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Jetzt will Adidas dort die Schuhsohlen produzieren lassen demnächst. Kann man davon ausgehen das bald der Kurs steigen wird?
Fighting Back: Canada Carbon’s Aggressive Legal Strategy
Nov. 12, 2018 11:15 PM
Environmental activists use lawfare to block mines they don’t like. Pretending to speak for their “community”, activists can effectively shut down perfectly responsible projects. If mining companies let them. Canada Carbon (V.CCB) took a different approach. The company is fighting back.

Laws and regulations intended to protect the environment and communities can be misused by activists to shut down mining activity altogether or to delay that activity and impose enormous legal costs. A small group of so-called activists can derail a mining project for any one of a number of reasons having very little to do with the actual merits of that project or its environmental impact.


Some mining companies are willing to dig in for the long haul and accept the idea that the activists have the power to block a project for years, if not decades. Often, on advice of counsel, companies adopt a passive, compliant, stance hoping that, in time, the process will “work” and their project will be allowed to proceed.

Canada Carbon (V.CCB) took a much more aggressive approach when activist factions in the community of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge (GSLR), the closest community to CCB’s proposed graphite mine and marble quarry, worked with the municipality to oppose the project.

Back in December of 2016, CCB received the unanimous endorsement of the GSLR municipal council for its proposed graphite mine and marble quarry. At the time CEO R. Bruce Duncan remarked, “The approval of the Project by the Municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge is a significant milestone in the permitting process required for the development of the Miller Project. Their unanimous approval will provide foundational support as we proceed with Project permitting.”

Legal Activity

A group of activists in the community filed legal action to attempt to force the municipality to withdraw its certification of the project and while these actions were defeated in Court in early 2018. A preliminary ruling by the Superior Court which dismissed an application for an injunction also stated that the applicants failed to show that the proposed project violated municipal guidelines (July 2017). A hearing was scheduled for February 2018 to argue the merits, but the activists withdrew their application at the last minute.

The activists also went the political route. In late 2017, a new council was elected in GSLR and that council “made the declaration that Canada Carbon’s application did not conform with municipal regulations”. This, apparently, caused Quebec’s Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec to suspend (or perhaps – it is not clear – close) consideration of CCB’s application pending resolution of the conflicting municipal resolutions.

Through 2018 there have been various legal skirmishes for the most part initiated by the activist members of the GSLR council. The skirmishing became nasty enough that, in May of 2018, a Councilor of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Marc-André Le Gris, was declared a vexatious litigant by the Superior Court of Quebec.

While applying for judicial review of the GSLR flip flopping position, in June of 2018 CCB also brought an action for 96 million dollars in damages against the municipality. This action was designed to preserve CCB’s right to damages in the event that the actions “taken by the Municipality cause the Company's Miller Project to fail or irreparably jeopardize the achievement of social acceptability of the Project”. This action was taken based on an earlier, lower, price for the CCB graphite. The damage claim may be amended and the damages substantially increased in light of the signed off take for nuclear graphite a USD $40,000 a ton for a minimum of 200 tons.

Counsel for GSLR sought to have the damages action dismissed as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (“SLAPP”) action. On November 9, 2018 Judge Danielle Turcotte of the Superior Court of Quebec rendered her judgement on the bench. Judge Turcotte rejected GSLR’s motion to strike down the damages claim and also denied the request for legal costs.

Looking Forward

Companies can waste a lot of time, energy and money embroiled in legal actions driven by activists. CCB’s strategy, faced with activists and politicians who appear to be acting in bad faith, has been to aggressively assert the company’s right to rely on the recorded decisions of the municipal council and the actual law governing mining and quarrying in the Province of Quebec.

That governing law is interesting. It makes a distinction between “mining” and “quarrying”. Graphite is considered a “mineral” for purposes of the Quebec mining law and that means the jurisdiction is exclusively provincial under the Quebec Mining Act and exempted from municipal interference by way of Section 246 of the Planning Act which protects mining projects that are carried out under the Quebec Mining Act. Even Mayor Arnold of GSLR has publicly declared on numerous occasions that GSLR doesn’t have the power to block the Miller graphite mine project because mining falls under provincial jurisdiction not municipal jurisdiction.

It is pretty clear that CCB has the right to mine its graphite without municipal approval if it meets the requirements of the Quebec Mining Act.

The marble quarry does engage the provisions of the Planning Act and opens the question of the degree to which CCB was entitled to rely upon the earlier certification of the Municipality.

In the November 9 release, Duncan stated, “Since GSLR agrees that GSLR does not have the right to block the graphite mine project because of Section 246 of the Planning Act, the Company is now taking the necessary steps to be able to obtain the authorizations necessary to proceed with the mining project.”

On November 16, 2018 CCB will be presenting a motion in court to split its requested judicial review into a consideration of matters under the Mining Act, graphite, and the Planning Act, marble. The issues going to graphite are straightforward and it is reasonable to suppose that the company will be successful in its application.

By “two tracking” the process, CCB is aiming to move forward rapidly on the graphite dimension of its project. Which makes a great deal of sense as the company has already concluded a provisional off take agreement for 200 tons of its nuclear class graphite at USD $40,000 per ton with Dunedin Energy Systems and is actively seeking additional off takes.

The marble may take longer as the legal and regulatory road has more potential roadblocks. However, by moving aggressively on the legal front, CCB has taken the wind from the sails of the activists who oppose the Miller project.
Noch so eine News wie heute und die .20 sind Geschichte- War zwar echt nervenaufreibend aber Mut scheint hier doch belohnt zu werden.
Bin zwar glücklich, dass ich nicht verkauft habe; ärgere mich aber langsam, dass ich nicht nachgelegt habe.

Derzeit kippt das ganze wieder zu gunsten von CCB; im REchtsstreit haben die IMHO die meisten Trümpfe in der Hand. Sollte zu gunsten von CCB entschieden werden, dann der Kurs abgehen.

Ganz schönes Blutbad gestern bei CCB.

Was mich aber gewundert hat, ist, dass nur 2Mio Share (also nur 2% der gesamten Shares) gehandelt wurden. Okay, das die dann zu -40% führen ist bei der derzeitigen Vertrauensbasis kein Wunder.

Hier der bei Stockhouse gepostete Linke zu News:


Steht auch so auf deren Homepage.

Tja, nun wird es wohl juristisch. Mein Englisch ist eigentlich sehr gut; werde mir die News aber erst einaml genau zerlegen und dann entscheiden, was ich heute Nachmittag mache.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.900.030 von wrkmq am 01.02.18 15:18:12Einer auf Stockhouse hat auch den "link" angefordert,der die Ablehnung beinhalten soll.Bisher hat den keiner reingestellt."The Chief"hat direkt Kontakt zu B Duncan,er weiß i.d.R.sehr gut Bescheid,ein Top
Anleger.Er wollte nach der Genehmigung aus dem Pennystock Geschäft aussteigen und sich zur Ruhe setzen.Kommt wohl was dazwischen.Ich denke,da wird es ein Rechtsmittel geben,die Gesetzesänderung
ist auf "Altfälle" wohl nicht anwendbar,dann sieht die Sache schon viel besser aus.
was ich noch viel interessanter finde, ist, dass die bei Stockhouse gepostete News auf CPTAQ nicht exisitiert; ich habe sie zumindest im Bereich "recherche une decision" nicht gefunden. Die News auf Stockhouse wurde als Zitat ohne Link gepostet. Witzig ist nur, dass CPTAQ generell auf Französisch postet; nicht aber auf Englisch. Das wird hier noch echt spannend werden :-)
Obwohl....ich muß mich mal besser mit CPTAQ beschäftigen. DEr Chrief scheint recht viel Ahnung zu haben. Kann CPTAQ überhaupt richterlich entscheiden?!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.883.956 von goofey am 31.01.18 11:07:34Das sieht echt böse aus; mal schauen, wann was offiziell wird.
CCB dürfte tot sein.Es wird keine Abbaugenehmigung geben.Eine offene Bergbaumine verstößt gegen
örtliche Gesetzte.Sind Investoren getäuscht worden?Warum hat man die Exploration genehmigt?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.855.648 von goofey am 28.01.18 20:19:15Nachtrag:"The Chief",ein Anleger, der meist auf Siliconinvestor schreibt,hat 20 Mio. shares nach eigenen
Angaben,er soll mit Bruce Duncan quer liegen,verständlich.Wenn das in die Hose geht hat Duncan die
nächste Company in den Sand gesetzt.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.845.783 von wrkmq am 26.01.18 22:57:16Das trading halt bedeutet nichts Gutes.Anwohner haben geklagt,die gerichtl.Entscheidung steht aus.
Marmosabbau um den Carbonabbau zu finanzieren dürfte wegen Verschandelung der Landschaft
fraglich sein.Etwas verstehe ich nicht.Man erteilt Schürflizenzen,es werden Millionen investiert und dann
machen die Behörden Probleme,wenn es um die Abbaugenehmigung geht.Das hätte man vorher sagen
können bzw.müssen.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.845.783 von wrkmq am 26.01.18 22:57:16Mir persönlich zu spekulativ. Gespannt bin ich trotzdem... ;-)
Trading halted bei CCB.

Bin mal gespannt. Hab die Diskussionen bei Stockhouse lange verfolgt und auch etwas mitgeschrieben. Bin diese Woche mit einer Posi rein....sehr risikoreich...Wenn die keine Genehmigungen bekommen, stirbt der Wert; wenn sie eine bekommen, dannn explodiert der Wert. Eine richtig spannende Wette ;-)
Der user Tensane von Siliconinvestor war auf der PDAC und hat sich die Präsentation von CCB
angesehen,er war sehr beeindruckt.Sein Kommentar:This Projekt will be a big cashcow.
Das Ergebnis dieser PEA bezieht sich nur auf die erforschten 0,22km2.Da ist schon ein Vermögen im Boden.Bezogen auf 100km2,kann jeder selbst ausrechnen.Marmorverkauf 2017,Graphitabbau
Die PEA ist raus,es hat Turbulenzen gegeben.Das war eine erste Einschätzung anhand von vor=
handenen Bohrergebnissen.Das untersuchte Gelände hatte die Größe von 4 Fußballfeldern,das gesamte Areal umfasst ca.100 Km2.Wer sich mehr informieren wil,l sollte auf Siliconinvestor(gold,mining)canadacarbon gehen.Dort werden die interssanten Beiträge geschrieben.
Gestern Handelsstopp,schaun mer mal,kann eigentlich nur positiv sein.Seit 4/2015 keine
Nachricht außer über Reinheitsgrade,etwas dürftig.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.176.859 von hbg55 am 25.11.15 19:57:10Ja,canada carbon hat sich bewegt,ein kleines Wunder!!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.782.548 von hbg55 am 06.10.15 09:14:20

.....aber JETZT haben wir was substantielles zu notieren - schau mal hier..............

Canada Carbon to sell 75,000 t Miller marble material

2015-11-16 12:22 ET - News Release

Mr. Bruce Duncan reports


Canada Carbon Inc. has signed a comprehensive agreement to sell 75,000 tonnes of architectural-quality marble material from its flagship Miller high-purity graphite project. This agreement was signed subsequent to an independent market assessment of architectural blocks and slabs of the Miller marble, which is the host rock to the Miller hydrothermal lump-vein graphite. The agreed base valuation for marble blocks or slabs is $14 per cubic foot, which is approximately $184 per tonne. There are additional provisions for price increases above this base case, as well as royalties to be paid on the sale of all value-added marble products. The term of the contract is to run for one year from the date of the acquisition of the required environmental approvals and an extraction permit to quarry the material, and is renewable. The company will apply for a quarry permit as soon as practicable for the extraction of architectural-quality marble dimensional stone and aggregate. The company continues to advance toward the completion of resource estimates for both graphite and marble, as well as a preliminary economic assessment, for the Miller project..................


RT schon bei...........cad 0,29

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.779.353 von goofey am 05.10.15 18:23:05
Zitat von goofey: Klingt alles sehr schön,aber seit Anfang Mai nichts substantielles zum Wert selbst.Es wird Zeit,daß da mehr kommt als Angaben zur Reinheit.

....VÖLLIG d´accord !!!

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.749.323 von hbg55 am 01.10.15 09:31:11Klingt alles sehr schön,aber seit Anfang Mai nichts substantielles zum Wert selbst.Es wird Zeit,daß da mehr kommt als Angaben zur Reinheit.
Canada Carbon Provides Miller Graphite Samples for ASTM Designation as Standard Reference Material

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Sept. 30, 2015) - Canada Carbon Inc. (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:CCB) is pleased to report that its Miller hydrothermal lump/vein graphite has been selected to be fully characterized as a Standard Reference Material for the chemical analysis of nuclear grade graphites and manufactured carbons by the Subcommittee D02.F0 on Manufactured Carbon and Graphite Products of ASTM International, which has a current primary focus on developing internationally recognized test methods for comprehensive characterization of graphite and manufactured carbon materials used in nuclear and other high-technology applications......



....die ERFOLGS- story dieses wertes hält weiter an - heute gabs folg. PR......

Canada Carbon receives pricing for Miller graphite

2015-07-15 10:44 ET - News Release

Mr. R. Bruce Duncan reports


Canada Carbon Inc. has provided the following update on the company's efforts to obtain indicative pricing for the ultrahigh-purity, thermally upgraded (99.9998 per cent carbon (C(t))) Miller hydrothermal lump/vein (HLV) graphite, as previously announced on May 1, 2015.

The company has received indicative pricing of $12,000 (U.S.) to $14,000 (U.S.) per metric tonne for 99.9998 per cent graphite that is currently used in high-technology electronics industry applications. The non-binding quotation of value, from a participant in the high-purity graphite market that is currently working with Canada Carbon's graphite, represents current pricing for one specific application for ultrahigh-purity graphite, an application which is estimated to require 250 to 350 tonnes per month.

Canada Carbon executive chairman and chief executive officer R. Bruce Duncan stated: "We are delighted to receive our first third party confirmation of real-time pricing for our graphite for a specified market segment. We are working toward obtaining additional third party indicative pricing for other market segments. These indicative pricings will be included in the company's preliminary economic assessment (PEA) and mineral resource estimate for the Miller project, currently under way."...........

RT jetzt schon....cad 0,29

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.959.447 von DrLupilia am 25.12.12 09:57:25
Zitat von DrLupilia: Vielleicht hast Du ja Glück, Deine Schrottanteile durch deine permanente Pusherei an irgendeinen Idioten zu veräußern.

Ich kann nur warnen vor diesem Investment.

Immer das gleiche Prinzip: Erst versprechen, tollkühne Meldungen verbreiten, Pushen, Pushen und nochmals pushen, um bei einigermaßen attraktiven Kursen abzuladen.

Passiert ist dann immer noch nichts.

Reine Abzockerei.

Siehe United Bolero, Bolero Resources, hab ich was vergessen?

Die Bruce Duncan Alarmglocken schrillen hell.

Watch out!;)

Merry Christmas

Tja, manchmal kommt es doch anders, als man denkt !

Seit dem Posting aus Dezember 2012 ist CCB bis auf ein paar Wochen im 2.Quartal 2013 noch niemals wieder unter den Kurs von damals $0,09 gesunken, hat sich zwischenzeitlich aber auch schon mehrfach verdreifacht von dem damaligen Kurs (aktuell wieder):

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.949.839 von hbg55 am 20.12.12 19:25:25
Super News von gestern Abend, 13.05.
Canada Carbon Inc.
Evans Analytical of Liverpool New York Certifies Miller Graphite is of Sufficient Purity for Nuclear Applications

Es wurden gestern über 3 Mio. Aktien gehandelt.
Canada Carbon Obtains Unanimous Support from the Municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus to Develop a Flotation Mill, Upgrading Facility and Laboratory on the Site of the Historic Asbury Graphite Mine


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2015) - Canada Carbon (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:CCB)(OTC PINK:BRUZF)(FRANKFURT:U7N1) is pleased to announce that the Company obtained unanimous support from the municipality of Notre-Dame-Du-Laus during the 5th of May council session. The Municipality has now officially approved Canada Carbon's intention to proceed with the redevelopment of the mill complex on the Asbury site. This support will now make Canada Carbon eligible to apply for economic development grants offered by the Province of Quebec that could be used towards refurbishing the mill site to allow crushers, flotation cells, tailing ponds, and furnaces.

The Ministère du Développement Durable, Environnement et Lutte Contre les Changements Climatiques du Quebec ("MDDELC") is responsible for the permitting of any projects that could result in the creation of environmental contaminants. Geostar Inc., located in Brownsburg-Chatham PQ, has been retained to obtain all existing environmental information about the Asbury Mill Complex, and will then obtain any additional geotechnical, geological, and environmental data necessary to obtain the Certificate of Authorization to operate a graphite mill complex at Asbury.

Multiple studies must be completed in order to obtain a Certificate of Authorization from the MDDELC. These include studies of fauna, flora, hydrogeology, hydrology, watershed, climate, noise, ore and tailings chemistry, process flow sheets, and mill equipment specifications. Environmental assessments done for the historic Asbury Mill permitting and closure plans are available at the MDDELC, and at the Municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus. These historic assessments should significantly reduce the work required to meet the current permitting requirements. No mineral resource estimate or mining study has been completed on the property to demonstrate the technical feasibility or economic viability of the project.

The Company would also like to announce that complete results of the assay program reported January 13th, 2015 are not yet available. Although the results of the reported assay program are still incomplete, the graphite assays received to date have demonstrated that expanded sections of drill core from last fall's drill programs required sampling and assaying, in order to ensure that the graphite mineralized zones will be precisely defined for resource estimation purposes. As soon as these additional assay results are obtained, the complete drill results will be reported.

During 2015, the Company has completed two drill campaigns; totaling 1668.50 metres in 27 holes, to both define the marble units for resource estimation purposes, and to expand the graphite mineralized zones, which remain open on strike and to depth. Drilling operations are currently suspended because of ground conditions during the spring thaw, but they are expected to resume in about two weeks, with hundreds of metres of additional drilling planned on the northwest extension of the VN6 graphite zone, coincident with a 700m induced polarization ("IP") conductive anomaly reported last year (see press release dated October 23rd, 2014).

Additional IP geophysical surveys are currently underway on both the East and West Blocks. The Company will report the results of those surveys after modeling and interpretation of the data are completed. Additional exploration drill campaigns will immediately follow if warranted by these results.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 49.695.267 von Rokky100 am 02.05.15 20:17:03Das steht nirgends direkt.Die Wiedereröffnung einer bereits bestehenden aber geschlossenen Mine wurde beantragt.Alles im Tagebau.Kommt die Genehmigung,kann
es losgehen.Frage,ob mit oder ohne Auflagen.Lies mal,was der "Chief "bei SH so schreibt.Er telefoniert oft mit dem CEO.

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