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by @newswire on November 1, 2018
Garibaldi drills into nickel-copper rich massive sulphides northwest and southeast of Discovery Zone

Frankfurt: RQM

VANCOUVER, Oct. 31, 2018 /CNW/ - Garibaldi Resources (TSX.V: GGI) (the "Company" or "Garibaldi") is pleased to announce that assay results for an additional two drill holes at Nickel Mountain have expanded the Discovery Zone to the northwest and southeast.

Nickel gilt ab 2% als high-grade


o Drill hole EL-18-24 has cut two mineralized zones, including 4.5 meters grading 8% nickel and 2.9% copper within a broader interval of 10.5 meters grading 3.7% nickel and 1.6% copper, approximately 64 meters southeast of the EL-17-14 intercept;
o Drill hole EL-18-23, collared on the edge of the icefield and drilled toward the west-southwest, has cut two shallow mineralized zones including a massive sulphide intercept of 5.6 meters grading 7.6% nickel and 3.4% copper, approximately 30 meters northwest of the EL-17-14 intercept and 35 meters above it in elevation;
o The EL-18-24 and EL-18-23 nickel-copper-rich massive sulphide intersections, like others at Nickel Mountain, are significant not only for their grades and widths but such intercepts represent highly prospective new target areas along the "magma highway" to vector into additional massive and disseminated sulphide mineralization.


Wer ganz viel über Garibaldis Nickel Mountain erfahren möchte:

FTMIG Sunday Night Live with Hoover and Engineer! (Full Video) - October 28, 2018 #GGI

Garibaldi Resources im Video


Die Hinweise auf ein Ende der "assistierten" Konsolidierung
bei GGI.V scheinen sich zu verstärken.

Garibaldi Investor Event am 6.12. in Vancouver.

Aktuelle Highlights in der Zusammenfassung von @engineer

- World class nickel tenors. Grades are 8%Ni+4%Cu+others (equalling 12-13%+ NiEq in some holes)
- Platinum-Palladium-Cobalt-Gold-Silver kickers on top of Nickel+Copper
- Taxitic gabbros all over the place; waiting to hear from stepouts 1.3km NE where GGI geos have said they are drilling taxites and have seen variably textured gabbros
- Similar rocks seen in GGI, per Makela, have only been seen at Norilsk
- Multiple pulses of magma, discovery zone/historical zone grades - are there more?
- Several millions of tonnes of ore so far, each hole upcoming should build upon it, add add more millions
- Borehole EM tech works; I'd say they keep vectoring into more mineralization for current holes - why not? Every hole has hit something thus far (except 13 last year which was BHEM probe hole)
- Massive sulphides @ $1200USD+/tonne average. Disseminated sulphides @ $200USD+/tonne average. Doesn't take many millions of tonnes to make a mine
- 8500-9000m+ more core to be released/assays pending, only 6800m so far released. More coming than has come in total for 2017+2018.
- Review Garibaldi photos on website; many drill rigs all over the place with big stepouts (if they've hit at those rigs)
- Metallis recently did some work, GIL has been stated to say Dr. Lightfoot was surprised to find rocks continuous to MTS/ESK that are favourable for nickel sulphides. Potential scale?
- Icefields; 2018 season showing us almost 100meters total of massive/semi-massive outcropping. Whats under the ice? GGI has drilled some holes there per NR released
Garibaldi Resources

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Garibaldi Resources - Video vom Investor Event


Garibaldi Newsrelease

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December 06, 2018
Garibaldi Broadens Nickel Mountain System


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