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      schrieb am 16.09.19 13:46:06
      Beitrag Nr. 16 ()
      Ich bin kürzlich eingestiegen

      Die Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung scheinen zu greifen und RR kündigt einen stark wachsenden Free Cashflow an.
      Die neuen Triebwerke scheinen auch keine Ausfälle oder Macken zu haben und sollten hoffentlich ähnlich MTU zu Wartungsverträgen länger Geld in die Kassen spülen.

      Die Zahlen sehen bisher noch nicht so rosig aus, da sie gut in Vorleistung gegangen sind bei Investitionen und auch bilanziell bei den Verkäufen (wird in der Präsentation erwähnt).

      Ich bin gespannt..
      Rolls-Royce Holdings | 9,192 €
      schrieb am 25.03.19 19:42:14
      Beitrag Nr. 15 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.540.584 von R-BgO am 02.01.19 11:46:34
      jetzt bis aufs Erinnerungsstück rausgeschmissen
      schrieb am 17.02.19 14:16:25
      Beitrag Nr. 14 ()
      N3 Wartungswerk keine Auswirkungen???

      Naja wenn an sich in der Instandsetzung auskennt, dann weis man wie viele Level es im EMP eines Engines gibt nämlich 1, 2, 3 und 4.

      N3 ist für die Wartung von 200 Triebwerken / Jahr ausgelegt. Im Moment werden in Arnstadt mehr als 100 gewartet laut Bericht, das ist eine Auslastung von nur wieviel%????
      schrieb am 02.01.19 11:46:34
      Beitrag Nr. 13 ()
      ein paar zugekauft
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      schrieb am 26.10.18 20:09:28
      Beitrag Nr. 12 ()
      Rolls-Royce Says It’s ‘Far Short’ of Engines for Airbus Jet…

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      schrieb am 09.07.18 09:30:49
      Beitrag Nr. 11 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.767.710 von R-BgO am 19.01.18 12:51:536 July 2018

      Rolls-Royce announced today that it has signed an agreement to sell its Commercial Marine business, to KONGSBERG, for an enterprise value of £500m and net proceeds of around £350m to £400m.

      KONGSBERG, headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, is an international, knowledge-based group delivering high technology systems and solutions to clients within the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, defence and aerospace sectors. KONGSBERG is represented in more than 25 countries with approximately 7,000 employees and has a turnover of NOK 14.5bn (2017). In the maritime industry, the companies are complementary in their products, solutions and competence.

      The move follows a strategic review by Rolls-Royce of its Commercial Marine operations announced in January 2018. The sale includes propulsion, deck machinery, automation and control, a service network spanning more than 30 countries and ship design capability, which to date has seen around 1,000 ships of Rolls-Royce design delivered to offshore, cargo, passenger and fishing vessel customers worldwide. Rolls-Royce's Ship Intelligence activities, which have seen the rapid development of technologies to enable remote and autonomous operation of commercial vessels, are also included.

      KONGSBERG will, through a trading arrangement, continue to have access to products from Bergen Engines, which remains part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. The Bergen engine range of both diesel and gas medium-speed engines is a key component that will enable KONGSBERG to be a leader in the continued development of integrated ship systems. KONGSBERG will also be an important partner and supplier to Rolls-Royce's Defence business for the supply of Commercial Marine products used on Naval vessels.

      Rolls-Royce Power Systems will continue to supply MTU engines to a range of customers in the marine market including operators of commercial vessels and yachts. The Naval gas turbine propulsion activities will continue to be a core part of Rolls-Royce Defence.

      Commercial Marine has approximately 3,600 employees, with the majority based in the Nordic region. In 2017 the Commercial Marine business generated revenue of £817m with an operating loss of £70m reflected in the Group's financial results. After taking into account various central cost recharges included in this reported figure, the disposal is expected to have had around a £50m positive profit impact based on 2017 pro forma figures. These figures were consolidated within the results of Rolls-Royce Marine.

      Warren East, Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce, said: "This transaction builds on the actions we have taken over the last two years to simplify our business. The sale of our Commercial Marine business will enable us to focus on our three core businesses and on meeting the vital power needs of our customers."

      Geir Håøy, Chief Executive and President of KONGSBERG, said: "The acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine makes us a more complete supplier to the maritime industry. The maritime industry is becoming increasingly globalised and is undergoing considerable technological and market driven changes. With this acquisition we will strengthen our strategic position with shipowners, shipyards and other customers and partners."

      Mikael Makinen, Rolls-Royce President, Commercial Marine added: "Today marks the start of a new horizon for our Commercial Marine business. This deal comes at a time when the maritime industry is at the dawn of a new and exciting era where digital and electrical technologies will transform shipping. Rolls-Royce has been responsible for leading many of those technological advancements, and with combination of great people, market-leading technology and a desire by KONGSBERG to take this business to the next level, I am sure that this business will prosper in the years to come.

      "We will now work closely with KONGSBERG as we go through the transition in the months ahead. I would like to pay tribute to the 3,600 Commercial Marine employees who have maintained absolute focus on their day jobs, winning business and maintaining the levels of support our customers expect."

      The transaction has been approved by the boards of both Rolls-Royce and KONGSBERG and is expected to close in Q1 2019, subject to clearance from the regulatory authorities.

      The disposal enterprise value is £500m. After taking into consideration pension liabilities and provisions, separation costs, advisor fees and working capital, net proceeds of £350m to £400m are expected. Net proceeds will be dependent upon final outturn working capital at completion.

      The proceeds will be used to improve the resilience of the Rolls-Royce balance sheet and provide additional capital to judiciously pursue opportunities that will drive greater returns for the Group. Full year 2018 guidance for revenue, profit and free cash flow provided by Rolls-Royce on 7 March 2018 included Commercial Marine.

      This announcement has been determined to contain inside information.
      schrieb am 19.01.18 12:51:53
      Beitrag Nr. 10 ()
      Rolls-Royce said it has embarked on a simplification of its business that will see the evaluation of strategic options for commercial marine operation.

      It will also include a reduction from five operating businesses to three core units based on civil aerospace, defence and power systems, the company said in a statement.

      Rolls-Royce plans to consolidate it naval marine and nuclear submarines operations within its existing defence business which will facilitate a more fundamental restructuring of support and management functions in particular.

      These actions are designed to align Rolls-Royce business more closely with its strategic vision to pioneer cutting-edge technologies that deliver vital power.

      The company said it will allow it to better capitalize on its relationships with defence customers and the market leading widebody position within civil aerospace, while strengthening the technology capabilities across a broad range of power generation applications.

      “We would expect the subsequent restructuring to deliver an additional reduction in costs and assist us in improving performance from our core businesses and the whole Group,” the statement reads.

      Further details of the restructuring will be given at the time of the company’s 2017 financial results on March 7, 2018.

      The company has also reviewed its commercial marine segment which, since 2015 it responded to weak demand for products and services for the offshore oil and gas market, which significantly impacted its profitability.

      It has divested non-core businesses and reduced the number of sites from 27 to 15 – an overall reduction in footprint of 40 percent.

      With footprint reduction, as well as workforce reduction, the company has focused on investing in new facilities and technologies and has made progress that prompted a strategic review to be undertaken during 2018.

      Regardless of the outcome of this strategic review, Rolls-Royce will retain the marine operations which supply complex power and propulsion systems to naval customers, including the Royal Navy and US Navy.

      During the first quarter of 2018, these naval operations will become part of an enlarged defence business named Rolls-Royce Defence, comprising the current defence aerospace business and the nuclear submarines operation.

      Rolls-Royce will also continue to have run the engine business serving marine customers within power systems.
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      schrieb am 19.09.17 13:51:22
      Beitrag Nr. 9 ()
      Want Brexit outcome as close as possible to status quo: Rolls Royce…
      schrieb am 10.10.16 12:53:54
      Beitrag Nr. 8 ()
      habe immer noch nicht so richtig kapiert, was bei Rolls eigentlich schief gelaufen ist...

      aber die Zahlen sind grottig
      schrieb am 29.12.15 16:06:50
      Beitrag Nr. 7 ()
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