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Valence Industries - Uley Graphite Projekt - Die letzten 30 Beiträge


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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.041.825 von abbi4 am 24.10.18 14:08:29https://www.asx.com.au/asx/share-price-research/company/QGL
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.819.556 von Pirat_Micha am 28.09.18 07:19:26Jipp, hab ich mich auch drüber gefreut,

aber es scheint sich nix zu bewegen.
Kann auch nirgends Infos finden!

Hat jemand welche oder zu SER?

weiter Fortschritte....
Vielleicht einfach selbst die Meldungen der letzten 6 Monate durchlesen :)

Bald sollten die im Depot gebuchten Aktien wieder Handelbar sein

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 54.767.554 von schniddelwutz am 20.04.17 16:14:06Ups ich nochmal,

sorry habe mich vertan.
Ich hatte Pirat Michi im SER Forum gefragt, warum es eine Kapitalerhöhung bei SER gibt.
Kleine Verwechselung. Sorry, aber dich interessiert es auch , oder?

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 54.767.554 von schniddelwutz am 20.04.17 16:14:06Hi,

ich glaube du hast mich falsch verstanden. Oder auch nur im falschen Forum geantwortet.
Nicht Valence inds macht eine Kapitalerhöhung sondern SER.

Im Depot habe ich die Valence auch noch mit 2400 Stk zu 278,06 €.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 53.038.141 von abbi4 am 11.08.16 12:31:52und sie stehn noch immer im depot, 4009 stk zu 320,72 aud:confused::confused::confused:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 53.038.141 von abbi4 am 11.08.16 12:31:52
Was hier gelaufen ist, ist alles sehr fragwürdig !

Hallo ,
hat jemand neue Infos.

Auf einmal steht in meinem Depot wieder ein Wert für VALENCE INDS LTD !
Ich hatte ein Schreiben von meiner Bank bekommen, das VALENCE INDS LTD insolvent ist.
Und nu steht VALENCE INDS LTD mit 0,08 USD in meinem Depot.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.540.819 von abbi4 am 20.01.16 18:02:59alle Unternehmensnews findest du hier:


M.M. nach solltest du dich gedanklich auf den worst case vorbereiten, d.h. das Unternehmen geht ohne Wiedraufnahme des Handels in die Administration (Insolvenz)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.203.874 von IllePille am 30.11.15 12:05:37Hi IllePille,

hast du schon neue Infos zum Thema Kapitalerhöhung , oder sonst jemand?

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.203.352 von abbi4 am 30.11.15 11:03:28
Zitat von abbi4: Hallo ,

weiß jemand etwas über die Aktionen von Valence Ind..
Seit 16.11. keine Aktualisierung mehr in meinem Depot???????

Eine Info oder Hinweise wäre ich dankbar!


alle news von VXL findest du http://www.asx.com.au/asx/research/company.do#!/vxl
. Aktuell ist die Aktie vom Handel ausgesetzt wegen geplanter Kapitalmaßnahmen
Hallo ,

weiß jemand etwas über die Aktionen von Valence Ind..
Seit 16.11. keine Aktualisierung mehr in meinem Depot???????

Eine Info oder Hinweise wäre ich dankbar!

Halo Pirat_Micha,

hast du Infos darüber, warum im Depot die Aktie
kein Kurswert mehr angezeigt wird.?

Ist das Papier zur Zeit nicht handelbar? Oder hast du sonst eine Info?

PERTH (miningwekly.com) – Graphite miner Valence Industries' share price surged on Monday as the company announced a reduction in its overall debt facilities from the initially planned $75-million to $40-million. The decision came after the company in September announced a revision to the planned expansion programme at its Uley facilities, in South Australia, to improve the existing processing plant with the addition of grinding and screening capacity. These enhancements were expected to generate more higher-grade product at a lower processing cost, while accelerating the increase in overall capacity from 14 000 t/y to a target of more than 21 000 t/y. The required capital expenditure for this 50% increase in output capacity has been estimated at only A$7-million. The Uley operation delivered its first graphite in June. Valence said on Monday that the drawdown under an initial finance facility would amount to $20-million.

The syndicated finance members have already completed the key technical due diligence for this facility and have undertaken a review of the nature and scope of Valence’s engagement with customers. Completion of the due diligence and closure of the initial funding facility is expected shortly. Valence also has a A$5-million bridging facility in place, of which A$4.5-million has already been drawn down to fund the company’s short-term financing requirements. The graphite miner said it was committed to funding the expansion programme through the syndicated finance facilities. It added that completing the financing through a staged approach would ensure that Valence’s capital requirements were properly met and structured within the company’s expected production profile and repayment capability. Valence's shares were trading at a high of 16c each on Monday, up from an opening price of 14c each. Edited by: Chanel de Bruyn Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor Online

It is our preference that if you wish to share this article with others you should please use the following link:

Valence Industries 2015 Annual Financial Report
...läuft alles nicht wie erwartet ..


Interessant was sich Darby und der Rest des Vorstand an Gehältern zahlt,aber die kleinen werden entlassen :keks:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.713.854 von Pirat_Micha am 26.09.15 09:08:22Danke Pirat_Micha,

sehr interessant mal neue Infos zu erfahren.
Mal sehen wie es weitergeht.

South Australia’s big graphite push

Valance Industries (ASX:VXL): This week the company reported its treatment plant at Uley was producing 94% grade concentrate. Its main buyers are companies in the traditional graphite space, such as makers of lubricants, drilling fluids, expandable graphites and fire retardants. However, the plant will be working at 50% capacity until April next year while improvements are made to lift grade, and 60% of the staff has been laid off in the meantime.

No doubt this will be seen as a disappointing development when so much hope and expectation has been invested in the graphite story, especially as the company’s Uley mine has only just been revived after being put out of business by Chinese dumping in the 1990s. Valence shares lost 10.2% on the news
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.467.011 von Pirat_Micha am 24.08.15 06:16:04soweit ich es evrstehe, sehen die Bohrungsergebnisse ganz gut aus. Warum geht dann der Kurs auf Talfahrt? Einfach nur weil es überall z.Zt.so ist?
Patersons has "buy" recommendation on Valence Industries and a price target of 51¢. "Valence Industries (VXL) has seen its share price fall dramatically during the past 12 months from a high of 85¢ a share. This occurred despite the progress that has been made in bringing its Uley Graphite Plant into production, materially increasing Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources at Uley and completing a Feasibility Study into a substantial expansion in production, including a downstream beneficiation plant in Adelaide. We view VXL achieving nameplate capacity and specification on schedule by September as a key catalyst, as well as finalising all conditions precedent for receipt of the full debt funding facility and commencement of expansion facility construction both at Uley and Adelaide."



• Production rates increasing
• Graphite shipments scheduled to commence over next 6 weeks
• High proportion of coarse flake graphite production up to +35 mesh (0.5mm)

Valence Industries (the ‘Company’) is pleased to provide an update on graphite production at Uley in South Australia.

The production throughput rate at the Company’s Uley GraphiteTM processing plant in South Australia has increased progressively since commencement of production in mid June 2015.
The plant has been operating around the clock, subject to periodic stoppages every few days for on-going process enhancements and calibration. Throughput rates have increased over the past three weeks to the current rate of 15 tonnes per hour, moving towards nameplate capacity of 20 tonnes per hour.

Operational production continues to confirm the ability of Valence Industries to produce very large flake sizes from the existing stockpiles. Larger flake sizes are in demand and typically command a premium price in the market. The existing plant is currently producing more than 71% in the larger flake fractions from existing stockpiles, and is producing a significant 33% of +50 mesh (jumbo flake) and +35 mesh (super jumbo flake).

The Company is pleased with the performance of the plant with purity levels exceeding 89% being achieved at this early stage of production. Purity levels are anticipated to continue to increase as the plant moves to nameplate capacity. The Company still expects to reach nameplate capacity at 20 tonnes per hour in September 2015 as planned.

The Company is processing existing stockpiles with an average contained graphite of 6.3% and will
transition to higher grade (12.1%) run of mine material from the new open pit, Uley Pit 2, in Q4 CY 2015.
The combination of increased feed rate and higher grade will allow for increased output capacity.
The Company is building inventories of processed graphite for specific orders (in purity and flake size) to
supply existing sales contracts. Sales shipments are expected to commence from site over the next 6
weeks, and will increase progressively as production rates increase.

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