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Fluxys’ turnover down 0.9 pct
Fluxys Belgium, operator of the Zeebrugge LNG terminal, said its turnover totalled €399.7 million as of late September 2014, compared to €403.5 million1 for the same period in 2013, a decrease of €3.8 million or 0.9%.

The turnover for regulated activities was slightly down compared with the first nine months of 2013 owing to fewer short-term sales opportunities and the impact of lower OLO interest rates on tariff settlements, the company said in a statement.

Investments worth €55.8 million made between January and September 2014

In 2014, the budget for planned investments in infrastructures amounts to €95 million. As of end September 2014, investment expenditure totaled approximately €55.8 million. The largest projects are:

A second jetty for loading and unloading LNG carriers is currently under construction at the LNG terminal. Ships with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 217,000 m³ of LNG will be able to berth at this new jetty from 2015, including so-called bunker ships which load LNG to supply other vessels fueled by LNG;
Fluxys Belgium has begun to restructure and renovate its pipeline grid in and around Ghent with a view to being able to continue to efficiently supply the region;
The necessary preparations for the construction of the Alveringem-Maldegem pipeline (the Belgian section of the Dunkirk-Zeebrugge cross-border pipeline) are underway, meaning that work on laying the pipeline can begin in spring 2015, with the pipeline itself being commissioned in parallel with the Dunkirk LNG terminal.
28.11.14 11:48:53
Fluxys raises EUR 350 million in private bond placement
Fluxys Belgium, the operator of the Zeebrugge LNG terminal, reports on the arrangement of a private placement of bonds with a total nominal value of €350 million.

Total market appetite reached over €700 million, which confirms the confidence of institutional fixed income investors in Fluxys Belgium’s credit and the key role of the Belgian natural gas grid as crossroads for Northwestern Europe, according to statement by Fluxys.

To refinance the retail bond issued by Fluxys Belgium in 2009 and which matures in 2015, Fluxys Belgium went on an extensive pan-European roadshow with Europe’s largest fixed income investors. On the basis of very positive feedback received during the roadshow, Fluxys Belgium on 20 November raised €350 million from more than 40 investors in 7 countries. Despite the large number of new bonds that were brought to the market on 20 November, the investors showed a lot of appetite for the bond as there was over €700 million of demand. The private debt placement is split between two tranches:

a €250 million 15-year tranche priced at 2.802% (140bps over midswap) and maturing November 2029;
a €100 million 20-year tranche priced at 3.29% (168bps over midswap) and maturing November 2034.
Through this transaction Fluxys Belgium locks in record low bond coupon levels. With tenors of 15 and 20 years the company also achieves one of the longest tenors ever in the nascent European private placement market by a non rated corporate issuer.

The transaction was managed by BNP Paribas and ING as coordinating banks and joint bookrunners and by Belfius Bank and Crédit Agricole CIB as joint bookrunners. The bonds will be settled through the securities settlement system of the National Bank of Belgium and will be listed on Euronext Brussels as of 27 November 2014.
24.03.15 08:59:04
Fluxys, Enagas agree joint acquisition of Swedegas

Fluxys and Enagás have agreed to jointly acquire Swedegas, the company which owns and operates Sweden’s entire high-pressure gas pipeline network, from EQT Infrastructure.

Enagás and Fluxys will each invest around €100 million in terms of equity and in addition, third party debt financing will be provided at competitive terms, companies said in a statement. Both companies are managed as ownership unbundled Transmission System Operators as modelled by the European Union.

Swedegas, certified as TSO by the Swedish regulator (EI), owns around 600 km of high-pressure gas pipelines and an underground Storage facility, Skallen, located nearby Halmstad. It is also developing a bunkering/small scale LNG terminal in Gothenburg categorised as a project of common interest by the EU.
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Fluxys LNG considers additional expansion at Zeebrugge
Fluxys LNG, operator of the Zeebrugge terminal, launched a market test on Thursday to evaluate the appetite for additional capacity at the LNG terminal in Belgium.

As emission regulations for transport and industry become more stringent and European policy paves the way for greener fuels, LNG reveals itself as a low emission and economical alternative, and small-scale LNG solutions to accommodate this market are developing swiftly throughout Europe, Fluxys LNG said.

Against this backdrop, Fluxys LNG is considering to extend the Zeebrugge terminal as and when the market needs additional capacity. In this preliminary phase, Fluxys LNG conducts a market test to evaluate the appetite for small-scale LNG services such as loading small LNG bunker and feeder vessels as well as LNG trailer loading services.

Furthermore, with gas production in Europe steadily declining, additional imports of LNG will be required to ensure security and diversification of supply.

Fluxys LNG said it is also keen to hear from interested parties during this market test which services have to be developed and offered in order to optimize their participation in the LNG supply chain.

The company will hold bilateral discussions with interested parties through to the end of September.

Depending on the outcome of this market test, an open season is scheduled for Q4 2015 with a view to concluding firm long-term commitments so as to have a sound basis for taking final investment decisions, Fluxys LNG added.
01.04.16 10:13:06
Fluxys acquires Gazprom stake in Interconnector (UK)

Fluxys has concluded an agreement with Gazprom to acquire the latter’s 10% stake in Interconnector (UK), owner and operator of the subsea pipeline between the UK and Belgium. The transaction has successfully been closed today.

The Interconnector is a vital bidirectional transmission link connecting the UK to Continental European markets. The pipeline offers the UK market both security of supply and a unique tool for physical export to mainland Europe, contributing to the diversification of sources for Continental Europe.

Walter Peeraer, Managing Director and CEO of Fluxys, said: “Through the acquisition of Gazprom’s stake Fluxys becomes majority shareholder in Interconnector (UK) and we are fully aligned with our co-shareholders to move the company forward.”

Fluxys through the transaction increases its direct stake in Interconnector (UK) to 35%. Besides its direct stake, Fluxys holds with industry partner Snam on a 50/50 basis a joint stake of 31.50% in Interconnector (UK) and Fluxys shareholder Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec holds an interest of 33.5% in the company.
30.09.16 10:30:05
Fluxys Belgium posts lower H1 profit
Fluxys Belgium, the operator of the Zeebrugge LNG terminal, on Wednesday said its net profit for the first half of 2016 reached €19.7 million, down from €26.9 million in the same period in 2015.

The operating revenue came at €237.8 million during the period under review, a 9.3 percent drop compared to the €262.1 million recorded in the first half of 2016, Fluxys said in its latest financial report.

According to the report, out of the €195 million earmarked for investment, €54.2 million have already been invested during the first six months of the year, of which approximately €34 million went into LNG infrastructure projects.

Fluxys Belgium is constructing the fifth LNG storage tank at the Zeebrugge liquefied natural gas terminal, as well as a second jetty that would enable the facility to receive small-scale LNG vessels. The second jetty is set for commissioning in the fourth quarter 2016.

Although fewer LNG vessels were unloaded in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period the previous year, the LNG terminal had a favorable utilization rate compared to other terminals in northwest Europe, Fluxys said.

In comparison to the first six months of 2015, more large LNG vessels were loaded and small-scale LNG activity increased.

The number of truck loadings increased, reaching 772 tanker trucks in the first half of 2016, compared to the 556 trucks in the same period in 2015. Fluxys said it also intends to build a second loading station at the facility in 2017.

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