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01.08.20 16:40:19
Beitrag Nr. 1.421 ()
Top Miner in einem sicheren Land

- Silver Lake Resources reported its fiscal Q4 and FY2020 results this week, trouncing its initial guidance for sales of 223,000 gold-equivalent ounces.

- The mid-tier miner finished the year with gold-equivalent sales of 263,200 ounces at costs well below the industry average.

- The strong results and gold price allowed Silver Lake to bolster its balance sheet to A$269 million, giving the company one of the strongest net cash positions in the sector.

- I continue to see Silver Lake as a top-10 producer, and I would view any 12% plus pullback below A$2.15 as buying opportunities.…
Silver Lake Resources | 1,484 €
01.08.20 20:52:12
Beitrag Nr. 1.422 ()
Nach der Meldung hätte es doch richtig hoch gehen müssen.
Silver Lake Resources | 1,484 €
02.08.20 10:32:42
Beitrag Nr. 1.423 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.619.178 von Morpheusz am 01.08.20 20:52:12Wenn ich es richtig sehe, ist die Meldung vom 21.07 und da ging es auch hoch
Silver Lake Resources | 1,484 €
02.08.20 11:13:35
Beitrag Nr. 1.424 ()
Ach richtig , du hast Recht.
Silver Lake Resources | 1,484 €

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