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15.01.13 11:14:37
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Hallo wann gibt es den zahlen von suess ?
15.01.13 12:09:21
Beitrag Nr. 1.122 ()
28.03. gibts 2012er Zahlen
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17.01.13 11:51:24
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 44.023.007 von traderunion am 15.01.13 12:09:21boah, was sind das nur immer wieder für Ausschläge innerhalb weniger Minuten von 9,72 auf 9,45 runter. Das ist doch nicht normal!!:eek:
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17.01.13 15:31:11
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 44.032.187 von Privatier50 am 17.01.13 11:51:24und auf über 9,80 zurück:D:D
17.01.13 17:18:43
Beitrag Nr. 1.125 ()
Zitat von traderunion: Die-SMHN-Aktien ist 'ne Volaschlampe! Deswegen stehen wir auch so darauf...

"Volaschlampe" mein Vorschlag zum Börsen-Unwort des Jahres... :D

... aber Süss macht dem Namen heute wieder all Ehre !
17.01.13 20:37:01
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Hier ein Erklärungsversuch für den Anstieg:

Stock Market & Financial Investment News

News Breaks
January 17, 2013
11:46 EDT AIXG, QCOM, KLAC, INTC, TSM, ASML Semiconductor makers rally after earnings from TSMC, ASML
Taiwan Semi, also known as TSMC, reported Q4 earnings of 28c per ADR unit, matching consensus estimates, on revenue of NT$131.31B. Lora Ho, SVP and CFO of TSMC, said, “In the fourth quarter, demand for our products was higher than we expected three months ago, resulting in above-guidance revenue and profit margins. We now expect the supply chain inventory DOI to decline only slightly in the first quarter, and our revenue will also decline only slightly in the first quarter from the previous quarter." TSMC guided to Q1 revenue between NT$127B-NT$129B and an operating profit margin of 31.5%-33.5%. ASML also reported before today's opening bell, announcing Q4 adjusted EPS of EUR0.73, which was up from EUR0.67 in the prior quarter. ASML's Q4 revenue declined to EUR1.02B from EUR1.21B in the same quarter of last year. ASML also forecast its Q1 revenue to decline, but added it sees "a slow Q1 start, recovering in Q2 and a relatively large second half" in 2013. Also, shares of ASML were upgraded by research firm Bank of America Merrill Lynch this morning to Buy from Neutral. In late morning trading, shares of ASML rose about 7.6% to $68.70, while TSMC advanced over 2% to $18.18. Some other names rising in the semiconductors space included KLA-Tencor (KLAC), up 6.6% to $51.72, and Aixtron (AIXG), up 6% to $13.74. Shares of the largest players in the industry were higher as well, with Intel (INTC) up over 1% ahead of its earnings report, due out after the bell tonight, and Qualcomm (QCOM) up about 0.5% to $65.10.

Es grüßt Rickmann :cool:
18.01.13 10:26:18
Beitrag Nr. 1.127 ()
Ohne uns kein iPhone 5…

Für nächste Woche:
21. Jan.: 2013: Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt/Main
22. - 23. Jan.: European 3D TSV Summit
21.01.13 15:59:06
Beitrag Nr. 1.128 ()
Ganz interessant:

GlobalFoundries Builds 565,000 Square Foot R&D Fab.10:00 PM - January 14, 2013 by Wolfgang Gruener - source: GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries said it will be expanding its Fab 8 manufacturing campus Malta, New York with a $2 billion R&D fab.

ZoomThe new Technology Development Center (TDC) will span 565,000 square feet over three stories, which will also include a 90,000 square foot clean room to help bring new technologies from research to development and ramp them into volume production.

TDC will create about 500 new jobs. GlobalFoundries also confirmed that it will be hiring 500 additional employees for its other manufacturing facilities in Malta. When TDC goes online in late 2014, the company expects to employ about 3,000 people at the Fab 8 campus. Construction of TDC will begin in spring of this year.

According to GlobalFoundries, TDC's goal is "to provide a collaborative space" to develop "end-to-end solutions covering the full spectrum of silicon technology, from new interconnect and packaging technologies that enable three-dimensional (3D) stacking of chips to leading-edge photomasks for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography and everything in between."

As GlobalFoundries is trying to attract business to manufacture ARM-based processors, an on-site R&D fab should be able to create an ability for the company to keep the manufacturing evolution pace of especially Intel and Samsung and create incentives for customers to contract GlobalFoundries as a chip manufacturer

Es grüßt Rickmann :cool:
22.01.13 11:23:50
Beitrag Nr. 1.129 ()
Zickige Volaschlampe of the day.
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22.01.13 11:41:07
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 44.048.021 von traderunion am 22.01.13 11:23:50Sie wird noch im Plus enden!:D
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