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Befimmo - ein belgischer Immobilienwert (Seite 2)

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Ergebnis 2017

-EPRA earnings of €3.74 per share, in line with forecasts
-Net result of €5.32 per share
-Net asset value of €56.63 per share
-Loan-to-value ratio of 39.61%

-Confirmation of the proposed final dividend of €0.86 gross per share, payable as from 4 May 2018, bringing the total dividend for the fiscal year to €3.45 gross per share

-Dividend outlook of €3.45 gross per share for the 2018 fiscal year
neueste Zahlen Hj.Bericht

•Net asset value of €57.28 per share
•Dividend forecast confirmed (€3.45 gross per share) for the 2018 fiscal year
Neues von Befimmo
Befimmo SA: Interim statement as at 31 March 2019

Befimmo is putting its announced plan into action
During the first quarter:

- ZIN: Befimmo winsthe public tender of the Flemish Authorities:
◦The 70,000 m² of office space already pre-let for 18 years
◦Capital gain (IAS 40) of €49 million

- Silversquare: extensions and development of new coworking spaces ongoing

- Fair value of the property portfolio up €68.4 million (+2.56%)
- EPRA earnings of €0.72per share (group share)
- Net result of €2.86per share (group share)
- Net asset value of €59.06 per share (group share)

After the close of the first quarter:

- Pavilion:
◦Transaction carried out as part of the dynamic management of the portfolio
◦Distributable capital gain of €14.6 million (€0.57 per share)

- Merger by acquisitionof Beway by Befimmo:
◦Creation of capacity for accretive growth

At constant perimeter, EPRA earnings forecasts per share for the fiscal year confirmed
Dividend for the fiscal year unchanged (€ 3.45 per share)
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Blackrock verkauft
Pursuant to the law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of significant participations and the introduction of a 3% statutory declaration threshold in the articles of association of Befimmo SA,

Befimmo announces that it has received, on 4 November 2019, a transparency declaration from Blackrock. This declaration was done following the downward crossing of the declaration thresholds of 3% on 30 October 2019.
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