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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 53.829.253 von Reiners am 05.12.16 10:57:42.....nur ver3facht in 18 Monaten? ;)

An dieser Stelle würde mich interessieren wie lange die Aktie gehalten wird bzw. Gewinne realisiert werden? Teilverkäufe bieten sich hier wohl auch an.

Auf METRO;) und Dank an Rainers!!!

Nice, Bauxite Referenz Preis wieder über 50 USD/T


CBIX up, alumina up, freight down.

CBIX rose 2.2% (US$1.1/dmt) over the week, as higher Value in Use (ViU)-priced cargos from Australia, Guinea and Brazil continued to dominate the index. The absence of lower priced (ViU) Malaysian ore as a counter-balance means the index continues to more fully reflect the value of bauxite sourced from the world’s most established and stable producers. On the ground in Malaysia, export activity remains sluggish implying stockpiles will not be cleared before year end and furthering the likelihood that the mining ban will continue into 2017. Against this backdrop, Malaysian prices have not moved, at US$27.5/dmt FOB for un-washed and US$39.5/dmt FOB for washed material.

Chinese domestic alumina prices jumped again, with the north up 3.4% (RMB94/t or US$13.6/t) to RMB2,853/t (US$414/t) and the south up 2.2% (RMB60/t or US$8.7/t) to RMB2,840/t (US$412/t) on the back of continuing tight supply, driven by smelter ramp-ups and winter stocking, and transport tightness (on-going crackdown on truck overloading). The government’s renewed focus on environmental compliance reached new heights over the week, with alleged breaches by bauxite mines supplying Chalco's Shanxi Huaxing refinery, and the refinery itself exposed on national TV for dumping waste into a tributary of the Yellow River. Strong rhetoric from central authorities about environmental conformance is likely to continue to keep pressure on the industry.

Environmental audits are also causing local tightness in bauxite supply in Shanxi, as many mines suspend production and prices head higher. As a result, there are delays in ramping up production from a number of refineries. Any delays in ramping up Chinese alumina production are likely to lead to higher domestic prices, which will likely flow through to ROW markets, and with the situation in China unlikely to be resolved quickly, higher prices could be sustained for at least the next three months.

A drop in vessel timecharter rates and a small drop in bunker (fuel) prices have reduced the capesize freight rate on the Guinea-Shandong route by 8% (US$1.3/wmt) to US$14.5/wmt. A slight rise in timecharter rates countered by the bunker price fall has left panamax rates on the North Australia to Shandong route flat at US$6.1/wmt.

Little known und Übernahmekandidat durch Rio Tinto, das sind Stichpunkte, die mir sehr gut gefallen


Little known Metro Mining looms as Australia's next likely bauxite exporter after prevailing in the contested $50 million takeover battle for Queensland bauxite aspirant Gulf Alumina.

Confirmation that Metro had taken a controlling stake in Gulf came on the day that bauxite prices surged above $US50 per tonne for the first time since December 2015, and as prices for alumina and aluminium continue to rally.

Metro and Moly Mines had in recent months both lobbed takeover bids for Gulf, which has been developing a bauxite export business near Rio Tinto's Weipa operations on the Cape York Peninsula.

Metro already owned 39 per cent of Gulf from a previous takeover attempt when Moly started the bidding war in September.

Both bidders improved their bids several times before Moly was effectively ruled out of the contest on November 28 when the ASX declared it would not allow the company to resume trading.

Moly had been suspended from trading since April 2014 on the grounds that it no longer had any operating businesses, and appears to have suffered for its long-standing connection to controversial Chinese investor Hanlong.

​Several Hanlong executives have been jailed for insider trading in recent years and the ASX ruling came despite Moly offering to remove Hanlong representatives from its board.
'Exceptional value deal':eek:

Since Thursday, Metro received acceptances from the Gulf executives who accounted for about 55 per cent of Gulf shares, giving it more than 90 per cent control of the target.

Metro has bauxite tenements that are adjacent to Gulf's, and Metro boss Simon Finnis said he hoped the combined company could be exporting bauxite by 2018.

"We think this is a great deal with great timing and it is an exceptional value deal," he said.

"From a geographical point of view it is completely logical that these things should be together."

When asked if the acquisition made Metro a natural takeover target for Rio, Mr Finnis said: "Who knows what is going to happen in the future, we just want to get into business.":eek::eek::eek:

Metro was backed by London lender Greenstone Capital, which will also become the largest shareholder in the combined entity.

Metro shares were fetching as little as 4.5¢ in January but they have since more than tripled, and at 15.5¢ on Monday were fetching their highest price of 2016.

Bauxite was traditionally mined by vertically-integrated aluminium producers, but with China short of high quality bauxite, aluminium producers such as Rio and Alcoa are starting to export the bulk commodity from Australia to rival aluminium producers.

Read more: http://www.afr.com/business/mining/metro-mining-wins-bidding…
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 53.829.253 von Reiners am 05.12.16 10:57:42
Zitat von Reiners: Also mit meinem Metro Tipp bist Du schon über 40% im plus

da muss ich Dich ein bisschen enttäuschen, ;)
der EK liegt schon woanders
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 53.830.973 von Popeye82 am 05.12.16 16:53:42"da muss ich Dich ein bisschen enttäuschen, ;)
der EK liegt schon woanders "


Nieriger ? Um so besser :D

Höher ? Dann hast Du zu spät auf mich gehört :laugh:
So. Heute nochmal 25 k zugekauft. Ich denke für die News ist Metro noch relativ günstig. VG Penny

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