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Tembo Gold, ein kleiner goldener Elefant aus Tansania auf Wachstumskurs.. - Die letzten 30 Beiträge

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 54.307.754 von ooy am 13.02.17 15:42:21Ja genauso gings mir auch...hab zum Glück letztes Jahr meine Restbestände rausgehauen.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 54.305.720 von jogii am 13.02.17 12:07:22...nachdem er vorher wie verrueckt gekauft hat, nicht gut!!
Feb 10/17 Feb 10/17 Benstead, Simon Charles Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -1,100,000 $0.040
Seit 2014 keine News mehr!?? Bin am überlegen meinen Restbestand rauszuhauen
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.982.779 von jogii am 03.08.16 17:39:41Wird mit Mini Umsätzen hochgezogen
Habe nirgends den Thread nochmal vorgenommen,
interessant wie dreist eine uberteuerte Aktie gepuscht wurde und gleichzeitig Zweifler entrüstet weggeputzt wurden.
Wirklich interessant. ..
...schön das in der näheren Umgebung Goldvorkommen entdeckt wurden,
aber was hat das mit Tembo zu tun?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.089.902 von jogii am 31.03.16 11:59:47
Kopieren und im neuen Fenster selber eingeben.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.866.161 von Goldbaba am 29.02.16 20:11:14:eek::eek::eek:

EMAIL THIS ARTICLE © Reuse this TORONTO ( – Canadian explorer and project developer MDN has announced that China-based Sichuan Xinye Investment Corporation of Mining and Exploration (Xinye) has decided to formalise the two partners’ relationship by establishing a joint venture (JV), including an acquisition option, on the Ikungu and Ikungu East properties, in Tanzania. TSX-listed MDN stated that Xinye had decided to proceed with the JV after the expiration of a due diligence period, resulting in a payment of $200-million to MDN, as agreed to under a heads of agreement signed in September last year......

MDN holds 80% of the Ikungu and Ikungu East projects, while Tembo Gold holds the remaining interest. Gold mineralisation is associated with sulphides in grey quartz veins and altered assemblages, resulting in high-grade mineralised lenses. Small-scale historical mining production averaged 12.5 g/t gold between 1936 and 1952.…
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.863.722 von ooy am 29.02.16 16:25:05Es gab heute einen Handel in Stuttgart, immerhin + 650 %
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.860.833 von Goldbaba am 29.02.16 10:54:35Davon hat man leider nie mehr was gehoert:

Tembo Gold Corp. Announces Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders and Proposed Share Consolidation


Toronto, Ontario / TNW-ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2014 / Tembo Gold Corp. (TSXV:TEM) (FRANKFURT:T23) ("Tembo" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it will hold its annual and special meeting (the "Meeting") of shareholders ("Shareholders") on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. (EST). The Meeting will be held at the offices of Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, 40 King Street West, Suite 2100, Toronto, Ontario.

Among other things, at the Meeting, Shareholders will be asked to approve a proposed consolidation (the "Share Consolidation") of the Company's issued and outstanding common shares ("Common Shares") on an up to one (1) post-consolidation for every ten (10) pre-consolidation basis. Currently, the Company has 136,757,634 Common Shares issued and outstanding. The Board of Directors is recommending Shareholders approve the Share Consolidation in order to increase the Company's flexibility with respect to potential business transactions, including any possible future equity financings. If the Share Consolidation is approved, the Board of Directors will have the authority to implement the Share Consolidation at any time and will be permitted, without further Shareholder approval, to select a consolidation ratio of up to one (1) post-consolidation common share for every ten (10) pre-consolidation common shares based on what they deem to be appropriate in the circumstances. Notwithstanding approval of the Share Consolidation by the Shareholders, Tembo's directors, in their sole discretion, may abandon the Share Consolidation without further approval, action by, or prior notice to Shareholders.

The Share Consolidation is also subject to the approval of the TSXV.

The Share Consolidation will not change, in any way, any Shareholder's proportion of votes to total votes; however, if the Shareholders approve the Share Consolidation resolution at the Meeting and management decides to implement the Share Consolidation, the total number of votes that a Shareholder may cast at any future Shareholder meetings of the Corporation will be reduced. Any fractional Common Share resulting from the Share Consolidation will be rounded down to the nearest whole number and any fractional post-consolidated Common Share will be cancelled without consideration.

The exercise or conversion price and the number of Common Shares issuable under any outstanding convertible securities of the Corporation, including outstanding incentive stock options will be adjusted in accordance with their terms if the Share Consolidation is implemented.

The Corporation's name will not be changed in conjunction with the Share Consolidation.

About Tembo Gold Corp.

Tembo is a Canadian publicly-listed mineral exploration company focused on the exploration and development of gold projects in Tanzania and the rest of Africa. The Company currently has a 100% interest in the Tembo Gold Project that is located adjacent to African Barrick's Bulyanhulu Mine in the prolific Lake Victoria Greenstone belt in Tanzania. The Company is led by a highly experienced team with a proven history of developing, financing, and operating mining projects in Africa. The Company's exploration strategy is to discover mineral resources as well as continue to look for additional opportunities that can bring value to the Company and its Shareholders.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.685.732 von CSG-Trader am 22.09.15 22:32:05scheint eingeschlafen zu sein...

Toronto, Ontario / TNW-ACCESSWIRE / October 16, 2014 - Tembo Gold Corp. (TSX-V: TEM; FRANKFURT: T23) ("Tembo" or the "Company) is pleased to announce completion of the 2014 drilling program on the Tembo project, a summary of the results of this drilling, and commencement of a strategic review of the results to date, on how to move the corporation forward and planning of further financing initiatives.


-2014 diamond-drilling program comprised twenty-seven drill holes totaling 6,843m;

-Drilling conducted on five targets, Ngula 1, Buly Trend, Ngula 2, Nyakagwe Village and Nyakagwe East;

-Follow up deep drilling at Ngula 1 failed to intersect significant mineralization along strike and down dip of drill hole TDD0041.

-Drilling beneath the artisanal workings along the Buly trend intersected a very wide zone of shear deformation with local abundant veining but limited gold mineralization.

-No significant structures or mineralization were encountered in the drill holes to test the IP anomaly along the Buly trend at Ngula 2 target.

-Notable intersections achieved at Nyakagwe East and Nyakagwe Village where the drilling continued to intersect significant gold grades and extend known mineralized structures.

-Nyakagwe Village target has returned further narrow high-grade and, importantly, shallow wide low-grade intersections.

-Newly discovered well-mineralized northeast-trending structure at Nyakagwe Village confirms the numerous structures interpreted from airborne magnetics across Tembo's licence area with this orientation could potentially host gold mineralization.

-East-west and northeast structural intersections potentially host shallow wide mineralization.

-Nyakagwe East returned significant intersections at depth, enhancing its potential.

-The mineralized structures intersected at both Nyakagwe Village and Nyakagwe East remain open along strike in both directions and at depth.

-Wide zones of shear deformation with associated abundant veining and minor gold mineralization were intersected along the Buly Trend.

-Drilling once again returned promising results, further underlining the potential of Tembo Project; the best results include:


-TDD0056: 4.42g/t Au over 2.60m from 130.60 including 10.57g/t Au over 1.00m;

-TDD007: 8.44g/t Au over 1.30m from 99.90m, including 25.00g/t Au over 0.42m;

-TDD0074: 6.55g/t Au over 7.46m from 370.46m.


-TDD0071: 9.64g/t Au over 3.95m from 85.25m, including 24.72g/t Au over 1.45m;

-TDD0103: 15.10g/t Au over 1.00m from 54.00m;

-TDD0112: 3.49g/t over 4.98m from 65.12m;

-TDD0111: 35.14g/t Au over 2.45m including 167g/t Au over 0.50m from 53.35m;

-TDD0115: 2.74g/t Au over 8.50m from 53.00m including 7.73g/t Au over 1.00m, 3.43g/t over 1.40m and 4.04g/t over 2.00m; and 2.04g/t Au over 9.00m from 69.00m including 2.89m over 4.80m.

-The 2014 drilling program has been suspended pending further data review, structural interpretation and planning, and further financing activities.

David Scott President & CEO stated, "The Company has once again maintained a clear focus of expenditure and field activity on its drilling program. The 2014 drilling has returned promising results that confirm the potential for wide low-grade near-surface mineralization and narrow high-grade mineralization, and has further demonstrated the extensive hidden potential of the project in the numerous unexploited untested magnetic lineaments that are potential hosts to gold mineralization. The drilling has been suspended and during this break the results achieved to date will be reviewed. Preliminary wire-frame modeling of mineralized zones will be conducted to identify those structures with the potential for resource development, to determine the drilling patterns and spacing on these, and to identify those targets that require follow-up drilling to test along strike and down dip, and to design these drill programs. The corporation is planning its strategy to raise the next tranche of financing needed for the further drilling and other project development activities".

Corporate Strategy

Drilling on the project has been suspended to allow an ongoing data review and a strategic corporate strategy review to be completed. During this drilling hiatus, the corporation is conducting a strategic review to identify the optimum path to follow to ensure the future of the company and to optimize shareholder value under difficult market circumstances. A number of alternatives, including small-to-medium scale production, further financing for exploration activities, corporate merger and project joint venture, will be considered. All possibilities will be carefully considered and evaluated. As a consequence of the poor market conditions further private placement and public financings result in poor company valuations and excessive shareholder dilution. Small-medium-scale gold production is one potential means to avoid this while these conditions prevail. This would require definition of a resource through close-spaced drilling and the Ngula 1, Nyakagwe East and Nyakagwe Village targets will initially be considered for this, as they present the most likely opportunities for small open pit mine development. It is envisaged that limited additional RC resource drilling would be required. Discussions have commenced with resource modeling specialists, mining and processing consultants, plant manufacturers and operators and contract mining groups so conceptual design parameters and cost structures can be assessed.


A stringent QA/QC practice is being applied to all sample batches. A Verified Reference Material standard is inserted every 20th sample, a known blank or blank standard every 20th sample and all samples with assays greater than 0.5 g/t Au are re-assayed. 1% of all samples are submitted to an alternative laboratory for check analysis. In addition the laboratory adheres to an internal QA/QC procedure including standard samples and repeats and blanks inserted independently.

The above information has been prepared under the supervision of David Scott, Pr. Sci. Nat., who is designated as a "Qualified Person" with the ability and authority to verify the authenticity and validity of the data.

Notes to the above drill results:

1. Widths represent drill intersection widths not corrected for drill hole inclination and dip of the geological zone. True widths have not been determined.

2. Drill holes have not been drilled in numerical sequence and not all drill holes in a sequence have necessarily been drilled. Drill hole numbers represent the original drill hole identification assigned when planned.

3. No capping of high-grade values has been applied to the assay results.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors of Tembo,

David Scott
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.543.083 von anna-23 am 18.08.14 10:30:18Oje :eek: :confused: sieht net gut aus ...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.903.930 von Popeye82 am 29.09.14 23:29:09Was möchtest du uns damit sagen?:)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.794.014 von TimLuca am 23.02.12 09:50:43
Tanzania to start work on $3,000,000,000 mining +power project, next year - MT - Sep 29, 2014…

"Tanzania will begin construction on its coal and iron ore mine projects located 900km south-west of Dar es Salaam, in 2015.

To be developed under a joint venture deal signed with China-based Sichuan Hongda in 2011, the projects along with a coal-fired power plant are anticipated to cost $3bn, reported Reuters.

The mine site is expected to have 526 million tonnes (Mt) of coal reserves and more than 1.2 billion tonnes (Bt) of iron ore reserves, most of which will be exported by the country.

National Development (NDC) spokesman Abel Ngapemba told the news agency: "We expect the project to be completed in 2018 to 2019."

The Dar es Salaam mine has 1.2Bt of iron ore reserves, which is the biggest in the country. Its coal reserves are estimated to be 526Mt, which will be used for local electricity generation.

Tanzania has an estimated 5Bt of coal reserves and, in addition to Dar es Salaam, the country produces coal from two other mines, which is used for generating electricity.

Ngapemba has said that Tanzania is planning to increase its stake in the joint venture from 20% to 49%.

Meanwhile, the country also intends to build its first soda ash extraction plant with a capacity of 1Mt a year, however, conservationists are objecting to the projects, fearing that they may have an adverse affect on flamingos in the region.

Ngapemba assured people that an environmental assessment would be carried out before implementation of the projects. "
hmm .. so langsam müsste doch was passieren.
oder geht es dem ende zu :confused:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.558.524 von jogii am 19.08.14 19:44:11Es werden meiner Meinung nach Bohrergebnisse veröffentlicht.

Aber jetzt erstmal abwarten.
Ein kleiner Elefant auf Schrumpfkurs.
Weiß jemand ob Chancen bestehen, dass er wieder wächst?

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