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Chesapeake Energy (Seite 15)

ISIN: US1651671075 | WKN: 885725 | Symbol: CS1
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I see an Activist Investor and/or a mega-conglomerate like Chevron (CVX) stepping in shortly and scooping up CHK before it rebounds, while there is blood in the water. CVX lost out on Anadarko bid, but could more than make it up on taking over CHK at such a low valuation right now. I agree there will be a rebound, and those accumulating at this level are going to reap a huge reward that may not be seen again in the energy space for quite some time. Someone is dumping shares, and someone else is accumulating them almost as fast as they are dumped. Just waiting patiently now for the Press release unveiling who the puppet-master behind the curtain orchestrating all of this chaos actually is. Certain that CHK is far from done and that this story will become more interesting over the next 12 months.
Chesapeake Energy | 0,666 $
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 61.904.435 von einverstanden am 12.11.19 19:01:55Auf eine Übernahme würde ich mich nicht verlassen. Die müssen ab nächstes Jahr 300 Mio Free CashFlow erreichen und nochmal 2-3 Mrd durch Assetverkäufe reinholen, dann wird es was.
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Too Big to Fail, nette Zockeraktie. Gute Einstiegskurse.
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