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Infinite Lithium Corp -- ehem. Alix Resources -- ZEITENWENDE dank lithium- fund

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moinmoin explorer- fans & HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

....und das jahr 2016 könnte mit gestriger aufsehen erregender PR für diesen kl. kanad. expl.
wirklich zur zeitenwende werden - lest mal selbst.............


January 6th, 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada – ALIX RESOURCES CORP. (“Alix” or the “Company”) (AIX-TSX:V) (37N–FRANKFURT) announces the discovery of a lithium-bearing, clay-rich showing in a sequence of sedimentary-volcanic rocks located on the Company’s northern Tecolote Concession, which adjoins Bacanora Minerals Ltd. (BCN-TSX:V) and Rare Earths Minerals PLC (REM)’s Buenavista concession located in Sonora, Mexico.

Alix’s Tecolote Concession, located approximately five kilometres NNE of Bacanora/REM’s Buenavista Concession, yielded samples moderately to strongly anomalous in lithium, with highlights including 211.0, 162.5, and 71.2 ppm Li. Comparably, historical lithium values discovered by US Borax (RTZ subsidiary) on the northern part of the Buenavista Concession ranged from 121 to 276 ppm Li, with higher lithium values (+1,000 ppm Lithium) found in the central portion of the concession (see Bacanora 43-101 at http://www.bacanoraminerals.com/reports/pdf/ni43101sonora.pdf).

Alix is also pleased to report the discovery of sedimentary beds on its Tule Concession similar to, on trend and correlating with, geological units which host Bacanora’s La Ventana deposit (see PR dated December 10, 2015). The exploration program completed by Alix on the property in December included sampling which returned moderately anomalous lithium values from the portion of the concession area that Alix has prospected to date.

Mike England, President of Alix states, “The lithium numbers from the clays on our Tecolote Concession are consistent with historic sampling carried out by US Borax (which first discovered lithium in the area) on the northern part of the Buenavista Concession, now currently held by Bacanora/REM. This is an important discovery for Alix as it shows we have encountered indicators similar to those seen on the Buenavista lithium concession.”

The technical contents of this release were approved by Mr. Case Lewis., a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. The properties have not been the subject of a National Instrument 43-101 report.


“Michael England”
Michael England,
President, CEO, Director

Telephone: 1-604-683-3995
Toll Free: 1-888-945-4770


mit knapp 21mio shares wird wert auf basis gestrigen SK von 5,5ct mal grad mit cad-mios 1,15 bewertet, womit leicht vorstellbar ist, daß hier noch enormes potential existiert - grad vor dem
hintergrund, daß besagtes proj. sich in unmittelbar nachbarschaft der TOP- player BCN und REM be-
findet mit WEIT höheren bewertungen !!!

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.431.919 von hbg55 am 07.01.16 10:59:26
.....nachfolg. mal der komm. des CEOs vom starken JV- partner, der austr. LIT.........

Adrian Griffin, LIT Managing Director:

“We see great potential in developing processing hubs to take advantage of infrastructure and markets. Clearly Europe and Australia have commanded much of our attention, and will continue to do so, but North America is likely to become the powerhouse of the lithium business.

The opportunity to evaluate ground next door to Bacanora’s Sonora Project is a major advance for Lithium Australia. The deposits in this region have already sparked the attention of Tesla as feed for the Gigafactory, which is close in comparison with other developed deposits. Providing a low-energy, cost effective alternative to less efficient processing systems may create a big advantage for these deposits.

Lithium Australia is pleased to be working in conjunction with Alix to develop a better processing alternative.”


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doch angesichts des labilen chin. marktes gehts hier im frühen handel auch erst einmal
gen süden !!!!

Toronto stock market feels repercussions after early shutdown of Chinese markets

The Canadian Press
By The Canadian Press – 33 minutes ago


Beat the market. Get the app.
A investor rests near a display board showing the plunge in the Shanghai Composite Index at a brokerage in Beijing, China, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016. Chinese stocks nosedived on Thursday, triggering the second daylong trading halt of the week and sending other Asian markets sharply lower as investor jitters rippled across the region. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)View Photo
A investor rests near a display board showing the plunge …
By The Canadian Press
TORONTO - The Toronto Stock Exchange lost nearly two per cent of its value in early trading Thursday morning amid fresh upheaval around the world following another early shutdown of two major Chinese stock markets.
The TSX was down 226.22 points at 12,500.58 points shortly after North American stock markets opened at 9:30 a.m. ET.
The Canadian dollar remained near 12 1/2-year lows at 70.94 cents U.S., down 0.08 cents from Wednesday's close.
The world's financial markets are being tossed by developments in China, where the central bank made a surprise move to adjust its currency rate and two major stock exchanges were closed early Thursday because of a sudden drop in stock prices.
In New York, the Dow Jones was down 317.90 points or 1.9 per cent at 16,588.61, the S&P 500 index declined 35.79 points or 1.8 per cent at 1,954.47 and the Nasdaq fell by 98.62 points or 2.2 per cent at 4,345.370.

On the commodity markets, February contracts for crude oil were down $1.14 at US$32.83 per barrel and gold futures rose $11 to US$1,102.90 an ounce.:eek::eek:

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.....und seitens coop- partner LIT erfahren wir hierzu in heutiger PR noch abisl MEHR........da ist
schon von tests mit kleiner VERSUCHS- anlage die rede.............

LIT - Update for Electra Project
Stock Name: LIT

Date: January 08, 2016


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.442.143 von hbg55 am 08.01.16 09:51:34
.....DAZU mal folg. beitrag ausm SH- board............

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Housekeeping PR from AIX

Hi JMC, thanks for the cautionary words. Again. Lithium samples have been sent to KC&A to test for commercially viable production. Alix's market cap is $1m. Should testing demonstate business potential, given the current appetite for lithium, market cap will be many multiples of what it is now, IMO.

As always there is a risk for junior explorers - and financing usually involves some for of dilution, unless the company chairman is cultivating a 'money tree' in his back garden!

However Lithium Australia's (LIT) involvement in this project, who "aim to control the greatest lithium resource base of any entity worldwide", suggests that the Electra project for Alix is not simply a means of, in your words: "of keeping the office going".

Take a look at the wording of yesterday's LIT's ASX announcement (below) and you'll see that LIT is now running the show on the technical side, but Alix still own 100% of the concession. It's also interesting to note that LIT also announced a financing share issue yesterday. Coincidence?

LIT announcement 8 Jan:
"LIT will conduct the necessary activities to produce a report summarising the work completed and the potential business opportunity. If the report demonstrates business potential, LIT will then produce a commercial development proposal that summarises a high level road map for the exploitation of lithium, potassium and other metals from the Samples.

LIT will carry out bench scale laboratory testing and full chemical analysis of the Samples, and share all results with Alix. If warranted, LIT shall carry out small scale pilot testing and provide a detailed financial and metallurgical report to Alix. LIT shall investigate and develop solutions using the Samples. All of the work to be carried out by LIT above are collectively the "LIT's Works".

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/bullboard/v.aix/alix-resources-corp#xjMHcuFlqXgPbX9S.99

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.454.509 von hbg55 am 09.01.16 23:44:49
.....und diese funds- aufnahme seitens AIX- partner LIT hats schon wirklich in sich - konnte man
mit LANSTEAD cap. einen gross- investor gewinnen, der nur allein schon für die zeichnung von
maud 4,- des neu- kapitals verantwortlich ist............

Lithium Australia plans up to $29M in new funding
Monday, January 11, 2016 by Proactive Investors

Lithium Australia has attracted major investor interest in a tight market

Lithium Australia (ASX:LIT) is set to expedite its lithium strategy with a placement to raise A$6.5 million in addition a previously planned share issue which could bring in a further $22.5 million when required.

The $6.5 million placement at $0.14 per share would comprise a $2.5 million component to professional and sophisticated investors along with a $4 million cornerstone investment by Lanstead Capital at the same share price.

Stock in Lithium Australia was last trading at $0.165, which represents about a 75% increase from a month ago when the company firmed up plans for scoping work at various project sites and produced its first lithium hydroxide.

Lithium hydroxide is a value-added lithium chemical used for the production of lithium batteries, which in turn represents a growing market on the back of increased electric car manufacturing momentum.

Lithium Australia’s latest financing opportunity is particularly encouraging in light of the recent global market turmoil and sets up a solid platform for the company to develop its geographically diversified portfolio by exploiting a number of strategic alliances.

Beyond Australia, Lithium Australia boasts projects in the Czech Republic and Mexico, where the company’s Electra property is expected to benefit from some of the planned scoping work.

Importantly, the Landstead investment marks significant confidence in this portfolio’s potential to produce disruptive technology that surpasses the outcomes being achieved by the more conventional lithium producers.

The capability of Lithium Australia’s plan has been expanded with the recent successful production of lithium hydroxide, giving its processing package a possible paradigm shift in production revenue.

Proactive Investors is a global leader reporting financial news, media, research and hosts events for listed emerging growth companies and investors across four continents.


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.431.919 von hbg55 am 07.01.16 10:59:26....nach ersten pos. tests hat man nun gleich weitere liegenschaften in dieser hochspannenden region erworben
wie wir jüngster PR entnehmen.........

Alix Acquires Strategic Gran 2 Concession Surrounded by Bacanora Minerals, Sonora, Mexico

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Jan. 11, 2016) - ALIX RESOURCES CORP. ("Alix" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:AIX)(FRANKFURT:37N) is pleased to announce the acquisition through a Purchase Agreement, of 100% mineral rights for specified metals, including lithium, for the Gran 2 concession, located in Sonora, Mexico.

The 400-hectare Gran 2 concession is surrounded by the concession owned by Bacanora Minerals Ltd. (BCN-TSX:V) and Rare Earths Minerals PLC (REM), east of the town of Granados and 600 metres east of BCN-REM's Buenavista drilling area.

BCN-REM's Buenavista Concession boasts well documented lithium mineralization on surface and in reverse circulation ("RC") drill holes, with the most significant drill intersection on the concession returning 12 metres of 1,421 ppm lithium (0.142% Li) from a depth of 29 metres (12 m of 0.76% lithium carbonate-equivalent ("LCE"*)) (see Bacanora NR dated 2015-01-14). BCN-REM has also announced a conditional long-term lithium hydroxide supply agreement with Tesla Motors Inc., related to its nearby Sonora Lithium Project (see REM's website: http://www.rareearthmineralsplc.com/ & Bacanora NR dated 2015-08-27).

* Lithium carbonate-equivalent is determined by multiplying percent Li value by 5.324 to get an equivalent percent Li2CO3.

The Gran 2 concession is also located less than 1,000 metres east of U.S. Borax samples which returned values of 386, 416, 841, 1,043 and 1,096 parts per million (ppm) lithium (Li) on the Buenavista Concession, and approximately 6,500 metres south of Alix's recently announced clay prospect on its Tecolote Concession (see Alix NR dated 2016-01-06).

The concession is readily accessible through a system of secondary roads that parallel the Bavispe River and has been visited by Alix representatives, but has not yet been sampled or mapped.

Mike England, President of Alix states, "The Gran 2 represents a very strategic property acquisition which may be underlain by the same geology that BCN-REM has drilled with significant lithium-rich clay beds."

Terms of the acquisition for the Gran 2 concession, upon TSX Venture Exchange approval, call for the issuance of 200,000 common shares of Alix, on or before 5 days after approvals, a cash payment of US $5,000 no later than March 1, 2016, and the issuance of 300,000 common shares of Alix on the twelve month anniversary, to an arms-length vendor (Mexican corporation). Alix will become the owner of all mineral rights; excepting the rights for precious (gold and silver) and base metals (copper, lead, zinc, nickel and iron) on the lands comprising the Property. The vendor will retain a 1.0-per-cent net smelter royalty (NSR), which may be purchased back by Alix at any time for $1-million.

The technical contents of this release were approved by Mr. Case Lewis, Director of Alix and a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. The properties have not been the subject of a National Instrument 43-101 report.


Michael England, President, CEO, Director...............



RT.........cad 0,045
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.433.161 von hbg55 am 07.01.16 13:02:17

ZEITENWENDE findet mit neuerlicher PR ihre fortsetzung mit.............einem BINDING JV- agreement.

nachfolg. die kond. daraus:


Earn in Phase 1 – LIT may earn a 25% interest in the Project by;
 The issue of 500,000 Fully paid ordinary LIT shares to Alix (following
LIT shareholder approval due to no placement capacity, EGM to be
held within 60 days of this term sheet)
 The issue of 500,000 Partly paid LIT contributing shares paid to
A$0.0001 each (A$0.2499 unpaid) to Alix (following LIT shareholder
approval due to no placement capacity, EGM to be held within 60
days of this term sheet)
 Expenditure of A$150,000, spent entirely on phase one work. Alix to
be the operator
 LIT to subscribe for CAD$100,000 private placement in Alix
Resources at CAD$0.05 per share and a 1 for 1 attaching CAD$0.075
one year warrant.
Phase 2 – LIT may earn a 49% interest in the Project by;
 The issue of 500,000 Fully paid ordinary LIT shares to Alix
 The issue of 500,000 Partly paid LIT contributing shares paid to
A$0.0001 each (A$0.2499 unpaid) to Alix
 Expenditure of a further A$250,000 within 12 months of signing. Alix
– LIT combined board to agree on scope of work, LIT to have deciding
Phase 3 – LIT may earn a 65% interest in the Project by;
 The issue of 1,500,000 Fully paid ordinary LIT shares to Alix
 Expenditure of a further A$1,100,000 within 24 months of signing.
Alix – LIT to manage all work program facets.

 Cash Payment of A$250,000


akt. noch...........HALTED, abbbbba dann dürftes´ int. werden

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.699.139 von hbg55 am 09.02.16 16:55:22
int. deshalb, weil immmmmmer mehr experten zu der erkenntnis gelangen, daß LI nebst gold
sich zum zweiten SAFE haven entpuppt hat.

DAZU mal der lesenwerte artikel von robin bromby............

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Robin Bromby

Lithium and gold: two safe havens in a storm

Two commodities that are doing so well when almost everything else is not: lithium and gold. While as different as chalk and cheese, they are becoming increasingly valuable in terms of what people are prepared to pay for them. Indeed, last month

The Economist did a lithium update under the headline “An increasingly precious metal”.

On a day when oil sinks again, nickel subsides below $8000/tonne (compared to $50,000 at its peak), the world groans under surpluses of everything from iron ore to aluminium, the Japanese stockmarket (and others) are in panic mode, and with negative interest rates becoming the central bankers’ last, desperate resort, it is remarkable the lithium and gold stand well away from the pack...........

- See more at: http://investorintel.com/technology-metals-intel/lithium-and-gold-two-safe-havens-in-a-storm/#sthash.VIVXkFSJ.dpuf

unsre kl. AIX kann mit starkem austr. partner LIT noch für reichlich furore sorgen........IMO

SK gestern.........4ct

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.739.627 von hbg55 am 13.02.16 18:57:35moin h5 :)

...ein Artikel von InvestorIntel über AIX und LIT!!

25. February 2016
Alix Resources – Outdoing Bacanora?


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