mangetti find in prolific deepwater Orange basin

      TotalEnergies most recent discovery offshore Namibia has the potential to be far bigger than seemingly implied by the company’s top executive last week. Speaking to analysts during the supermajor’s fourth-quarter results webcast, chief executive Patrick Pouyanne said, when asked about the size of the Mangetti discovery, that it was “not huge”.

      Upstream, however, has been told by two market sources with knowledge of the Mangetti-1X exploration well in the Orange basin, that Pouyanne’s comments may have been made in reference to the French supermajor’s very big Venus oil discovery. Venus, according to Namibian officials, contains 5 billion barrels of oil in place, of which some 2 billion barrels is expected to be recoverable. In comparison, Mangetti could well be considered “not huge”, though Upstream has been advised that the Mangetti structure — it is a deepwater fan — holds an estimated 1.5 billion barrels of in-place resources. If, like Venus, some 40% of Mangetti’s reserves are deemed recoverable, then the field could hold 600 million barrels of exploitable crude. Even with a 20% initial recovery factor, the deepwater discovery could contain 300 million barrels of recoverable volumes.

      Upstream was told the Mangetti-1X probe was not drilled in the best location, partly because TotalEnergies had given more priority for the well to be drilled deeper to test the northern extension of Venus. The Venus-focused part of the operation was successful, with the deeper part of the probe believed to have registered good reservoir permeability. Mangetti-1X hit two reservoirs, one of which was better than the other, it is understood, with results said to be “good”. The next goal for TotalEnergies is to drill a Mangetti appraisal well at the most optimal location, said the two sources, with the results from this probe set crucial to determine the scale of the structure's resources."
      Africa Oil | 17,90 kr
      schrieb am 07.02.24 21:25:47
      Beitrag Nr. 4.088 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 75.239.312 von texas2 am 07.02.24 20:58:39Für den Venus Kram interessiert sich doch niemand mehr (was Aoi betrifft allenfalls für 3B/4B interessant. Irgendwelcher cashflow ist doch mehr als 10 Jahre hin).
      Nichtsdestotrotz ist mir das jetzt zu billig, habe mir heute mal nen reentry gegönnt....
      Africa Oil | 18,50 kr
      schrieb am 07.02.24 20:58:39
      Beitrag Nr. 4.087 ()
      TotalEnergies “completely optimistic” on Namibian drilling
      “We will continue to drill … because everybody is excited. We have another exploration potential well on the south of Venus and we continue to appraise what has been discovered.”
      By Ed Reed
      07/02/2024, 12:56 pm
      Photo of Ed Reed
      © Photographer: Marlene Awaad/Bloombergtotalenergies pouyanne
      TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanne

      TotalEnergies chairman and CEO Patrick Pouyanné is “completely optimistic” about Namibia, he told a conference call today.

      The Southern African state is a top priority for the company, which has dedicated 30% of its exploration and appraisal budget to the country. The executive was speaking on TotalEnergies’ results.

      The French company is currently drilling the Venus-2A appraisal well and the Mangetti-1 exploration well. During 2023, the company reported success at the Venus-1A well and two flow tests.

      Pouyanné said the company had found “some hydrocarbons” at Mangetti. He confirmed that the exploration well had found an extension of the Venus reservoir. Mangetti-1 is to the north of the Venus finds.

      “There are a lot of hydrocarbons, there are some sweet spots in terms of productivity [and] permeability. There are some areas which have less good characteristics,” he said.

      “I repeat that on our side we see a first development clearly in our hands,” the executive said. “We will continue to drill … because everybody is excited. We have another exploration potential well on the south of Venus and we continue to appraise what has been discovered.”

      Pouyanné did not provide specific flow rates for the Venus find. He said one drill stem test had been “very good” but the location of the second was not optimal.

      “It demonstrates some heterogeneity. That’s why we need to be sure that when we develop, we develop and we locate the FPSO on the right spot, not to be too far from the sweet spots we want to develop.”

      Optimising the location of equipment, he said, would minimise the cost of development.

      Total agreed to buy out some of Impact Oil and Gas’ stake in Namibia’s Blocks 2912 and 2913B, in exchange for carrying the minnow to first production. Africa Oil, which is an investor in Impact, has highlighted the appeal of the southern area of the blocks as a major reason for continued presence.

      Strategic moves
      Total is currently acquiring 3D seismic in the southern area of the blocks, next to the South African border.

      Earlier this week,TotalEnergies executed a deal with Vantage Drilling International. Under the arrangement, Total will have a 75% stake in the Tungsten Explorer drillship, which it is using to drill the northern Mangetti well.

      It acquired the interest for a payment of $199 million. Chairman and CEO Pouyanné said the deal provided the company with a means to offset deepwater drilling costs.…
      Africa Oil | 18,50 kr
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      schrieb am 07.02.24 20:35:43
      Beitrag Nr. 4.086 ()
      TotalEnergies hunts down Namibia ‘sweet spot’ for Venus FPSO
      Third Venus appraisal well planned as chief executive confirms success of Mangetti discovery

      Updated 7 February 2024, 18:20
      TotalEnergies will drill a third delineation well on its 2 billion barrel Venus oil discovery in Namibia this year, as it tries to find the best spot to install a floating production, storage and offloading vessel to exploit the oil.

      Chief executive Patrick Pouyanne also confirmed a recent Upstream report that the company had success at its Mangetti exploration and appraisal well in the Orange basin — the world’s oil and gas exploration hot spot, with a number of major discoveries in recent years.

      The French supermajor currently has two rigs drilling in Block 2913B in the Orange basin, with the Tungsten Explorer still on location at Mangetti-1X, while Deepsea Mira is on the Venus-2A appraisal well.

      You need a subscription to read this story…
      Africa Oil | 18,50 kr

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      Spektakuläre Story – spektakulärer Kursverlauf! mehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 07.02.24 20:30:18
      Beitrag Nr. 4.085 ()
      TotalEnergies and its co-venturers have started production from the Akpo West field offshore Nigeria.

      The French supermajor said that by mid-2024, the new field is expected to be producing 14,000 barrels per day of condensate, with gas production of 4 million cubic metres per day of gas (about 141 million cubic feet per day) set to kick-in by 2028.

      Located 135 kilometres offshore in the PML2 licence area, Akpo West has been developed as a subsea tieback the company's Akpo floating production, storage and offloading vessel, which began operations in 2009 and was producing 124,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2023.

      According to the latest data from the NUPRC, Nigeria’s upstream regulator, Akpo’s condensate production averaged just under 70,000 bpd between January and November 2023.

      Based on conversion tables, this would imply that Akpo is also producing about 304 MMcfd of gas.

      Akpo West capitalises on the pre-existing Akpo infrastructure, effectively managing costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to TotalEnergies.

      The new project's forecast anticipates carbon intensity, said the operator, will be below five kilogrammes of carbon dioxide equivalent per boe, and help the supermajor decrease the carbon footprint across its portfolio.

      TotalEnergies’ senior vice president of Africa exploration and production, Mike Sangster, said: “Following the success of Ikike in 2022, TotalEnergies is delighted to commence production on another tie-back project in Nigeria, Akpo West.”

      TotalEnergies operates PML2 with a 24% stake on behalf of co-venturers China National Offshore Oil Corporation on 45%, Prime 130 on 16% and Sapetro on 15%.

      State-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is concessionaire of the production sharing contract.…
      Africa Oil | 18,50 kr
      schrieb am 06.02.24 08:40:17
      Beitrag Nr. 4.084 ()
      Africa Oil rechnet damit, Mitte 2024 einen Wendepunkt zu erreichen, ohne Investitionsverpflichtungen und ohne Schulden - was M&A die Chance eröffnet, sagte CEO Roger Tucker.
      Der Chef sprach auf Paretos alljährlicher E&P-Konferenz in London.
      Der Zweck sei, „ihre Portfolios“, sagte er. Africa Oil wird seine Operationen in Äquatorialguinea und seinem Südafrika Block 3B / 4B ausbauen. Infolgedessen werde es „in den nächsten drei bis vier bis fünf Jahren keine ausstehenden Anlageanforderungen geben“, sagte er.
      „Wir werden Bargeld erzeugen und keine Schulden haben“, die auf Prime Oil und Gas-Niveau in Nigeria gehalten werden.
      „Wir werden die Jahresmitte in einer ganz anderen Position erreichen als viele unserer Kollegen. Es schafft Möglichkeiten für uns, wir können uns M&A ansehen oder andere Optionen für das Unternehmen in Betracht ziehen. ”
      Africa Oil hat die Produktion in Nigeria genutzt und einen nachhaltigen Cashflow bereitgestellt, während die Prospektmöglichkeiten in Namibia erhalten bleiben. Letzteres kommt durch seinen Besitz an Impact Oil and Gas, das etwas über 30 % besitzt.
      TotalEnergies hat Anfang des Monats einen Deal mit Impact geschlossen. Das französische Unternehmen erklärte sich bereit, ein Darlehen zur Übertragung von Impact auf das erste Öl bereitzustellen. Impact wird dann 60 % seiner Einnahmen nach Steuern nach Produktionsbeginn an Total zurückgeben.
      Tucker sagte, das Unternehmen erwartete, den Kredit „innerhalb von drei bis vier Jahren zurückzuzahlen. Danach wird es 25-30 Jahre weiter produziert. "Africa Oil hat schon einmal in Impact investiert, um seine Aktienposition zu behalten, und der CEO sagte, es wäre begierig darauf, mehr
      Die Gesamtstämme sind derzeit Mangetti-1, sagte Tucker, „und wir bohren auch einen Brunnen nördlich von Venus-1A, der Venus-2 ist. ”
      Aufwärts für die Erkundung
      Im südlichen Teil des Block 2913B gibt es zusätzliche Platz für Prospektiven, bemerkte er. "Der Grund, warum wir bleiben wollten, ist am südlichen Ende des Blocks. "Der Betreiber liefert 3D-Seismik in der Gegend, sagte er, und unterstützt bestehende 2D-Seismik.
      „In diesem Block werden nächstes Jahr wahrscheinlich vier oder fünf Brunnen gebohrt werden. Wir konnten es uns nicht leisten, dies weiterhin selbst zu finanzieren. "
      Ein weiteres Gebiet, in dem Africa Oil einen Partner sucht, befindet sich jenseits der Grenze, im südafrikanischen Orange Becken. Das Unternehmen hat kürzlich seinen Erwerb einer weiteren Beteiligung am Block 3B/4B abgeschlossen, die 26,25 % erzielte. Eco Atlantic hat 20% und Ricocure 53,75%.
      „Es ist ein extrem interessanter Block“, sagte Tucker, als er die seismischen Ergebnisse mit Shell- und Galp-Blockaden in Namibia vergleicht. "Prospektgrößen sind bis zu 4 Milliarden Barrel", sagte er.
      Südafrika ist ein anspruchsvolleres Investmentziel als Namibia. Die Erlangung einer Umweltgenehmigung sei eine Herausforderung, sagte er. "Manche Menschen werden aufgrund der Probleme mit Südafrika derzeit Südafrika nicht sehen. "Trotzdem klang er in Bezug auf die Diskussionen über Landwirtschaft positiv.
      Africa Oil | 1,682 €
      schrieb am 05.02.24 20:20:06
      Beitrag Nr. 4.083 ()
      VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 5, 2024 /CNW/ - (TSX: AOI) (Nasdaq-Stockholm: AOI) – Africa Oil Corp. ("Africa Oil", or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Company repurchased a total of 326,250 Africa Oil common shares during the period of January29, 2024 to February2, 2024 under the previously announced share buyback program. View PDF version
      Africa Oil | 19,30 kr
      schrieb am 05.02.24 19:37:19
      Beitrag Nr. 4.082 ()
      Africa Oil | 19,30 kr
      schrieb am 28.01.24 12:35:35
      Beitrag Nr. 4.081 ()
      Deadline extended for suitors chasing promising West Africa gas block
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