88 Energy Einer der interessantesten Aktien übehaupt!

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88 Energy Limited is an ASX and AIM listed exploration company that is Operator over ~272,000 gross acres with a 77.5% working interest (174,000 acres subject to formal award in mid 2016), onshore Alaska, in a world class exploration asset targeting liquids rich conventional and unconventional plays. The primary unconventional play, the HRZ interval, was recently evaluated successfully post the drilling of the maiden well at the project in late 2015, Icewine#1. Phase II is now underway, with appraisal drilling planned via the Icewine#2H well, which will be a horizontal well with a multi stage fracture stimulation and production test.

Project Highlights

272,422 gross acres (174,000 acres subject to formal
award ~mid 2016)

First acres leased by Burgundy
Xploration in 2012, expanded to ~98,182 acres in 2015 in Joint Venture with 88 Energy

Acreage straddles the Dalton Highway and TAPS (Trans Alaska Pipeline System)

Majority south of Gravel Consideration Boundary

88 Energy

Operator with 77.5% Working Interest*, Burgundy 22.5% Working Interest

Commenced permitting
1Q 2015; Spudded 3Q 2015; Reached Total Depth 4Q 2015

Primary target –HRZ interval: a low contrast, low resistivity reservoir (LCLR)

On Budget – gross cost US$17m (net cost <US$5m due to Alaska rebate / BOA funding)

97% core recovery achieved across gross HRZ interval

Initiated Core Evaluation 1Q 2016

Phase 1 Sub-Surface Assessment Completed March 2016

Volatile Oil Sweet Spot Confirmed

Key resource risks successfully mitigated

Maturity, matrix permeability, and resource concentration suggest significant upside potential

Planning commenced in February 2016 for follow up well Icewine#2H –spud scheduled 1Q2017

750km 2D seismic acquisition commenced March 2016

Gross mean prospective recoverable resource 1.4-3.6 billion barrels of oil equivalent (refer ASX
announcement on 6/4/16)
88 Energy Einer der interessantesten Aktien übehaupt!

Schon klar.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.327.633 von Datteljongleur am 02.05.16 17:58:56wenn du dich mit 88e auseinandersetzt wirst du schnell verstehen warum.

Reasons to invest.

Outstanding (proven) leadership
Fully funded until Icewine#2H
Planning for Horizontal Well, Icewine#2H Q1 17 commenced
Billions of barrels of OIP – potentially ?bn + recoverable
Oiliest place on earth
Super Highway” Permeability Numbers ~20 Times Better than Pre-Drill Forecast
Surrounded by Majors - Neighbouring ventures (the like of OEL) developing well
Excellent infrastructure TAPS,
Progress moving forward at a substantial pace.
Alaskan state rebates?
POO forecast $50-80 a barrel
88E has a mighty 272,000 acres for exploration
Icewine#1 All Three “Achilles’ Heels” Substantially Mitigated and continually being de-risked.

Re-rate in May definitely on the cards
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.328.767 von Di2 am 02.05.16 20:43:34Wir befinden uns in einem sehr sehr frühen Stadium...keine Frage. Aber das Potential ist enorm.

We have identified a potential unconventional resource of immense size. We have derisked it from a speculative longshot to a geological goodshot. IMO, we still have some way to go on de-risking it and as such, proving it as an actual reserve with established confidence intervals around size, flow rates, and economics of development and extraction. Ice#2H will be a big step towards that....but we will still be in the exploration stage. I do not believe that 1 flow test/appraisal well will signify the completion of exploration/appraisal. Indeed, the company has flagged at least 1/2 a dozen. We are fortunate that we are likely to have sizable enough conventional to help fund this process.....but even this will take some time and capital (though much less than in the case of unconventional) to appraise and develop.

What your graph does highlight however, is that an exploration company needs to exit prior to development commencing....or be prepared for a transformation of purpose and a long journey with access to deep pockets.

The journey for this exploration company has only just started. IMO, recognition of the risks and challenges does not detract from the optimism on the long term potential.

Traders will come and go. The true LTH's will still be here
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.327.633 von Datteljongleur am 02.05.16 17:58:56Würde Dir zustimmen. Kannst Du einige historische Schlagworte zum Projekt verlieren? Wundere mich generell über Alaska. Gab es da nicht klare Förderverbote die m.e. immer noch gelten? Wie ist es da überhaupt mit dem Thema Umweltschutz?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.424.253 von Andrija am 17.05.16 18:33:06
Feedback zum heutigen AGM

Personally for me it was a great experience to attend the AGM today and get to meet our BoD.

I would like to congratulate the Board on the achievements of the last year, particularly in the very low POO environment, and with all resolutions passed, we have now given them our approval to carry on and implement the plan that will progress 88E to the pivot point of being a very very successful exploration company.

What really impressed me is the knowledge that DW has for this business. What further impressed me is the extent and detail of his knowledge of other players in Alaska, he seems to know just as much about every other company in Alaska as he does ours and it is a no nonsense knowledge. No rose coloured glasses. No smoke up your *ss. Just how it is. He is straight up with the risks we have ticked off already and the risks we still have to finalise. All very open and upfront to the point of what he could disclose. And there were some things he would not elaborate on as he advised they were our IP.

Having serious skin in the business, he was very focussed on delivering an outcome that will most benefit shareholders. It was apparent he has multiple angles he is constantly working in order to build shareholder value and I am very comfortable with his approach.

It all comes down to monetising the asset at the right time in its development that provides the best return to shareholders is the message I got.

So for me, the story remains strong. Break Even modelling to be announced soon, and you can make your own judgement from then what the differing POO environment might mean to our value. Seismic results in a few months with what would seem as strong potential for conventional plays (50' conventional intersected in Ice1, though DW was not overly excited by it). Flow rates from Ice2H by May2017. Income from oil produced during flow testing by possibly selling to BP or the like. If flow tests perform as modelled, full field development could produce 200,000 to 250,000 BOPD. Alaska Gov't very keen to get this oil into the TAPS to maintain flow rates and have low interest infrastructure loans to help facilitate such field developments.

Finally a special note to my fellow HC comrades sharing a few coldies at Black Toms afterwards, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I enjoyed sharing our knowledge of all things 88E and who knows, maybe we will do a road trip along the Dalton Hwy sooner rather than never.
SP prior to ice#1 was sub 1 cent.
SP after ice#1 analysis and IRR is up to 3.5 cents.
So far, SP seems to agree.
Next two meaningful prize appraisal activities are seismic assessment and 2H drilling/completion. Let's see what SP settles at after the market digests those events.
Very glad to be a holder going into those two events.

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