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88 Energy Einer der interessantesten Aktien übehaupt! (Seite 32)

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Vielen Dank für deine Antworten
Was sagst du zur Aktienanzahl? Kommt bestimmt mal eine Aktienkonsolidierung oder?
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Zitat von Goldprofi: Was sagst du zur Aktienanzahl? Kommt bestimmt mal eine Aktienkonsolidierung oder?

Denke eher nicht, die Aussis mögen hohe Sharezahlen.

Wichtig für mich ist die MK und nicht die Anzahl der vorhandenen Shares.

Und die MK hier ist äußerst niedrig. :)
88 Energy
Alert Service

You are invited to attend an 88E Investor Briefing on the 2nd February in London – details are below.

In order for your invitation to be finalised you must now respond via email to admin@88energy.com with the full names of all of those you want to register for attendance.

Confirmations received after the 22nd January will be placed in a waitlist along with any late registration requests.

Upon receipt, a final confirmation email will be sent and names recorded as confirmed invitees.

Numbers are limited so registrations will be treated on a first come, first served basis.

88 Energy reserves the right to refuse entry at its sole discretion.

Additional details:

Format: Stand-up event / cocktail function (dress neat casual)

Date: 2nd February 2018

Arrival time: 5-5:15pm for registration (names will be checked and security present)

Event Start Time: 5:30pm sharp

Format: Presentation by Wall and Staley (20-30mins) followed by Q&A (45mins)

Drinks and Canapes will be served after the main presentation

Venue: The Globe, 83 Moorgate, EC2M 6SA


88 Energy

Level 2, 5 Ord Street West Perth WA 6005 AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61 (0)8 9485 0990
Fax: +61 (0)8 9321 8990

Das ist doch die Roaddhow an der EUR und CapeL. Auch teilnehmen!
Diese Woche scheint es etwas ruhiger voran zu gehen. Der Aufwärtstrend setzt sich fort. Sehr gut!!! Die seismographischen Untersuchungen rücken näher:eek::D
Danach wird sich zeigen wo wir stehen, vorerst!!!

Glück auf!!!
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Quarterly Activities REPORT
Das liest sich sehr, sehr gut!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.922.395 von Gongfu am 03.02.18 15:23:05
Gibt es Feedback von DW Präsentation
Gestern war das Treffen in London ???
Auf der 88e WIKI Seite steht auch noch nichts :confused:

Ich trag mal zusammen was bei HC auf der Konferenz am Do und dem Meeting am Fr. festgehalten wurde
Feedback Konferenz:

Just listened to it. Pretty straight bat presentation from Dave as you would expect. Few highlights for me include the prospect of two farm outs in the second half of the year and that unsolicited approaches have been made to the company already. He was also pretty definitive on no share consolidation in the foreseeable future which is great.

For me all comes down to whether they can get IW2 to flow in a way that makes the HRZ profitable. Not quite as bullish an analysis from Dave on this as I would have liked. Hopefully the UK guys can press him a bit more on this tomorrow when everyone has had a few drinks and feed back their impressions to us all after. Hopefully he just didn’t want to talk it up too much at the presentation but in reality he is more confident than he makes out. Also very keen to see if all the options held by company staff including Dave get converted.

Feedback Fr. Meeting

"Dave and Steve, last night...

I am writing primarily to clarify to myself, the information provided during the presentation and from discussions I had with Dave and other investors... Each of us came away with an opinion which when all is said and done is a personal one; to say that we can be truly objective is almost impossible, as we are all taking a calculated gamble and therefore we are emotionally attached to the end result, hoping the gamble pays off,especially when the gamble's possible returns could be so huge. So, I believe that we have two choices, either we trust Dave, Steve and Paul are competent and honest or we don't, If you trust they are not hiding anything and they are actually doing the very best any board can do in this situation, which I personally do, then it's now down to how that well flows, follow up wells, the results of the 3d and finally Yukon's results, which they said they are currently analysing. Dave's presentation was clear, fast and to the point, his usual no nonsense answering of the questions showed his clarity and mastery of the whole project...Steve was more measured but still very positive and more than I have seen him to be in past presentations. But the real measure of Dave's confidence came out over a couple of pints; the man, for me, means well and feels the responsibility of all of the investors hopes and dreams in a very genuine way. Does this mean he can guarantee the results we all want? No, but his answers were all along the lines of, 'we cannot see any reason why this cannot work'...of course there are unknowns which could scupper things, but he was basically saying, for me, that all historically similar situations of this kind have worked out great, but they cannot guarantee. We all would of course love a guarantee, then we'd pour our life savings into it, but he cannot of course, say that because as much as this is a science it isn't a 100% predictable. But, they are confident and reiterated verbally during the presentation, as it says on the tin ' Bottom line: Icewine has the ingredients to make a commercial shale play/ execute a farm out'. I believe this farm out will come and we'll have to pay the price for this, but what does this mean for us ? We will not be taking on the risks or costs for the subsequent drills and we will have a percentage of the profits of whatever they produce...or a percentage of whatever they eventually value the whole of 88e for....what percentage, well, I asked during the presentation, for my own clarity and he said we could eventually end up with an industry marker of around 30% but he added that if it all pans out, that 30%, could be 30% of Billions of dollars. This is an honest, open, no nonsense appraisal from a man I feel, is telling the truth. How much would be the sp of 30% of billions? I don't know... Finally just to add, the other investors I met were all, for me, courageous people wanting to better their lives, just like all of us. Come on 88E!"

One quote Dave said during the presentation which I added to my glossy 88E brochure. Dave said last night something along the lines of 'There is no reason why this project should not work. We find ourselves in a very good position. We are very confident we can farm out'. Also, 'We have done a lot of programme work since shut in and we are in a very good position to farm out'. Again, a clear show of confidence. Reason 2 - Regarding finance. Dave is adamant that we have enough finance to see us through our current operations so I am pleased that (and I will take his word) there will be no short term fund raise or placing. When he says current operations I am assuming he is talking up to year end. But surely it is prudent raise the money now I keep thinking incase IW2 does not flow? Dave for whatever reason did not see it like this. When I spoke to him one on one he rebuffed my question completely when I asked him to raise cash now. He genuinely did not want to raise cash at this level. Why is he so confident? He either is so sure that IW2 is going to flow to see a serious appreciation in the share price and then does a placing or he knows that finance from a farm out is sorted. I think its the latter. The one on one talk certainly has put to bed for me that 88E will be doing an equity raise soon. Also the presentation on page 12 is headlined �strong financial position�. Its good news and will help market confidence in the share price. Someone asked the question if his options were going to be converted. He said we would find out next week. So I fully expect the him to convert the options. So look out for a potential announcement on ASX next week. Reason 3 - China! As if the list of potential suitors for 88E was not long enough. Dave goes and mentions the word China numerous times last night! Who else noticed this? Was he giving us a clue? If China makes its way into Alaska it will really shake things up there. A new player onto the acreage of the North Slope may not go down well with some of the majors. China would certainly be willing to pay a premium to 88E above other majors to get in the Alaska door. So I will now add China to potential suitors list. That is Armstrong, Oil Search, ConocoPhillips and China. If we do two farm out deals by year end, I would be pretty confident now that it will be from one or a couple of these parties. My money was on it being with ConocoPhillips because of Paul Basinski�s contacts and history with the company but I am not so sure. As a rough guide it looks like a farm out will be on a 70/30 split. My understanding is we would get a big cash payment and potentially a free carry on �x asset� of ours. It really is a win win. Also I understand we could do a farm out of 70/30 and then later on as the project de-risks further sell 10% on. So the asset will be owed 70% Xparty, 20% 88E and 10% Y party.
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88 Energie ist in einer hervorragenden Position, um Kapital zu schlagen, während sich die Ölindustrie erholt. Erfolg wird nicht auf Glück beruhen, sagt Wall.

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