NeutriSci International hat mit NeuEnergy "a smarter energy choice" - kann RedBull einpack

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03.09.15 15:04:44
Interessante Turnaround-Story
NeutriSci International (Symbol an der TSX.V in Kanada: NU / WKN:A12GAQ)

im Dez 2014 zu 0,75 CAD an den Markt gekommen und 4,3 Mio. CAD geraised

aktuell bei 0,15 CAD = Börsenwert 4,9 Mio. CAD
letztes pp zu 0,18 CAD (ohne warrant!)

Fokus liegt auf:

"NeuEnergy™ is the smarter energy choice.

NeuEnergy™ contains a combination of caffeine and Pterostilbene, the goodness of blueberries. This unique and healthy combination enables a clinically tested, longer sustained energy boost, mental clarity and focus than caffeine alone.

NeuEnergy™ comes in a convenient, easy to carry, re-sealable package that contains 3 servings. Great value and perfect for sharing. NeuEnergy™ chewable tabs are fast acting and great tasting with zero calories, zero sugar and zero crash. NeuEnergy™ chewable tabs melt in your mouth in seconds with no water needed. NeuEnergy™ is naturally flavored with simple, responsible ingredients.

Each NeuEnergy™ chewable tab contains 59 mg of caffeine.

NeuEnergy™…alert, simple, healthy."

Werbespartner von NeutriSci ist:

Brand Fever was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Vicky Jones in 1997 as marketing and branding firm dedicated to becoming a source of bold ideas, visionary talent and fearless leadership. Brand Fever quickly became an award winning international agency with clients such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, UPS, Cox Automotive, Odwalla Beverages and Dasani Water.:eek::eek::eek:

7 Mio. USD Megadeal in Südafrika abgeschlossen:…

Partnerschaft mit Bulu Box…

Heute die größte Einzelshandelskette in den USA als Partner gewonnen!!!…

Liebe Follower, das ist ein neuer Vervielfacher, denke ich. :cool::D:kiss:
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Bisher nur in Kanada handelbar.
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0,50 CAD sollten wieder drin sein...
03.09.15 22:50:50
Höchstes Handelsvolumen seit Mitte April 2015.

Schluss bei 0,165 CAD - ein Plus von 10 Prozent.
16.09.15 00:12:06
Schlusskurs bei 0,23 CAD - ein Plus von 21,1 Prozent.

ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktioniert.:D:D:D
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16.09.15 16:17:16
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 50.632.563 von techinvestor69 am 16.09.15 00:12:06
Zitat von techinvestor69: Schlusskurs bei 0,23 CAD - ein Plus von 21,1 Prozent.

ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktioniert.:D:D:D

Hallo tech,
ich habe nachgekauft.....
Guter Tip !!
16.09.15 16:21:43

In der Spitze schon bei 0,285 CAD heute. :eek::eek::eek:
01.10.15 19:15:27

NeutriSci International Inc. has completed a non-brokered private placement in which it raised gross proceeds of $310,020.

In connection with the offering, NeutriSci issued 1,722,333 units at a price of 18 cents per unit, with each unit consisting of one common share and one common share purchase warrant. Each warrant entitles the holder to acquire one additional common share at a price of 25 cents per share for a period of 24 months from the date of closing.

All securities issued in connection with the private placement are subject to a hold period until Feb. 1, 2016. In connection with closing, the company has paid a cash finder's fee of $4,200 for subscriptions from qualified investors introduced to the company.

The company intends to use the proceeds of the financing for marketing of NeuEnergy and for general working capital purposes.

NeutriSci's president, Glen Rehman, stated: "We are very pleased with the traction that our sales team has achieved within the retail distribution channels for NeuEnergy. Our marketing strategy continues to focus on the fact that we are leading the change in consumer-related energy products by providing consumers with a much-needed alternative to highly caffeinated energy products."


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