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The bottom line report zu SGH:

The Advanced Class: Standard Graphite Acquires AdvancedFlagship Quebec Graphite Project

First Graphite Strengthens Management Team and Establishes Technical Advisory Board
Straight Talk from The Graphite Express


Source: Brian Sylvester of The Critical Metals Report (5/8/12)

Chris Berry Simon Moores In early May, the Graphite Express Conference rolled in to Toronto for a date with investors looking to punch a ticket to big returns. Twelve companies and two speakers made their pitch to roughly 300 investors at the Sheraton Center, curious to see if the graphite train would indeed pick up pace, and which companies look ready to jump aboard.


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24.04.2012 07:04 Uhr | Dr. Dietmar Siebholz
"Bisher: G-5-Gipfel" - meine Variante: "Diese 5 G´s sind der Gipfel…"

Ab Seite 2 unten geht es um Graphit:http://www.goldseiten.de/artikel/135105--~Bisher~-G-5-Gipfel…
Goodbye indium-tin oxide, Hello GraphExeter (a.k.a graphene)

A new graphene-based material developed at Exeter University in Britain could supersede indium tin oxide in electronic devices.

According to a press release from the University of Exeter, “the most transparent, lightweight and flexible material ever for conducting electricity has been invented by a team from the University of Exeter.”

They’ve called it GraphExeter and the announcement says the material could revolutionize the creation of wearable electronic devices, such as clothing containing computers, phones, and MP3 players. GraphExeter could also be used for the creation of "smart" mirrors or windows, with computerised interactive features. Since this material is also transparent over a wide light spectrum, it could enhance by more than 30% the efficiency of solar panels.

Adapted from graphene, GraphExeter is much more flexible than indium tin oxide, the main conductive material currently used in electronics. ITO is becoming increasingly expensive and is a finite resource, expected to run out in 2017.

To create GraphExeter, the Exeter team sandwiched molecules of ferric chloride between two layers of graphene. Ferric chloride enhances the electrical conductivity of graphene, without affecting the material’s transparency. The material was produced by a team from the University of Exeter’s Centre for Graphene Science. The research team is now developing a spray-on version of GraphExeter, which could be applied straight on to fabrics, mirrors, and windows.

Dr Monica Craciun, lead researcher from Exeter University said: “Another beauty of the GraphExeter is this material is transparent over a much wider light spectrum than the typical transparent conductor,’ said Craciun. ‘In other words, if implemented in a solar panel, the GraphExeter would allow energy to be harvested over a much wider range of light than what is currently exploited, boosting the efficiency of solar panels by more than 30 per cent.”

A report in the venerable magazine The Engineer (it was founded in 1856) notes that, until now graphene has been unable to replace the most widespread transparent conductor in optoelectronic applications, indium tin oxide, due to its relatively poor conductivity.
Newsletter - May 10/12

In this issue:
01. Commodities: May 4, 2012: The Graphite Market
02. Focus Metals, Hydro-Québec sign Technology, Production Agreements
03. Will piezoelectric graphene provide options for nanoscale manipulation?
04. Experts contradict Reuter's graphite pessimism
05. Short ride on graphite express worth a ticket
06. The Graphite Digest
07. Will graphite go the way of rare earth?
08. Uragold Closes Non-Brokered Private Placement And Completes The Acquisition Of The Asbury Graphite Property


Strike Graphite Intersects 148 Meter Graphitic Zone on Hole #2 at Simon Lake Property
Standard Graphite CEO Chris Bogart Discusses the Graphite Boom on Midas Letter Money

by James West on May 9, 2012
Die letzten Tage gings ja bei vielen richtig runter...

Kurzüberblick - Intraday Charts einiger Graphitwerte:

Energizer Res.

First Graphite Corp. (ehem. Solace Resources Corp.)

Flinders Res.

Focus Metals

Graphite One Resources (ehem. Cedar Mountain Exploration)

Lomiko Metals

Northern Graphite

Standard Graphite

Strike Graphite

Graphite Week-in-Review: Lomiko Makes Appointment to Board of Advisors, Zenyatta Intersects Graphite, Standard Graphite Reinforces Graphite Occurrence & Focus Inks Deal with IREQ.

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