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Hewlett Packard Enterprises (Seite 2)

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.695.234 von buylow_sellhigh am 08.09.17 08:36:10
für die Aktie habe ich mal einen
Thread: Micro Focus aufgemacht
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.713.087 von R-BgO am 11.09.17 13:22:18Hast du wirklich die Englische Variante der ADR Aktien erhalten ISIN: GB00BQY7BX88 (WKN: A12DLB),
oder die in USA gelagerten? US5948373049 (A2DWYE)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.713.978 von buylow_sellhigh am 11.09.17 15:11:11
wie in dem verlinkten Thread angegeben,
habe ich das ADR eingebucht bekommen;

da üblicherweise die Aktie aber mehr gehandelt wird (mag sich in diesem Fall anders ergeben), habe ich den Thread aber mit der Aktie verlinkt.

Sollte kein Problem sein, weil offenbar 1:1.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces FY18 Outlook
schon vom 18.10., aber besser spät als nie: https://www.gurufocus.com/news/581255/hewlett-packard-enterp…
- Provides FY18 non-GAAP diluted EPS outlook of $1.15-$1.25
- Commits to returning $2.5 billion to shareholders in FY18, including $2 billion in share repurchases
- Board increases share repurchase authorization by $5 billion
- Board approves dividend increase of 15% to $0.075 per share


und noch das:

Long-Term Financial Profile
HPE provided its long-term financial model. The company expects to drive modest revenue growth of around 0-1% organically.

The company expects operating profit to grow approximately 4-5% annually, driven by an optimized operating model, reduced cost structure and favorable mix shift. EPS is expected to grow at a higher rate of approximately 7-9% annually driven by share count reductions over time. Cash flow is expected to trend towards normalized levels in FY19 and track earnings over time.

=> GF Fair value mit diesen Parametern (für 2018, EPS USD1.15, +7% p.a., 8% disc.rate, +4% p.a. terminal growth):

=> Fair Value USD20.79 (=> Margin Of Safety: 33%)

=> schön!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.066.942 von faultcode am 31.10.17 17:47:11hab hier nochmal meine Position aufgestockt (und beim Spinoff Spin-off MICRO FOCUS INTERN. (ADR), MFGP, verspätet nachgelegt, da jetzt erst "aufgeräumt, da sonst zu klein im Subportfolio; ausserdem glaube ich - auch - an MF.)

--> durch die beiden Spinoffs DXC und MFGP sind die Einkaufskosten bei mir aus 2016-05 substantiell nach unten gegangen.

=> beide Spinoffs sind nicht mehr günstig (wie so oft), aber die Mutter (wie so oft).
Meg Whitman to step down as chief executive of HPE + Q3 --> -6% after hours

Chief Executive Meg Whitman will step down in 2018 and be replaced by Antonio Neri, the company announced Tuesday afternoon.

Whitman has been in charge of the former Hewlett-Packard since 2011, overseeing the company's separation into consumer- and enterprise-facing operations in HP Inc. and HPE, as well as other spin-offs and changes.
Neri has been with HPE since 1995, and has been running the Enterprise Group since 2015. He was named president of HPE in June. Whitman will remain on the board of HPE. HPE, which also announced fiscal fourth-quarter earnings Tuesday afternoon, saw shares sink by almost 8% in immediate late trading after the twin announcements.

Q417 combined net revenue of $7.8 billion, including $7.7 billion from continuing operations, which was up 5% from the prior year

Q417 GAAP diluted net earnings per share (EPS) of $0.32, above the previously provided outlook of $0.00 to $0.04 per share

Q417 non-GAAP diluted net EPS of $0.31, above the previously provided outlook of $0.26 to $0.30 per share

FY17 combined net revenue of $37.4 billion includes $28.9 billion from continuing operations and $8.5 billion from Enterprise Services and Software, which is now included in discontinued operations.

FY17 GAAP diluted net EPS of $0.21, above the previously provided outlook of ($0.11) to ($0.07) per share

FY17 non-GAAP diluted net EPS of $1.41, above the previously provided outlook of $1.36 to $1.40 per share

Returned $3.0 billion to shareholders in the form of share repurchases and dividends in FY17

Maintains FY18 full year non-GAAP diluted net EPS outlook of $1.15 to $1.25 and GAAP diluted net EPS outlook of $0.43 to $0.53


=> aber die Q1-Guidance war's:
Co issues downside guidance for Q1, sees EPS of $0.20-0.24, excluding non-recurring items, vs. $0.27 Capital IQ Consensus Estimate.

GF sagt: Forward PE Ratio: 12.05 --> teuer ist die HPE-Aktie nicht. Buy the Dip? --> Abwarten (aus mehreren Gründen)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.241.287 von faultcode am 22.11.17 01:10:53Abwarten aus mehreren Gründen?
Magst Du uns an den Gründen teilhaben lassen?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.241.320 von Scheiss_Egal am 22.11.17 02:09:331/ after hours müssen nicht massgeblich sein, erst auf die erste 1/2h reg. US-Handel warten, um zu sehen, wie das grosse Geld die neue Situation sieht

2/ gefällt der Börse der neue Insider-CEO Neri? Besser Aussen-CEO, so wie Whitman? Ich persönlich bevorzuge idR Innen-CEO's

3/ läuft HPE nochmal bis auf den USD13-Widerstand zurück?
Erste Kommentare zum CEO-Wechsel
z.B.: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/meg-whitman-leaves-behind-…

Neri is probably going to keep the current strategy, dubbed HPE Next; Whitman said Neri was one of the co-creators of that strategy, which seems to involve more layoffs and a focus on a hybrid-cloud approach. Neri will need to find ways to growth by looking for innovation inside HPE, but at least Whitman leaves him with a smaller, more manageable company.

“I think HPE is out of the woods for the most part,” said Enderle, adding that the last two quarters have shown some improvements. when Neri was in charge of operations in his new role.

Whitman should get very little credit for getting HPE out of those woods, as it doesn’t take an accomplished leader to slash and burn a path out of a thicket of trees, especially if the fire ends up taking out most of the forest. Neri’s task will be to find what remains of those ashes and turn it into growth.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.244.179 von faultcode am 22.11.17 11:24:01
Zitat von faultcode: ...
3/ läuft HPE nochmal bis auf den USD13-Widerstand zurück?

=> ja.

so schauts nun aus:

aus: https://www.estimize.com/hpe/fq1-2018?metric_name=eps&chart=…

HPE's Meg Whitman Is Stepping Down on Her Own Terms

...Whitman's departure surprised some analysts but they were largely positive on Neri's appointment...

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