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Earth Unlimited? (Seite 161)

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DISRUPTIVE, REVOLUTIONARY (low-)cost, (low-)carbon Radio Frequency(RF) EOR technology, for in situ oil sands +heavy oil production(HAS the potential to save billions of dollars in oil sands production costs, by reducing both -capital and operating costs, by @least 50 percent. RF XL offers immediate and significant improvements in GHG emissions, water use, land use, and does not require the use of solvents. As an electrically driven process, RF XL can eventually provide a clear pathway to zero GHG emissions production. Of heavy oil, and oil sands.)




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- AccelewareLtd
Am 19.11.2012 veröffentlicht
RF Heating using electromagnetic energy describes the technology of heating of bitumen and/or heavy oil in oil-sand mediums using radio frequency (electromagnetic) energy. Radio frequency heating (RF heating or also RF-MW heating) uses antennas or electrodes to heat the buried formation. This enables a quick and efficient heating of hydrocarbons by coupling antennas into the reservoir. -

-Jeff Russell
Am 06.12.2017 veröffentlicht
Acceleware Ltd - Highlighting the company and potential returns it offers. They are developing a Radio Frequency technology to extract bitumen in an environmentally conscious manner.

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Corporate Presentation - https://www.acceleware.com/sites/all/...

Geoff Clark on BNN - https://www.bnn.ca/commodities/video/...

SDTC Project Funding - https://www.sdtc.ca/en/portfolio/proj... -
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- Carbon Engineering Ltd.
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This video explains CE's "air to fuels" technology, which uses clean electricity to convert captured atmospheric CO2 and water into liquid transportation fuels. CE is commercializing this technology to produce large volumes of fuel to help displace crude oil and GHG emissions from transportation. -

- The Globe and Mail
Am 08.01.2016 veröffentlicht
The Globe and Mail's Ivan Semeniuk looks at how a Canadian company, Carbon Engineering, wants to take carbon capture technologies one step further by turning that carbon into fuel -

- Carbon Engineering Ltd.
Am 16.02.2012 veröffentlicht
This video explains the rationale and motivation behind direct capture of CO2 from the atmosphere (air capture), the air capture process itself, and what Carbon Engineering is doing to commercialize air capture in today's economy. (http://www.carbonengineering.com) -
REVOLUTIONARY, world's FIRST (commercial-scale) greenhouse gas-to-AirCarbon manufacturing facility


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