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Panterra Gold ehemals Enviro - Erstes Gold im April 2012

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Hallo Leute,

schon lange überfällig nach der Umbenennung nun hier die Fortführung meines Enviro Gold Threads unter neuem Namen - Panterra Gold.

Für alle Nuen, der Link zum Thread mit altem Namen:


Und dann auch gleich die ersten News:

PanTerra Gold conserves US$1m in working capital through share placement to contractor

Monday, February 06, 2012 by Angela Kean

PanTerra Gold (ASX: PGI) will issue about 5 million shares at an average price of A$0.1875 each to Harold Machinery S.A., the civil engineering contractor on its Las Lagunas gold project in the Dominican Republic.

Importantly, the agreement will effectively provide an additional US$1 million of working capital during the ramp-up phase of the Las Lagunas project.

Harold Machinery has been engaged to operate Panterra’s limestone quarry and deliver crushed stone to the process plant.

The company is a well-established Dominican civil engineering contractor and is currently mining the tails deposit to create a void for re-deposition, after the tails pass through the Las Lagunas process plant.

PanTerra will satisfy the first US$500,000 of invoices over a period of about three months with the issue of shares at A$0.175 each and the second US$500,000 over the following four months at A$0.20 each.

The Las Lagunas process plant was connected to the national power grid last month and commissioning of the plant has begun.

Commissioning will take around 10 weeks to complete before gold and silver production can begin in April.

If a gold price of US$1500 per ounce is maintained through to the end of 2013, PanTerra expects to repay its $37.5 million project loan and generate more than $80 million of free cash during the same period. Project life will be around seven years


Anbei ein hinweis eines Mitlesers über BM.

Nochmal herzlichen Dank für den Hinweis

Guten Morgen!

Bei Comdirekt find ich fast nix über PanTerra, nur einen kurzen Chart aus AUS. Ohne MK usw..

Bist ja näher dran:
Kannst Du nen Chart mit den alten Namen reinstellen,
dann den Grund der Namensänderung,
Neuer Chart, Anzahl der Aktien, Schulden, Mine durchfinanziert?, Marktkapitalisierung, erwarteter Gewinn, Produktion...?

Hab zwar die Präsi gelesen,
aber wär ja schön für Deinen Thread.


Common Shares 1 560.5M
Options (A$0.15, 31/12/2011) 172.0M
Options (A$0.15, 15/10/2012) 17.5M
Options (A$0.10, 15/10/2013) 17.5M
FD Shares Outstanding 767.5M

zur Zeit @ 0,17 AUD ==> MK 130MM AUD

Stand 03.11.2011 Voll finanziert mit 37,5 Mio Kredit von Macquarie, im April solls los gehen

US$82 M project is fully funded and construction is over 85% complete:
US$37.0M advanced by PanTerra in equity
US$37.5M project loan by Macquarie Bank
US$7.5M from the sale of a 3% gold royalty to Macquarie Bank

Cash Costs (per oz Au eq.)..........................US$312/oz
Project After Tax Profit (6.5 years)................US$201.8M
Average Annual After Tax Profit (Project Life).....US$31.0M
NPV10% Project......................................US$140.2M

Dies ist auf Basis: Gold: US$1,250/oz; Silber: US$31/oz.
50% des Goldes sin gehedged
Gold Price Sold Forward (126,000 oz).....auf US$1,358/oz

mit dem Chart vor Namensänderung ist schwierig. Leute könnt ihr da evtl. helfen???

Ich selbst habe am 10.03.2011 für umgerechnet 0,1 € gekauft :D

Noch was:

Notierung in Kanada steht noch aus, darauf hin sollte auch noch ein Schub kommen.

Zur Namensänderung:

Australian-based mineral resources company, EnviroGold Limited (ASX: EVG)
(EnviroGold or the “Company”) advises that a Shareholders Meeting will be held in the near
future to consider changing the Company’s name to PanTerra Gold Limited.
Mr Brian Johnson, Executive Chairman of EnviroGold Limited, said “I have received
numerous approaches from prospective investors querying whether EnviroGold identified
itself as a technology company promoting the Albion process for oxidation of refractory ores,
rather than as a traditional mining company.”
“This obviously is not the case, nor will the reprocessing of high grade tailings similar to the
Company’s Las Lagunas project, be a core component of future business development.”


Was auch noch interessant ist:

Quaterly report. Hier kann man auch schön den Projektfortschritt anhand der Fotos verfolgen.


Ich hoffe ich habe jetzt entgültig eure Neugier geweckt ;)

Guten Morgen,

ein bißchen überaschend kommt für mich diese Meldung.

An anderer Stelle schein es gleichermaßen weiter zu gehen :D

PanTerra Gold drills for copper, molybdenum, gold at Vittoria prospect in Ecuador
Tuesday, February 07, 2012 by Christine Feary

PanTerra Gold (ASX: PGI) has commenced drilling on the Vittoria prospect, with 5,000 metres planned to test the 140 hectare anomaly.

Vittoria is one of six potential open pit mining prospects identified by Canadian geologists, Buscore Consulting, within the 2200 hectare San Gerardo concession.

Geochemical soil sampling at Vittoria identified elevated levels of copper, molybdenum and gold.

The initial drilling program is expected to be completed in about three months, with results to be published progressively after about two months.

A further 20,000 metre drilling program is planned, subject to the results of the initial drilling.

In the next two to three months a second diamond drill rig will be engaged, and employed on the nearby Azuay underground mining project.

Azuay comprises seven small-scale underground mining operations which will be expanded to produce a total of 300,000 tonnes of ore and 100,000 ounces of gold per year.

The Azuay project is at Feasibility stage.


Hier dann auch noch ein Zwei Jahres Chart, das man sieht wo Panterra herkommt.

Einfach unter altem Namen (Envirogold), da mus man dann die Charts unter neuem und altem Namen geisig zusammenstückeln. Börse Australien


Das haben die wahrscheinlich vom eingesparten Geld gekauft :laugh::laugh:

Siehe Meldung vom 06.02.2012

Pan Terra acquires licences in Tsumeb Copper Belt and announces senior management appointment

VANCOUVER, Feb. 8, 2012 /CNW/ - Pan Terra Industries Inc. ("Pan Terra" or the "Company") (TSXV: PNT) is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition (the "Acquisition") of an 80% interest in the Congo Namibia Trading (PTY) Limited ("Congo Namibia") and appointed Mr. Scott Kelly as Executive Vice President and Director of the Company, effective immediately.

Congo Namibia's assets include a 100% interest in five (5) Exclusive Prospecting Licenses covering an area of 2,258km2 in the Tsumeb Copper Belt of the Otavi Mountainland of northern Namibia (the "Tsumeb Copper Property").

Mr. Alexander Helmel, President and CEO of Pan Terra, comments: "This acquisition represents a significant development for Pan Terra as these large exploration licenses are within a region known for copper production. We now move forward focused on closing the Kombat transaction in the coming month. Once both transactions have been completed, Pan Terra will hold a large exploration package surrounding the Kombat project - a historically operating mill and concentrator facility with historic deposits accessible by existing ramps and shafts. This package is conveniently located within 50km of the nearby Tsumeb smelter facility."

Tsumeb Copper Belt

The Otavi Mountainland, situated on the Northern Carbonate Platform, contains the Tsumeb Copper Belt which underwent a complex deformation during late Proterozoic and early Phanerozoic time. In general the regional structure consists of EW-trending folds, overprinted by a second folding phase producing northward verging recumbent folds.

The main types of sulphide mineralization deposit types found within the Otavi Mountainland are of the Berg Aukas, Tsumeb, and Red Bed types with primary economic minerals within the ores being copper, lead, and silver. The Tsumeb Copper belt is home to the Tsumeb, Kombat, and a number of smaller copper mines.

The Congo Namibia Agreement

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the share purchase agreement dated October 6, 2011, as amended, between Pan Terra, Congo Namibia and certain shareholders of Congo Namibia (the "Selling Shareholders"), Pan Terra has acquired 80% of the issued and outstanding shares of Congo Namibia by paying the Selling Shareholders aggregate consideration consisting of 1) $300,000 in cash; 2) 3,000,000 common shares of the Company; and 3) 3,000,000 share purchase warrants, each exercisable to acquire one common share of the Company at a price of $0.75 per share for a period of 12 months from closing of the Acquisition. With respect to the Tsumeb Copper Property, the Company has granted the Selling Shareholders an overriding 2% royalty on future copper production. The remaining shares in Congo Namibia are held and controlled by local Namibian partners, who have, in aggregate, granted Pan Terra an option to acquire up to 10% of the issued and outstanding shares of Congo Namibia.

In addition to the Tsumeb Copper Property, Congo Namibia also holds a right to acquire a 50% interest in Antrim Mines Zimbabwe (Pty) Limited Joint Venture on the Antrim Gold Prospect in Zimbabwe. In respect to the Antrim Gold Prospect, Pan Terra has agreed to fund expenditures in the exploration and assessment phases and make future bonus payments to the Selling Shareholders of US$3.00 per ounce of gold to a maximum of US$30 million (10 million ounces of gold equivalent) based on any indicated and inferred mineral resources established under National Instrument 43-101 compliant reporting standards. The management team of Pan Terra has decided not to proceed with the Angola Nam Russia Limitada Joint Venture, which was originally announced as one of Congo Namibia's assets and formed part of the Acquisition.

In connection with the Acquisition, the Company will pay a cash finder's fee of $121,750 to Greenheart Group Ltd.

Senior Management Appointment

Pan Terra is also pleased to announce that Mr. Scott Kelly has been appointed Executive Vice President and Director of Pan Terra, effective immediately.

Mr. Kelly is an experienced business professional with more than 15 years of experience as a trusted adviser to management teams and boards of emerging companies. Mr. Kelly has direct experience serving as an independent director on public and private company boards, and prior to its acquisition by the TMX Group, Mr. Kelly was a Partner, Director and Senior Vice-President of the Equicom Group Inc., Canada's largest and most successful investor relations firm. Prior to joining Equicom, Mr. Kelly founded Biocom Inc., a strategic communications firm purchased by Equicom in 2003. Mr. Kelly holds a degree from Queen's University and postgraduate certifications from the Canadian Institute of Advertising and the University of Toronto. Mr. Kelly serves as an Independent Director of Giyani Gold Corporation.

"We are pleased to welcome Mr. Kelly to our management team and board," commented Mr. Alexander Helmel, President and CEO of the Company. "This appointment displays the ability of Pan Terra to attract leading professionals with high level experience relevant to the development of the Company."

Stock Options

The Company has granted incentive stock options to certain directors and consultants of the Company to purchase in aggregate, of up to 500,000 common shares of the Company. The stock options are exercisable on or before February 8, 2017 at a price of $0.57 per share.

Qualified Person

Mr. James A. Turner, the Company's Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, has read and approved the information contained herein.

7 Mio Stück heute Morgen gehandelt :eek: und 9% plus :eek::eek::eek::eek:.

Bisher habe ich noch keine News gefunden. Aber da kommt bestimmt noch was.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.746.022 von gehtwas am 14.02.12 08:59:51und das gegen den Markt


Die australischen Goldminenaktien entwickeln sich heute Morgen schwächer. Bei den Produzenten fallen Stone 11,1%, Oceana 4,1% und Ramelius 3,6%. Hill End erholt sich um 7,7%. Bei den Explorationswerten fallen Castle 13,0% und Northern Mining 12,1%. Panterra ziehen 8,8% und Drake 7,5% an. Bei den Metallwerten geben Lynas 5,9%, Paladin 5,6% und Mincor 4,2% nach.


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