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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.386.348 von R-BgO am 07.12.17 09:55:45Na das steht ja im crassen Gegensatz zu dem
Thinktankbericht...Offshore ja oder Offshore nein...
Glaskugel bitte!

"Echoing the criticism of too much hype surrounding U.S. shale from the Saudi oil minister last week, a new report finds that shale drilling is still largely not profitable. Not only that, but costs are on the rise and drillers are pursuing “irrational production.”

Riyadh-based Al Rajhi Capital dug into the financials of a long list of U.S. shale companies, and found that “despite rising prices most firms under our study are still in losses with no signs of improvement.” The average return on asset for U.S. shale companies “is still a measly 0.8 percent,” the financial services company wrote in its report.

Moreover, the widely-publicized efficiency gains could be overstated, at least according to Al Rajhi Capital. The firm said that in the third quarter of 2017, the “average operating cost per barrel has broadly remained the same without any efficiency gains.” Not only that, but the cost of producing a barrel of oil, after factoring in the cost of spending and higher debt levels, has actually been rising quite a bit.

Shale companies often tout their rock-bottom breakeven prices, and they often use a narrowly defined metric that only includes the cost of drilling and production, leaving out all other costs. But because there are a lot of other expenses, only focusing on operating costs can be a bit misleading.

Was ist jetzt mit Brent crude und wti crude Preis?
Wird der jetzt fallen oder steigen ?
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Mist habe puts für den herbst
Habe schon gehofft es geht unter 60. danke für die antwort
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Komisch aber das Öl rebounded
Während Nickel, Zink, Blei und so minus 2 heute sind

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