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In diesem Thread soll die Aktie des norwegischen Unternehmens Hexagon (NO0003067902) besprochen werden.

Das Unternehmen: „Hexagon Composites ASA ist ein Weltmarktführer im Bereich leichte Verbundflaschen für die Lagerung und den Transport von Gas unter Druck.“ Die Produkte dienen vor allem zum Speichern von Erdgas. Das Unternehmen entwickelt und produziert aber auch Speicher für Wasserstoff, was im Hinblick auf das Wachstum des Marktes für Brennstoffzellen interessant ist. Der Unternehmenssitz ist Norwegen, es bestehen aber auch Produktionsstätten in den USA, Russland und Litauen.
Mitbewerber: z.B. Quantum Technologies.

Key developments aus dem letzten Quartalsbericht:
“- Continued strong Group margins according to targets.
- Very good utilization rates in the Low Pressure Cylinders segment
- Strong Gas Distribution Products order book and increasing order intake from Heavy Duty segment
- After the end of the quarter, Hexagon Lincoln acquired MasterWorks securing key technology and enhanced engineering capacity within the High Pressure Cylinder segment.”
Quelle: Unternehmenswebseite

Marktkapitalisierung: 331,97 Mio. EUR
KGV 2015: 13,18
Dividenden-Rendite: 2,7%
Quelle: Consorsbank

Free float: knapp 30%
Größter Aktionär: FLAKK HOLDING AS
Quelle: Unternehmenswebseite

Gewinn pro Aktie (erwartet):
2011: 0,01
2012: 0,00
2013: 0,07
2014: 0,12
2015: 0,18
2016: 0,32
Quelle: Onvista

Zuletzt gezahlte Dividenden (NOK)
2007: 0,00
2008: 0,00
2009: 0.23
2010: 0.07
2011: 0,00
2012: 0.15
2013: 0.33
Quelle: Unternehmenswebseite

Nächste Dividende: 20.03.2015
Quelle: Bloomberg

Leider ist der Titel sehr volatil, die Aktie ist auch alles andere als liquide, v.a. in Deutschland.
52W Hoch (30.05.2014) 4,82 EUR
52W Tief (05.12.2014) 2,12 EUR
Auf Jahressicht ist der Wert mit gut 25% im Minus, auf Sicht von drei Jahren aber knapp 200% im Plus (gemessen an den Kursen der LSE).
Quelle: Consorsbank, Stand: 13.01.

Webseite: http://www.hexagon.no/
24.02.16 16:37:05
Die Kurs- und Umsatzentwicklung bei Hexagon Comp. sah im letzten Jahr nicht wirklich prickelnd aus, immerhin ist aber die Rückkehr in die Gewinnzone gelungen, wenn auch auf einem niedrigen Niveau.

Das Unternehmen besetzt interessante Themenfelder, insofern sollte es sich lohnen, die Entwicklung weiter zu beobachten:

Gründung einer eigenen Business Unit für das Wasserstoff-Speicher:

Expansion in Brasilien:

Neuer Auftrag im Bereich "mobile Pipeline":

Neuer Kunde für CNG-Tanks:
01.03.16 16:36:31
Hexagon Composites announces proposed private placement of new shares and strategic cooperation agreement with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

04.05.16 13:32:29
Der Annual Report 2015:


Auszug: "North American orders from the oil and gas sector have stopped, and general macro-related uncertainties have delayed investment decisions in Latin America. We continue to expect significant growth opportunities in these markets medium and long term, but have limited visibility at this point in time."

Zum Thema E-Autos mit Brennstoffzelle:
"Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are essential to the global low-carbon, low-emission future. We are well positioned across the hydrogen value chain with strong operations supporting passenger cars, transit buses, ground storage and backup power solutions. We expect increasing momentum during 2016."
"On 29 February 2016 we announced that an agreement has been entered into with Mitsui & Co. whereby they will assume around 25% ownership of Hexagon Composites. We are very proud to have such a highly reputed global company as a significant shareholder. The deal will significantly strengthen our balance sheet and prepare us for both organic and non-organic growth in the years

Mobile Pipeline™: Drive recovery within Mobile Pipeline™ solutions. Offer leasing
options to customers.
• CNG Automotive: Leverage advantages in scale and technology to secure profitability.
Develop and implement a strategic sales approach to grow in North
America and globally.
• Low-Pressure Cylinders LPG: Leverage new production technology to increase
customer value. Secure high-capacity utilization by continuing to build the
recurring customer base.
• Hydrogen: Commercialize our Hydrogen product portfolio.
06.09.16 00:02:34
Results for the second quarter and first half year 2016

In the second quarter 2016 Hexagon Composites generated NOK 315.6 (413.9) million in operating income and made an operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) of NOK 37.0 (37.4) million. Operating profit (EBIT) was NOK 19.7 (23.2) million and profit/loss before tax came to NOK 18.4 (-11.7) million.

Operating results in the second quarter were impacted positively by a 20% growth in revenues within the Low-Pressure Cylinders segment versus the same period last year. However weak sales volumes within High-Pressure Cylinders continue to hamper overall profitability for the Group. The realized cost initiatives executed towards the end of 2015 are proving effective in countering the above volume reductions.

The first half year of 2016 provided an operating income of NOK 607.2 (815.5) million and had an operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) of NOK 55.6 (90.2) million. The operating profit (EBIT) was NOK 22.9 (62.7) million and profit before tax was NOK 15.8 (41.6) million.

Key developments:

Strong performance in Low-Pressure Cylinders.

Profitability impacted by soft Heavy-Duty Truck sales.

Mobile Pipeline® sales have improved versus first quarter but still relatively low Order intake for deliveries later in the year is healthy.

Announced joint merger of Heavy- and Medium-Duty CNG Automotive Products with Agility Fuel Systems to form Agility Fuel Solutions with closing targeted for 1st October 2016.
Repaid all outstanding bank loans in the quarter.

Announced joint venture agreement with Siddha Gas Technik in India to pursue opportunities in India's natural gas market.

Other important events in the half-year reported previously

The Group received NOK 667 million from a private placement of new shares and entered a strategic cooperation agreement with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Awarded extension of long-term agreement with New Flyer Industries for the North American transit bus market.

Acquisition of 67% of a Brazilian entity to pursue fuel systems opportunities for transit buses and heavy-duty trucks in South America and Africa.

Awarded a significant Mobile Pipeline® order for distribution of biomethane in the UK.
Commenced a business viability study of a proposed joint venture with Mitsui & Co., and Toray Industries, to manufacture and sell high-pressure cylinders for hydrogen vehicles in Japan.


Und dann die Super-Nachricht vom 22.08.:
Hexagon Composites develops next generation hydrogen cylinder for Daimler's new Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL
http://www.hexagon.no/news--media/news?press_id=2036354&time…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc noopener">http://www.hexagon.no/news--media/news?press_id=2036354&time…
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26.11.16 15:45:01

In the third quarter 2016 Hexagon Composites generated NOK 266.2 (256.9) million in operating income and made an operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) of NOK 4.6 (-31.0) million. Operating profit (EBIT) was NOK -12.4 (-43.8) million and profit/loss before tax came to NOK -18.4 (-56.0) million.

Operating results in the third quarter were impacted positively by a 52% growth in revenues within the Low-Pressure segment versus the same period last year. However weak sales volumes of Mobile Pipeline® hamper overall profitability for the Group. The realized cost initiatives executed towards the end of 2015 have a positive year-over-year impact on results.

Meldung vom 10.11.:
Hexagon Ragasco enters strategic partnership with Lipigas in Chile
"Chile is a well-established LPG market, with strong focus on secure handling and safety. Bottled LPG is the primary energy source for Chilean homes."

Meldung vom 23.11.:
Hexagon Composites' subsidiary Hexagon Ragasco has received an order for composite LPG cylinders from Woqod at a total value of EUR 4.6 million (around NOK 41 million).

03.03.17 00:43:32

In the fourth quarter 2016 Hexagon Composites generated NOK 347.1 (371.4) million in operating income and made an operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) of NOK 314.7 (40.9) million. Operating profit (EBIT) was NOK 288.7 (18.6) million and profit/loss before tax came to NOK 304.9 (14.7) million. The results include a one-off gain of NOK 348 million, with corresponding tax provision charges of NOK 122 million, recognized as a result of the Agility Fuel Solutions ("Agility") transaction executed at the start of the quarter. The results also include one-off costs and movement in accruals contained to the quarter of approximately NOK 46 million.


Joint Venture mit NEL und Powercell:

http://www.hexagon.no/news--media/news?press_id=2072118&time…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc noopener">http://www.hexagon.no/news--media/news?press_id=2072118&time…
06.06.17 21:41:39
Top Manufacturers Analysis in Hydrogen Storage market 2017:-
Hexagon auf Platz 7:

1. Air Liquide
2. Linde AG
3. Praxair Inc.
4. Worthington Industries Inc.
5. Luxfer Holdings PLC
6. Mcphy Energy S.A.
7. Hexagon Composites ASA
8. Hbank Technologies Inc.
9. Inoxcva
10. VRV S.P.A

06.06.17 21:45:42
Zahlen für Q1 / 2017:

In the first quarter 2017 Hexagon Composites generated NOK 346.2 (291.6) million in operating income and made an operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) of NOK 35.1 (18.6) million. Operating profit (EBIT) was NOK 16.6 (3.2) million and profit/loss before tax came to NOK 6.3 (-2.6) million.

Key developments:
- Record high sales in the Low-Pressure segment
- Strong Mobile Pipeline® sales driven by large order deliveries to oil and gas customer
- Received an order for gas container modules from EGAS in Pakistan with a total estimated value of EUR 2.6 million (around NOK 21 million)
- Awarded a substantial order for cylinders from Air Products for hydrogen transportation in Germany
- Finalized the joint venture agreement with Nel ASA and PowerCell Sweden AB for integrated hydrogen projects initially focused on the maritime and marine segments.

After balance sheet date:
- Entered into long-term agreement with Certarus and received a TITAN® order worth USD 20.6 million (around NOK 177 million).

===> Das sieht doch alles ziemlich erfreulich aus!
07.10.17 13:52:17

Hexagon Composites' subsidiary Hexagon Lincoln announces a follow-on purchase order for TITAN® 4 trailers from Certarus Ltd. with a total value of USD 11 million (around NOK 86 million). The Mobile Pipeline® modules will serve the industrial sector in North America.

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