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bisher gabs' keine WKN: Thread: Envision Solar - vormals Casita Enterprises, PV für Parkplätze

das Beste bisher festzustellende ist, dass es den Laden überhaupt noch gibt, allerdings ist das EK per 30.9.2011 schon negativ...
Envision Solar and 360 Commercial Partners Join Forces to Bring Landmark-Quality
Solar Tree® Structures to Orange County, California

Business Development Agreement Executed

SAN DIEGO (February 21, 2012) – Envision Solar International, Inc., (www.envisionsolar.com) (OTC BB:(EVSI.ob – NEWS), a leading sustainable infrastructure product designer and developer, today announced it has executed a business development partnership with 360 Commercial Partners, Orange County, California’s most innovative commercial real estate firm.

360 Commercial Partners will promote Envision’s solar shaded parking products to their discerning commercial real estate clients. The agreement covers Envision's unique 100% clean energy product offerings including the patented line of Solar Tree® structures which feature cutting-edge & proprietary EnvisionTrak™ sun tracking systems and CleanCharge™ CI™ Column Integrated™ Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Geoffrey DeWolf, 360 Commercial Partners’ Office Sales/Investment Advisory Associate Director – and Orange County’s first LEED AP-certified commercial real estate professional - said, “At 360 Commercial Partners, our mission is to help our customers navigate the complex and changeable waters of commercial real estate. Creating value through architecture, sustainability and demonstrating a commitment to the environment are essential contributors to our clients’ bottom line. Envision Solar's products are of the highest quality and exhibit the sort of unique differentiation that we insist on delivering to our valued clients. We believe there is a huge untapped opportunity in Orange County to improve the acres of parking and we are certain that we can bring a lot of value to our clients in doing so.”

Desmond Wheatley, Envision Solar’s President & CEO said, “We have designed our products to be the best in the industry and to address a whole range of value creation within commercial real estate. Architectural enhancement of the parking lot, shade, the "Green Halo", reduction in net operating costs, reduction of the heat sink effect and a host of other benefits are all designed to enhance and differentiate the commercial real estate campus and as a result increase our customer's net operating income. The commercial real estate experts at 360 Commercial Partners are industry leaders. They offer unparalleled expertise and value creation. We are proud that they have recognized the value in our products and chosen to promote them to their vast and impressive network. This agreement represents a massive new opportunity for us."
Dear xxx,

We will soon be sending you information about Envision Solar's next quarterly webcast.

In the meantime, you can enjoy viewing our latest "Why Envision's Solar Tree Arrays® are such a Good Idea"[http://envisionsolar.com.ontraport.net/c/2/2953/95337/2/23/2…] video (click on photo below) featuring our current sales deck.

You'll get a chance to see how we are approaching the 2012 market with our iconic and landmark-quality Solar Tree® arrays.The video also features EnvisionTrak™, our unique and patent-pending dual-synchronous sun tracking system and our Column Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. This will also be a good opportunity to prepare comments and questions about Envision's strategy in the Q&A section of our upcoming shareholder webcast.
We hope you agree this is an exciting time for Envision Solar and look forward to hearing from you!
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