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Electro Power Systems’ 2015 results confirm the development plan | Diskussion im Forum

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Regulatory News: The Board of Directors of Electro Power Systems S.A. (Paris:EPS) (“EPS” or the “Group”, listed on Euronext Paris EPS:PA) technology pioneer of clean energy storage systems, has examined and …

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Electro Power Systems says ‘major success’ in off-grid markets contributed to ‘outstanding results’

By Andy Colthorpe May 17, 2016

Electro Power Systems says ‘major success’ in off-grid markets contributed to ‘outstanding results’

French energy storage system maker Electro Power Systems has reported “outstanding results” for the first quarter of this year as well as a €2.4 million (US$2.72 million) backlog of orders in East Africa, Asia-Pacific and Italy.

Electro Power Systems makes energy storage and hybrid energy systems for both grid-connected applications in the developed world and off-grid and microgrid solutions in emerging markets. The company said that at a modest €1.1 million, its Q1 2016 consolidated revenues were eight times greater than in the equivalent period for last year. While France removed obligations for listed companies to report results on a quarterly basis, Electro Power Systems said it published highlights voluntarily.

The French company, which is listed on the Euronext Paris exchange, said it has deployed 44.3MWh of energy storage projects worldwide, with €2.4 million-worth of “flagship projects” as a backlog of orders across 17 countries, including an emphasis on Italy’s grid-connected market, which appeared to receive a boost last year when grid operator Terna issued CEI 16 All. Nbis, grid connection standards for energy storage systems.

The company said net financial position stood at €5.4 million and pro-forma net cash at €7.6 million. It also reduced its net trade working capital exposure to €0.2 million from €1 million at the end of the 2015 financial year.
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Published 14 September 2017

Electro Power Systems (EPS) has secured an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract from Endesa, an electric utility company in Spain to build a 20MW/11.7MWh lithium-ion battery storage project in Almeria, Spain.

For the energy storage project, EPS will deliver a turnkey solution which will be installed at Endesa’s Carboneras thermoelectric plant.

The project will include 24 inverters, 16 containers of which, 8 are for PCS and 8 are for Li-ion storage.

EPS Strategy and Business Development executive director Giuseppe Artizzu said: “This contract confirms that EPS belongs to a selected pool of global players, able to deliver on a turnkey basis utility-scale storage systems to the world’s leading energy companies.”

The Carboneras thermoelectric plant is a baseload plant, which has been in operations since 1985. In the last 30 years, the plant was updated continuously to serve the Spanish electric system. Presently, Endesa, Enel’s subsidiary company is investing around €240m in new installations to improve the efficiency and environmental performances at the plant.

Endesa aims to improve its response to load fluctuations in current electricity system due to intermittency caused by an increased penetration of renewable. By adding an energy storage system, the company expects to reduce maintenance costs for the plant’s main components, apart from extending their useful life.

Endesa will invest €11.5m in the energy storage project that includes supply and installation of the battery bank, step-up transformers and two ancillary plant transformers, which will be delivered by ABB.

EPS Group CEO Carlalberto Guglielminotti said: “Is an exceptional result for EPS and confirms the competitiveness of our cutting-edge technology.”

This energy storage project is expected to start its operations in June next year.
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Engie to Acquire Majority Stake in Electro Power Systems
By Nathan Allen Published January 24, 2018

Engie SA (ENGI.FR) will acquire a majority stake in French power storage and microgrid provider Electro Power Systems (EPS.FR), the company said Wednesday.

Neither company disclosed the exact size of the deal, but Engie said it will own slightly above 50% of EPS's share capital and voting rights following the completion of the transaction.

Engie said it has agreed a price of EUR9.50 a share for the acquisition, equivalent to a 16.7% discount to EPS's closing share price on Wednesday, according to FactSet.

EPS has installed 36 microgrid and energy-storage projects across a range of countries, with a strong presence in Asia-Pacific and Africa, according to the company's website.

The transaction fits into Engie's broader push towards decentralized clean energy, said Executive Vice President Shankar Krishnamoorthy
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