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26.07.19 17:01:52
Beitrag Nr. 22 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.493.039 von faultcode am 21.12.18 20:35:45nein - ein zäher Turnaround:

CGG share | 1,948 €
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21.12.18 20:35:45
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 59.181.066 von faultcode am 09.11.18 17:48:08
..und noch ein ATL
--> Endspiel?

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09.11.18 17:48:08
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.944.234 von faultcode am 12.10.18 16:16:59
--> "eher nicht" ist noch stark untertrieben:

CGG Announces its 2018 Third Quarter Results…

Net income:
Q2: +USD49.1m
Q3: -USD1.5m
- Schulden sind auch höher geworden ("Net debt")

=> ..und was sagt sie dazu:

Sophie Zurquiyah, CGG CEO, said:

"Our third quarter revenue was up 4% year-on-year, confirming the gradual market recovery.

Geoscience saw robust performance and Multi-Client delivered a high level of after-sales but was impacted by delayed pre-funding recognized in October. Equipment sales increased significantly for land achieving double digit operating income margin. Acquisition continues to suffer from low prices in a commoditized market.

In that context, we remain on track with our 2018 targets based on sizeable year-end Multi-Client opportunities and strong Equipment deliveries."...

=> das Equity attributable to owners of CGG S.A. hat massiv zugenommen ggü. 30.9.2017

=> und ne Roadmap 2021 gibt's auch noch dazu:

CGG presents its 2021 Strategic Roadmap…

Sophie Zurquiyah, CGG CEO, said:
"Our strategic roadmap is focused on ensuring that CGG can produce sustainable returns through the cycles and deliver profitable organic growth.

These objectives will be accomplished by transforming CGG into an asset-light People, Data and Technology Company, and furthering the leadership of our three core differentiated businesses: Geoscience, Multi-Client and Equipment, along with developing new areas for capital-efficient profitable growth.

This will enable CGG to best meet the exploration, development and production needs of our clients, position the company to bring significant value to our shareholders and create a sustainable workplace for our employees."

=> dazu sage ich mal:
• "asset-light" mag zwar "a sustainable workplace for our employees" sein, aber garantiert kein "comfortable workplace for our employees" ;)
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12.10.18 16:16:59
Beitrag Nr. 19 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 58.429.256 von faultcode am 12.08.18 13:19:41der CGG ADR (OTC) läuft nun unter Symbol: CGGYY


--> ansonsten: bleibt es beim 4.Anlauf?? --> eher nicht....

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12.08.18 13:19:41
Beitrag Nr. 18 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.695.589 von faultcode am 04.05.18 14:23:11
Zweiter Anlauf?

(--> beim vierten Mal sollte es spätestens klappen ;) )
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04.05.18 14:23:11
Beitrag Nr. 17 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.768.790 von faultcode am 19.01.18 14:27:17
CGG's BoD elected Philippe Salle as Chairman of the BoD & Sophie Zurquiyah takes up position of CEO
Zitat von faultcode: --> ("geht" vielleicht schon früher - wie so manches Mal in solchen Situationen...)…
Paris, France – April 30, 2018

CGG's Board of Directors, meeting on April 26, 2018, elected Philippe Salle as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Sophie Zurquiyah took up her position of CEO of the Group and was appointed director by the general meeting on the same day.

Following the Board meeting, Philippe Salle said: "CGG is now in good hands. Sophie's skills and in-depth knowledge of our industry and technology complemented by strong leadership are key to leading CGG to a renewed financial return".

Effective April 26, 2018, the composition of CGG's Board of Directors is as follows:

Philippe Salle – Independent director and Chairman of the Board
Sophie Zurquiyah – CEO and director

Helen Lee Bouygues – Independent director
Michael Daly - Independent director
Patrice Guillaume – director representing the employees
Anne-France Laclide-Drouin - Independent director
Colette Lewiner - Independent director
Gilberte Lombard - Independent director
Heidi Petersen - Independent director
Mario Ruscev - Independent director
Robert Semmens - Director

=> na bitte, geht doch! :D

--> werde mal ne kontrollierte Posi hier einnehmen ;)
=> denn:
- da kann immer noch eine weiteres capital raise drohen (z.B. für M&A ;)):

=> hiess es 2016 auch schon "CGG completes rights issue, says has liquidity to weather crisis", so kam die nächste 2018-01 hinterher ;)

--> allerdings steht man für 2017Q4 nun so da:
* Substantial current liquidity: $575m
* Net debt / EBITDA: 1.7x
* FCF positive in Q4 2017
* No debt maturities over the next 5 years
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19.01.18 14:27:17
Beitrag Nr. 16 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.167.848 von faultcode am 20.06.17 00:48:34
neuer CEO --> es tut sich was
Zitat von faultcode: Ohne neues Management würde ich hier keine Aktie kaufen.

December 4, 2017…

As CGG is now moving towards a new stage, and after 8 years as Chief Executive Officer of CGG, Jean-Georges Malcor has decided, in agreement with the Board of Directors, not to pursue his mandate of Chief Executive Officer once the restructuring process is completed.

The Board of Directors will therefore immediately launch the search for a new Chief Executive Officer.

Jean-Georges Malcor will complete the financial restructuring process in the first quarter of 2018. He will then step down as Chief Executive Officer when his successor is appointed. Jean-Georges Malcor will remain in the company until his retirement on October 1st, 2018 in order to support him/her in taking office.

--> ("geht" vielleicht schon früher - wie so manches Mal in solchen Situationen...)

=> so, jetzt nur noch "Insolvenz-Chairman" Remi Dorval (2005, BoD - present) austauschen.

=> es fängt - trotz allem - hier an interessant zu werden. Und es zeigt(e) sich: Geduld als erste Investoren-Pflicht.
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19.01.18 14:14:40
Beitrag Nr. 15 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.590.628 von faultcode am 24.08.17 14:34:23
wie gewonnen, so zerronnen --> KE

Einfaches Einfügen von wallstreet:online Charts: So funktionierts.

=> was war da los?

16.1. -- CGG issues bullish update, shares rise…
=> CGG emerging from debt restructuring plan

=> 17.1. KE --> sehr langer Artikel:…

CGG launches its share capital increase with preferential subscription rights for an amount of approximately €112.2 million through the issuance of new shares, each with one warrant attached

* Subscription price: €1.56 per new share, each with one warrant attached

* Subscription ratio: 13 ABSAs for 4 Rights

* Subscription period: from January 22, 2018 to February 2, 2018 inclusive

* Trading period for Rights: from January 18, 2018 to January 31, 2018 inclusive

* The transaction is part of CGG's financial restructuring plan and allows the subscribers to take part in the recovery of the sector through the Warrants #2

* The transaction is backstopped by DNCA (in cash) for up to approximately €71.39 million and by the Senior Note holders for the remaining unsubscribed portion (by way of set-off against claims)

ABSA = action à bon de souscription d'action = share with equity warrant

The Warrants #2 will be listed on Euronext Paris separately from the existing shares of the Company, under the ISIN code FR0013309622.

CGG 2018 Rights Offering

=> echte Slalomfahrt hier.
03.10.17 16:34:14
Beitrag Nr. 14 ()
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 55.167.848 von faultcode am 20.06.17 00:48:34
jetzt erst gesehen, dass insolvent;
meine Nummer 62.

24.08.17 14:34:23
Beitrag Nr. 13 ()
Short Squeeze? Wg. Sinopec-Übernahme-Gerücht
in 3 Tagen von EUR3 auf über 5 ???

Aktuell in Paris: EUR5.39!!

...das sah ich nicht kommen - aber scheinbar auch sonst niemand hier so.

Am 22.8. kam das Gerücht auf, das Sinopec interessiert sein könnte:…
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